MANA U3A; U3A stands for the University of the Third Age - a self-help, self funded and social organization. Today there are U3A groups all over the world. Our group is part of a nation-wide organization founded in 1982 with the aim of providing a learning for life structure specifically for those in the older age group and no longer in full time employment. We confer no degrees but study and learn for the fun of it.

Our current membership of more than 190 comes from Tawa in the south to Otaki in the north.

Mana U3A Inc. annual programme includes four quarterly meetings which normally include a guest speaker. In addition, members variously participate in individual study groups which range from art galleries to writing, including: Books, Bridge, Collectables, Creative Writing, Films, Gardening, Have Your Say, Needlecraft, Outside the Square, Sciences, Travellers Tales and Visits to Places of Interest. These study groups generally meet in the friendly atmosphere of private homes with individual members actively involved in organising or leading groups.

Learn how to use the latest technology to make your life easier... video conferencing with loved ones overseas, finding and watching favourite films, downloading books (many free) that cannot be easily sourced, downloading music, getting the most from your cell phone with appointment reminders, making notes... lots and lots of useful skills. Mana U3A are setting up a group. Contact Mike Gould or 233 0133.  

"There is a proposal to set up a Mana U3A/Plimmerton Residents Association group for older people who would like to learn how to gain the benefits from using internet technology but do not know how to go about it and/or the costs involved. Free video conferencing with distant loved-ones, finding and watching favourite films or music from days long since passed, or down-loading books (many free) that cannot otherwise be sourced are some of the possibilities. Learning how to use cell-phones for not only phoning, but being reminded of appointments, making notes when there is no pen or paper handy, and having an emergency number as well as many other useful bits and pieces are there for the learning.

There are many of us who know how to do some of these useful things but not others. The intention would be for group members to meet over coffee in Plimmerton on a regular basis, teaching each other where possible and getting in others with specialised knowledge where desirable.

If you are interested and/or would like to know more, contact Mike Gould on 233-0133, or (preferably) email"



A current membership costs $10 pa or $15 pa per household. There are no course fees as such but the costs of any resources used are shared by the course participants.

If you are interested in joining Mana U3A please contact our membership secretary:

Robyn Hickey:

Telephone 04 233 0664

Or complete the application form which can be printed from our "Forms" link on our website and mail to:

Mana U3A

PO Box 57-042

Mana 5026


See website for events and news:

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