Mana Squash Racket Club Inc

Ngatitoa Domain


233 9596



4 April 2011 

Billets needed for Christchurch squash players

Mana Squash Club would like us to offer hospitality to Christchurch squash players. The Tawa Squash Club is holding its annual tournament 13-16 May and the Mana club would like to invite Cantabrians to attend at no cost to them. Many squash courts in Christchurch are damaged and many of these people would welcome a respite from the shaking and stress.

Peter Kappert, club president, would like an early indication of people who could be prepared to billet and/or collect people from transport terminals.

Businesses are also invited to offer sponsorship in return for publicity at the event. Please call Peter 233 9741 or 021 076 2986 or email


Last Updated: 03/04/2011 6:55pm