The first batch of photos are in. They are mostly of the events that took place at Exnell's Garden. Click here to view.

Map and timetable for the days events here.

Why are people knocking their socks off to create this event? As well as celebrating the heyday of tea dances and beach sports here in the 50s and 60s, this event is a fund raiser for our volunteer fire brigade. Money raised on the day will go to equipping the fire fighters’ van with vital first aid equipment and radios for use in emergencies. We all benefit from the efforts of our volunteer fire fighters, they do an amazing job.



Plimmerton Promenades in Style 2012
Plimmerton Promenades at The Beach & The Ball 2013
Event schedule and promotion for 2013

Saturday 6 April 2013 10am - 4pm in Plimmerton. Dress up in 1930s - 1960s style for the day. Proceeds to support the Plimmerton Fire Brigade & community activities.


Plimmerton Promenades at The Beach and The Ball - Final Map for 6 April 2013


Plimmerton Promenades at The Beach and The Ball - Final Timetable 6 April 2013

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