Earlybird runners! Plimmerton Runners meet every Friday wind, rain, hail, sleet (or even sunshine) at The Big Salami 6.30am. Contact Dean for more information 021 424 738.


My name is Dean Chandler and I put together Plimmerton Runners (PR).

To give you some background, I started PR 2 1/2 years ago after a family crisis and wanted to help someone out by getting them up and out in the morning. It has become a fantastic way for likeminded people (people that want to start their Friday early and want to celebrate the achievement of doing something that your mind and body say no to when the alarm goes off at 6am). It has turned into a great event with sometimes up to 16 people running either a 9km run up over Airlie Rd or a 6.5km flat run for those who are just getting into it or struggle with the hills. We all finish with a much rewarded coffee at the Big Salami.

It's a great community event and I would love to grow it to ultimately be a community calendar event each year to raise money and to celebrate life, so I am working towards this.

In the meantime it would be great to get some more people along (especially some girls as its all guys currently). It is not a 'serious' running group and is more about the coffee and catch up afterwards than a competitive event.


Dean Chandler


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