Plimmerton Croquet Club

The feet and the mallet are lined up. The ball is on target to shoot the hoop at Plimmerton Croquet Club.
Plimmerton Drive, Ulric Street, Plimmerton
Send mail to:
Club Secretary, PO Box 57020 Mana, Porirua 5247
Clubhouse 233 8901
Wendy Betteridge (President) 233 0116
Anne McKenzie 027 228 8988


In 1926 the Plimmerton Bowling, Croquet and Tennis Club opened for play on the flat part of Gray’s Road. If you didn’t live locally and could walk there you took the train out from Wellington or had to drive around the inlet – the road bridge at Paremata wouldn’t be built for another 10 years.

A croquet lawn and a bowling green were created on the site after considerable excavations were carried out, and a small building served as a combined club room; 3 tennis courts were laid – they had a changing room and toilet. Lady croquet enthusiasts made up the entire membership.

At midday on October 16th 1968 another milestone was reached – the first gentleman was granted membership. Total membership was 16 and the subscription was $6pa.

In 1990 the first male President, Michael Hewetson, was elected. But the club outgrew the small Gray’s Road site. The search started for a new one.

On 24 September 1994 the new Plimmerton Croquet Club was officially opened in Ulrich Street just off State Highway 1 in Plimmerton. This huge undertaking had been driven by then President Eric Castle. Eric summed up the move: “We have progressed to become one of the largest, most successful and without a doubt the happiest Croquet Club in the Wellington area”.

Players today are surrounded by beautifully tended gardens, they play on immaculate lawns and have a cuppa in a well equipped club house. The club is looked upon as an asset by other Wellington regional clubs because it is open all year round and is therefore available for regional and national tournaments and coaching sessions.

From those early beginnings the club has seen many, many changes. A quick troll through old photos shows changing fashions for men and women in both dress and headgear. Ladies’ hats are rather less flowery nowadays, as a rule! Mallet shapes and sizes, lawn conditions, hoops, balls ….. changes indicative of a developing sport.

But some things have never changed over the decades.  In particular the camaraderie of the croquet playing community and the desire to learn and improve personal games and handicaps.

Saturday 3 September is the day of the big 90th birthday celebrations. The morning and afternoon will feature a medley of games with various prizes up for hoops.  The birthday cake will be cut and then Patron John Burke will cut the brand new 5th lawn ribbon and run the first hoop, for the first time.


Did you know that:-

  • croquet is played by people of all ages
  • croquet is relaxing and great for stress
  • croquet is exercise for mind and body
  • croquet is challenging and fun
  • croquet is a great social activity

Older news: Plimmerton Croquet Club invites you to come and have a try on Saturday 30th  January between 1:30 and 3:30 at the Club on Plimmerton Drive off Ulric Street.

All you need is comfortable clothing and flat-soled shoes. Everything else you need is supplied and there will be a green for the kids…

 PHOTO CAPTION:  Yes, a croquet ball does actually fit through a hoop! Even if it takes 90 years of practise.


Older news - posted 15 December 2014.

Plimmerton Croquet Club never rests even in the summer holiday period. First up will be the Croquet NZ Golf Croquet Nationals will be held on their lawns from 2-8 January. This will be the first major tournament use of the club’s new Atkins Hoops.


These hoops have taken the croquet world by storm with their new design and look so they will be a feature of the games as players find hoping that ball may require new skills and a deadly accurate eye. The hoops were designed by Ray Atkins, of Christchurch and introduce the new ‘parsnip’ ground prong rather than the old ‘carrot’ shaped one.

Contact for GC Nationals: Tom Berryman, Manager: 2368877

Then on Sunday 11 January the club is holding a Have A Go day, from 1pm, when they will welcome anyone who wants to try out a new sport. Just bring flat shoes and a sunhat. Plimmerton Croquet Club is on Ulric St, go left at the Plimmerton roundabout on SH1

Contact for Have A Go day: Kelvin Watson, Club Captain: 234 8287


Older news


Plimmerton resident and top club player Graeme Fisher (photo) may never have to play this particular 6 hoops in 1 shot in a real game but it’s a good way to make sure a ball is struck bang on centre!

PHOTO CAPTION: Ace Association Croquet player Graeme Fisher (Plimmerton) mastering the trick shot of running 6 hoops at once at Plimmerton Croquet Club


Plimmerton Croquet Club in full Spring fling

The new playing season is under way at Plimmerton Croquet Club. To the wonderful floral backdrop of the gardens that surround the lawns players are sharpening up their most deadly shots, getting their eyes in focus for the long shots and scheming their tactics for club and interclub tournaments.

All players are determined to emulate the tournament successes of last season and, like all athletes, to bring the golds back to Plimmerton.

And there are, of course, also those who play for the simple enjoyment of the game and the pleasure of player camaraderie.

Croquet enquiries to Club Captain Kelvin Watson 2348287




Plimmerton players in top jobs

Kelvin Watson, new President of the WCA, on the lawns at that organisation’s 89th annual tournament in February this year.

Two Whitby residents, and Plimmerton Croquet Club players, have been appointed to the top jobs at the Wellington Croquet Association. Kelvin Watson has been elected the new President (as well as being Plimmerton’s Club Captain) and Christine de Roo has taken on the equally vital role of Tournament Convenor. The WCA is the organising body for the 10 croquet clubs in the Wellington region.

Commenting on the challenges faced by the WCA Watson says that players’ needs and aims are changing.  These are partly due to later retirement ages and the growing popularity of Golf Croquet. However croquet membership throughout the Wellington region is quietly increasing.  Watson adds “Our challenge at the WCA is to continue to adjust our structure, methods and tournaments to ensure all our clubs are in the best, and strongest, position to meet those needs.”


PHOTO: Arthur von Sturmer, the new President of Plimmerton Croquet Club


Plimmerton Croquet Club has held its AGM. Arthur von Sturmer (Papakowhai) is the newly elected President succeeding Wayne Gair who has served his two years in that office. In his report for the year Wayne wrote that it had been “a privilege working with a committee of talented hardworking people who have the best interests of the sport and of the club foremost”.

Kelvin Watson stays on as Club Captain; Charlie Stobert as treasurer; John Kliem as secretary; Bob McKenzie as grounds’ superintendent and Sue White in charge of housekeeping and catering. The Vice Captains are Jo Bray (Golf Croquet) and Anne McKenzie (Association Croquet). New committee members are Lyn le Petit and Shirley Gay.

The club looks forward to another year of triumphs and skill mastery on the lawns.



The sight of Plimmerton Golf Croquet players in funny pointy yellow hats obviously completely unnerved the opposition last week.

They sped to success winning the annual Ellis Speedball Trophy at the Paraparaumu Club grounds. Speedball is a highly energetic, and fairly frenetic, form of golf croquet. The teams have to beat the clock around the lawn.  Each player gets to hit the ball twice, but only after it has stopped moving, hooping as they go. Any player who hits a moving ball has their team disqualified. Accuracy and control are essential. The sight of four witchy hats glittering yellow in the sun as they darted and deftly stroked must have caused many a jaw to drop. Plimmerton Team 1 won in a time of 3:03 minutes. They also won the ‘best hats’ award.

The hatted wonders also played a more regular form of Golf Croquet for the Cherrington Cup but were narrowly beaten by the home team.

SpeedballApril2014 Plimmerton’s Yellow Hatted team L-R: Tom Berryman, Wendy Betteridge, Jo Bray, Christine de Roo, Sue White, Bob and Anne McKenzie, Suzi Grindell
Speedbal4April2014 Bob McKenzie was awarded ‘best individual hat’ with this natty little creation – there was some suggestion that the judges were distracted by the Grauchoesque moustache ….

Plimmerton Croquet Club has a brand new website up and running (see link above) - thanks to a huge amount of work by Plimmerton resident Carol Kleim. For all immediate news and photos - go to the site. And if you're outside Plimmerton Carol has included a link to the PRA site on the 'Home' page.  
Plimmerton players came home with a good haul of medals from the Masters’ Games in Dunedin in February. They competed in both Association and Golf Croquet and in Ricochet. Proudly wearing their medals are, L-R: Bob McKenzie, Jo Bray, Beverley Berryman (in front) Tom Berryman and Anne McKenzie.  
The Paekakariki Vase, for Association Croquet, has been fought out every year since 1997 between three Croquet Clubs – Plimmerton, Waikanae and Paraparaumu. This year Plimmerton retained the Vase in a series of close games winning by just 1 game over Waikanae. Tournament organiser, and umpire, Christine de Roo declared the day a huge success – not the least because her club won but because the weather was brilliant and the players were both enthusiastic and skilled in their play. L-R: Carolyn Rait, John de Roo, Wayne Gair (back), Bob McKenzie (front), Ivan Nicholson (back) Josi Karavasil, Christine de Roo, Dianne McDonald. Abs Grant Kenny.  

Plimmerton Croquet Club members involved in the WCA Veterans Tournament.

Back row: Tom Berryman, Kelvin Watson, Beverley Berryman

Front row: John de Roo (referee), Wendy Betteridge (tournament organiser and referee), Dianne McDonald.


February has been an excellent month for Plimmerton Croquet Club players.
(posted 21 February 2014)

By the end of the Masters Games in Dunedin, Club players had medals in every event they entered. Tom and Beverley Berryman even featured in an article in the revered Otago Daily Times.

The final medal count, in Golf Croquet:

Doubles Div 1 Silver - Jo Bray (Papakowhai) & Peter Thomson of Winton

Doubles Div 2 Silver - Tom and Beverley Berryman (Titahi Bay)

Doubles Div 3 Gold - Anne and Bob McKenzie (Cambourne)

Singles Div 1 Bronze - Tom Berryman

Singles Div 3 Gold - Bob McKenzie

Singles Div 4 Silver - Anne McKenzie

In Ricochet croquet:

Div 1 Gold - Tom Berryman 

Div 2 Silver - Beverley Berryman

In Association Croquet:

Singles Div 4 Gold - Beverley Berryman; Silver - Bob McKenzie

Plimmerton resident Graeme Fisher came 2nd in the NZ 0-3 handicap Association Croquet Championships in Timaru. A very fine achievement.

The Wellington Croquet Assoc 89th Champs were held this month. Wayne Gair and Dianne McDonald (Titahi Bay) won the doubles. And Division 3 singles was won by Beverley Berryman (Titahi Bay); Kelvin Watson (Whitby) took silver.

The annual WCA Veterans Tournament was hosted by Plimmerton and Petone Central clubs. It played out this week in four days of variations of muggy humidity and blazing sunshine – conditions that proved to be exhausting and tiring for the 16 players involved. Plimmerton Club players were Kelvin Watson, Dianne McDonald, Tom and Beverley Berryman.Tom was placed 2nd overall and Kelvin 3rd.

And – don’t forget the Club’s Have A Go day on Saturday 22 February at 1.00pm. Starting with ‘Cropool’ – which is pool on the lawn played with croquet mallets and balls. It’s great fun. Come and try ‘Cropool’ and learn a few croquet techniques at the same time.

Plimmerton Croquet Club is off Ulric St. Take the garden Centre turn off on SH1 and continue around the bend taking 1st right.

Have A Go enquiries to: Alison Lloyd Davies 0210362645


Jo Bray and Bill Harper on Plimmerton Croquet Club's
'Cropool' court - pondering how far it is to the pocket corners ...


Plimmerton Croquet Club players are starting the year in very successful form.

Club players Wayne Gair (Titahi Bay), Wendy Betteridge (Camborne), Carolyn Rait, Christine and John de Roo (all Whitby) and Robin Chesterfield ( Paremata) retained the annual Castle Cup in a convincing win, 6-3, against arch rivals Waikanae.

At the Masters Tournament held recently in Dunedin Plimmerton players won a haul of medals in their respective divisions.  In the Golf Croquet doubles Bob and Anne McKenzie (Camborne) won gold; Tom and Beverley Berryman (Titahi Bay) won silver; and Jo Bray (Papakowhai), with a non Plimmerton player, also won silver.

In the singles competition Bob McKenzie won gold, Anne McKenzie silver and Tom Berryman bronze.

And – don’t forget the Club’s Have A Go day on Saturday 22 February at 1.00pm. Starting with ‘Cropool’ – which is pool on the lawn played with croquet mallets and balls. It’s great fun. Come and try ‘Cropool’ and learn a few croquet techniques at the same time.

Plimmerton Croquet Club is off Ulric St. Take the garden Centre turn off on SH1 and continue around the bend taking 1st right.

Have A Go enquiries to: Alison Lloyd Davies 0210362645

(posted 21 January 2014)

HAVE A GO at croquet

Whether you want to whack a ball, tap a ball or just move it along stylishly Plimmerton Croquet Club is inviting you to Have A Go at croquet on Saturday 22 February at 1.00pm.

Have you ever tried croquet pool? President Wayne Gair is planning to start the afternoon with this fun combination of the two games to show newcomers how to use their mallets. No tables or green baize are involved – just the immaculate green of a croquet lawn.

Age is no barrier – teens to 80s – croquet gets you out in the fresh air, you get your daily walking exercise while having fun, you meet super people and you learn a new sport.

There’s just one requirement – wear flat shoes so as not to damage the near-perfect lawns.The Club will provide the coaches, the mallets and those colourful balls.

Plimmerton Croquet Club is off Ulric St. Take the garden Centre turn off on SH1 and continue around the bend taking 1st right.

Come on over and Have A Go. Any enquires please contact Alison, ph 233 6485.

As the summer tournaments are winding up Plimmerton players are already showing their skills with competition successes. The Wellington Croquet Assoc. Golf Croquet playoff saw Plimmerton v Plimmerton. The overall winners were Tom and Beverley Berryman. The other section winners were also Plimmerton players: Wayne Gair and Dianne McDonald; and Christine de Roo with Claire Roberts.

Against the might of world #6 Greg Bryant Plimmerton’s Carolyn Rait came 3rd in the Arthur Ross Trophy regional playoff.

Photo: Tom and Beverley Berryman with Plimmerton Club Patron, John Burke, receive a club award in 2012.



News from 20 December 2013.

It's not all bisques and roquets at Plimmerton Croquet Club!

The Club held its Christmas lunch recently - and members tried their skills at a range of outdoor games which were loosely associated with croquet - ie a ball was used. Lawn billiards was a great success (see photo) as was an intricate maze and petanque.

But when it came to lunch - it was time to park the mallets and hats and quickstep into the Clubhouse for a fine spread.    

The highlight of the day was the presentation, by President Wayne Gair, to Plimmerton's Graeme Fisher of the Croquet New Zealand Silver Merit Award. (photo). The Silver Merit Award is awarded for the 1st occasion in a tournament that a player makes a break of 12 hoops, or more, without bisques. A fine achievement.

Plimmerton Croquet Club extends seasonal greetings to all croquet players and followers and we look forward to some challenging competitions in 2014.

Posted 20 November 2013

How  often do you walk into a sporting arena and go “Wow!” at the sight of spectacular gardens ablaze with colour? Not often. Well, that’s what you’ll say when you go to Plimmerton Croquet Club at the moment. Whitby resident, and the club’s resident gardener, Chris Cambourn has excelled himself this year with his attention to colour and style. "If it enhances the aesthetics of the place” says Chris “then it’s worth all the dedication and hard work”.  He also gets enormous satisfaction for the reaction of both players and visitors. Players now have an attack of the guilts if a wayward ball heads off the lawn and into the garden!  But the summer season of championships, tournaments and interclub competitions is well under way and Plimmerton Croquet Club is in the thick of them all. The club’s four lawns are in superb, carefully manicured, condition to accommodate all players.

Photos below: Chris Cambourn beside one of his floral displays at Plimmerton Croquet Club and Anne McKenzie.

SAM 0713    
Plimmerton’s Wednesday Interclub Association Croquet team has just won the 2013 Wellington competition. Champion players were Tom and Beverley Berryman (Titahi Bay), Dianne McDonald (Titahi Bay) and Anne McKenzie (Cambourne).  They were ably assisted by substitutes Christine de Roo (Whitby), Bill Harper (Aotea), Wayne Gair (Titahi Bay) and Graeme Fisher (Plimmerton).    
Anne McKenzie    

Anne and Bob McKenzie have beaten a Kelburn team to win the latest round in Wellington’s McKenzie Cup challenge – for players in the 18-24 handicap range.

Anne McKenzie is Plimmerton Club’s rising Association Croquet star. In her first season playing the game at Interclub level Anne, who lives in Cambourne, has won 3 out of 3 games against far more experienced players.  Even more remarkable, says President Wayne Gair, is that one of those wins was achieved with a ‘break’ of 7 hoops (7 hoops in a row). Anne has been appointed the Club’s second Vice-Captain.


The Plimmerton Croquet Club spring opening. (posted 14 October 2013)

On Saturday the 7th of September approximately 60 members enjoyed a fine day to start the 2013 - 2014 year of croquet. Twenty four keen players turned up early on Saturday morning to have a game of association croquet. They played until noon when our Patron John Burke opened the season followed by a delicious luncheon. At 1pm the golf croquet players were eagerly waiting their games and they played on until 4.30pm. An enjoyable day was had by all.

Tony Watts, Adriaan Van der Walt, Val English, Wendy Betteridge and Tom Berryman waiting their turn.

Oct2013Val Wendy Adrienne and Tom Oct2013group Oct2013group2
We also took the opportunity to farewell a long time member Tony Watts who has looked after our greens with much care for many years. His expertise and care will be missed.


News - posted 27 June 2013:


There will be no stopping the smash hits at Plimmerton Croquet Club for a while.  The balls will be out 'out of bounds', literally, after the collapse of the side fence last Thursday night, 20 June 2013. [See photo]. Club Captain, Kelvin Watson, says that apart from obvious damage to the fence there is a lot of storm debris from neighbouring trees to be cleared from the lawns. The lawns themselves are saturated but the groundcrew hopes to have them back into playing condition by the end of the week.


News - posted 12 June 2013:

Plimmerton Croquet Club players have brought out the gloves, jackets and the woolly hats as they prepare to play on through the winter – one of the few regional croquet clubs that remains open during the winter months.

“There’s nothing like the crisp scrunch of a croquet ball cutting through frosty morning dew, with a comet-like tail of water arching out behind it”, says Club Captain, Kelvin Watson.

An item on the radio recently suggested that croquet might slow down any deterioration of the little grey cells – thanks to its combination of physical and mental exercise. Plimmerton players certainly stay on the ball. They just can’t jump during the winter!


April news - posted 14/04/2013
Plimmerton’s trophy haul and winners.



L-R front: Jo Bray (Papakowhai), Robin Chesterfield (Paremata) Wayne Gair (Titahi Bay)

L-R back: John and Christine de Roo (Whitby), Graeme Fisher (Plimmerton), Chris Cambourn (Whitby)

The trophies keep coming to Plimmerton Croquet Club.

The Wellington Croquet Association held its annual prize giving at the club recently with the trophies presented by President Julie Murphy. Julie welcomed representatives from the Wellington region clubs and complimented Plimmerton club with, once again, laying on a fine, sunny day.

Plimmerton players won, amongst other trophies, the Association Interclub Silver Cup and The McKenzie Cup for 18-24 handicap players.

Plimmerton Club’s Arthur von Sturmer (Papakowhai resident) was the top winner of the day winning The Veteran’s Cup, the Jane Cook silver candlesticks and the WCA award for the Most Promising Player – the Steptoe Memorial dish.

Plimmerton Club players won the Cherrington Golf Croquet Trophy against Paraparaumu and Waikanae Clubs. Plimmerton had 7 wins, Paraparaumu 5 and Waikanae 0.

The same day the Ellis Cup for Speedball was won by Waikanae in 2 minutes 51 seconds to Plimmerton’s 3 minutes 6 seconds. Speedball is a very fast version of croquet – players play through the hoops as fast as they can.







The Speedball stance – perfected by Jo Bray (Papakowhai)

The Bob - posted 22 March 2013

Don't miss the fun on Saturday 6 April...

More Winners at Plimmerton Croquet Club

Plimmerton Croquet Club players recently played the annual challenge between their club, Paraparaumu and Waikanae.The Paekakariki Vase was presented by Ashley Heenan and Robin Hogg in 1947 for a challenge between the Kapiti Clubs of Waikanae, Paraparumu and Plimmerton.

The Paekakariki Vase was won by the Plimmerton team of Tom and Beverley Berryman, Wendy Betteridge, Graeme Fisher (Plimmerton resident), Carolyn Rait, Robin Chesterfield, John de Roo and Murray Cain.

Graeme Fisher also won the intermediate Golf Croquet Silver Badge at Kelburn.

Plimmerton player John Bache recently won his section in the Waimarie Over 80s competiton.

On Saturday 6 April, as part of the Plimmerton Promenade Day, the Croquet Club, in Ulric Street, will be open and welcoming. The club will be hosting the Wellington Croquet Association Gala Day so there will be lots of fun activity. Hosepipes, skittles and The Bob will be out – not the usual challenges for croquet players to face!


Posted 22 Feb 2013

Arthur von Sturmer (Papakowhai) winning the WCA Veterans Tournament

Plimmerton Croquet Club is in the thick of competitions at the moment – at club, interclub and the wider regional level.

Five Club members have been selected as regional representatives in the Manawatu Exchange Association Croquet tournament to be played at Palmerston North on Sunday, 24 February. Graeme Fisher, of Plimmerton, one of the clubs most experienced players, is one of those selected. And one club member will play in the Golf Croquet event at Waikanae on the same day.

Plimmerton had 12 players competing in the Wellington Croquet Association’s Veteran’s Tournament that was played at both Plimmerton and Petone over the weekend 11/14 Feb. Plimmerton players excelled – Arthur von Sturmer (see photo above from Papakowhai) was overall winner and Robin Chesterfield (Paremata) was runner up. Team manager, Christine de Roo, gave particular credit to Tony Watts and his team of groundsmen who gave the players such immaculate lawns to play on.

The Castle Cup played on 26th Jan was won convincingly 9-3 by Plimmerton against Waikanae.

On 9th Feb Plimmerton organised an Olé event for the Wainuiomata Club to help get them up and running in the game of Golf Croquet. 30+ players from several clubs over Wellington and the Hutt had a great time. Plimmerton players won both the morning and afternoon competitions.

It’s all go – at Plimmerton Croquet Club!!

Older news - posted 16 January 2013

“Plimmerton Croquet Club’s year is off to a flying start”, says Publicity Officer, Alison Lloyd Davies. “The trophies are starting to come in again!”

 In the North Island Association Croquet Championship [handicap 4+] Plimmerton’s Wayne Gair was placed first and Graeme Fisher placed second. Captain Tom Berryman says “I was thrilled for all the Club’s players who achieved personal handicap improvements”.  He also noted that the celebratory party lasted 3 hours!

In the Wellington Challenge Series Wayne and Graeme beat Petone 26-0, and then Wellington 26-1. Peter Hill and Arthur von Sturmer took the McKenzie cup off Wellington in a nail biting 12-11 victory.

The next open evening for family twilight golf croquet will be 5.30-8.00pm on Saturday 9 February.  Give Tom (236 8877) or Kelvin (234 8287) a call to book in.

All gear supplied – you just bring the family and your picnic!

And, in a first for the Croquet Club, they were asked to set up a couple of courts and provide mallets for guests at a recent wedding in the rose garden at Aotea Lagoon.  A few brave souls took up the challenge of having a go at golf croquet.  Any other bridal couple who’d like to have this novel way of entertaining their guests should call Tom (236 8877) to discuss their plans.


FAMILY CROQUET EVENINGS (posted 11 December 2012)

On Saturday 12 January Plimmerton Croquet Club will host another fun Family Croquet session for those who enjoy the long summer evenings.  

5.30 - 8pm.  Children can play on mini courts while adults tackle full size ones. 

Bring a picnic to enjoy in the lovely garden setting, and bring flat shoes. Mallets and playing equipment will be provided.

At Plimmerton Croquet Club, Ulric Street, Plimmerton.

$2 a head or $10 for a family group.

Bookings are essential – call Tom (236 8877) or Kelvin (234 8287)



Posted 27 November 2012

PHOTO: The Association Croquet finalists. L-R: Tom and Beverley Berryman, John de Roo, Chris Cambourn


Plimmerton v Plimmerton at Plimmerton

Two Plimmerton teams contested the final of the Wellington ‘Association Croquet’ interclub competitions – at the Plimmerton Croquet Club. After weeks of games around the region the superior skills and technique of the top local players brought the trophy home to Plimmerton.

Chris Cambourn and John de Roo, both Whitby residents, played Tom and Beverley Berryman from Titahi Bay.

The Berrymans won on the day with a score of 20-6

 Posted 19 November 2012

Family Croquet Evenings

Plimmerton Croquet Club is promoting their Family Croquet sessions for the long summer evenings ahead. Between 5.30pm - 8pm on the 2nd Saturday of each month there will be Family Croquet fun at the club. Mini courts for the little ones, full size for college age and adults. Bring a picnic to enjoy in the lovely garden setting, and bring flat shoes.  Mallets and playing equipment provided. At Plimmerton Croquet Club, Ulric Street, Plimmerton. $2 a head or $10 for a family group. Bookings are essential - to Tom 236 8877 or Kelvin 234 8287

December 2012

Plimmerton Players Pipped at the Posts

Over the weekend 10/11 November Plimmerton Association Croquet players played at home for the coveted Haven Plate against their annual rivals from Paraparaumu Club.

Plimmerton players were Tony Watts (Camborne), Beverley Berryman (Titahi Bay), Patsy Williamson (Papakowhai), Dianne McDonald (Titahi Bay), John de Roo and Eric Castle (both Whitby).  John and Eric won their doubles games so the final tally was Paraparaumu 3 – Plimmerton 1.

The venue for the Haven Plate alternates every year. The visiting club selects their team and then the host club tries to match the handicaps of the visitors.

The Plate was donated by Haven Real Estate, of Paraparaumu in February 1976 

Over the following weekend (17/18 November) Plimmerton players were again in battles of the hoop.  This time at the Lower North Island Team Championships in which teams from Taranaki, South Taranaki, Wanganui, Wellington, Manawatu, Wairarapa and Hawkes Bay competed.

The Champs played on two sites – Association in Palmerston North, and Golf Croquet in Wanganui.

This year’s Association team from Plimmerton was Wayne Gair (Titahi Bay), John de Roo (Whitby) and Dianne McDonald (Titahi Bay) joined by Pauline Reid (Paraparumu). Overall winners were Manawatu, Wairarapa was 2nd and Wellington/Plimmerton 3rd.

At the Golf Croquet site in Wanganui Plimmerton Club’s Bill Harper (Ngaio), Murray Cain (Whitby), and Janet Boutel (Karori).  Josh Smith, a young player from Kelburn, unfortunately had to withdraw at the last moment due to a hand injury so his place was taken by Tom Berryman (Plimmerton).  The local team was 3rd overall behind Hawke’s Bay 1st and Taranaki 2nd.

Looking ahead to the new year Plimmerton will be co-hosting with Paraparumu the North Island Association Croquet Championship from 2 to 6 January. Some exceptional croquet will be played that week.

Posted 7 November 2012

Photo: Wendy Betteridge is presented with her commemorative medal by Kenn Boal.

Wendy Betteridge back from making croquet history

Twelve New Zealand women croquet players are back from making history at the inaugural Women's World Association Croquet Tournament at the Victoria Croquet Centre in Melbourne. Plimmerton Croquet Club’s Wendy Betteridge was amongst them.

Wendy reports that “the weather was cold, the wind was often strong, the lawns were super-fast but the welcome from the Australians was second to none.” Much like Plimmerton, really!

The NZ players did well.

Jenny Clarke (Christchurch) and already the World No 1, won the Knockout without dropping a single game throughout the Tournament. In the final she beat Alison Sharpe, Australian No 1. Jenny is now 8th in the World following seven men – two of them Kiwis.

The shield final was contested by two NZ women - Alison Robinson (Kelburn) won over Jane Magill (Tauranga).

Marion McInness from Waimarie Club (Lower Hutt) lost the Bowl final to Australian Anna Miller.  

Every player who competed was presented with a commemorative medal. The photo shows Plimmerton Club’s Wendy Betteridge receiving her medal from Kenn Boal, Director of the tournament. The legend reads '1st WCF (World Croquet Federation) Women's Association World Championship at the Victorian Croquet Centre Melbourne 2012'. 

Wendy comments that “despite the strength of women in world croquet, nearly all the people in 'power' in world croquet are men! I noticed, however, that the men did a huge amount of work during the tournament and nothing was too much trouble for them. They were very good driving the bus, refereeing, working in the kitchen and on the bar and spending very long hours either setting up or taking down lawns every day.”


Photo SAM 0020: Club player instructors-in-training (and some young ring-ins) under the watchful eye of Club Captain Tom Berryman for 'Pirates' and Golf Croquet

HeHa (Healthy eating and Healthy action) Porirua Sports' Buffet - November 2012 news

Planning is well underway at Plimmerton Croquet Club for the new college golf croquet development programme. The club's aim is to train the team to represent the Wellington region at the College National Finals in Palmerston North next year.

So far Mana, Aotea, Tawa and Samuel Marsden Colleges have made a commitment to take part in the training programme.

In the meantime the club is gearing up to showcase the sport to primary and intermediate school children in the Porirua area at HeHa Porirua's Inaugural Sports' Buffet on Wednesday 24 Oct at Te Rauparaha Park.

Croquet Club members, under the guidance of Captain Tom Berryman, will be showing the youngsters the finer points of golf croquet and 'pirates' - the skills required for this form of the game have to be seen to be believed! Berryman says "The kids having a try at our croquet games may be future participants in the college students' programme."

It should be great fun for all - young and not quite so young.

October 2012 news

Camborne croquet player to represent New Zealand at Worlds.

Wendy Betteridge in her Plimmerton colours before she dons the New Zealand black for Melbourne.

Croquet news

October 2012 updates:

Camborne croquet player to represent New Zealand at Worlds.

Wendy Betteridge, who plays for Plimmerton Croquet Club, will be the only player from the Porirua area competing at the inaugural WCF [World Croquet Federation] Women's Association Croquet World Championship.  The games will be held at the Victorian Croquet Centre, in Melbourne, from the 21st to 28th October

There will be a contingent of 12 women from all over New Zealand competing, as singles players, against three from England and around 30 Australians.

“I’ll be holding on by my fingernails to compete against most of the other competitors – including Jenny Clarke from Christchurch who is ranked No 1 in the world,” says Betteridge, a ‘wild card’ entry.

However she’ll have more than her skills with a mallet on her side – Betteridge’s latest book is titled ‘It’s Your Thoughts That Count – how to use your thoughts to transform your life’.

She says “I wrote it to inspire others to become conscious of the thoughts they create moment by moment in their daily lives and turn them into empowering thoughts.”

The power of her positive thinking is sure to keep her croquet drives on the straight and true in Melbourne. 

Older Croquet news

September 2012: Golf Croquet Outreach for College Students in the Greater Porirua Area

To take full advantage of the long twilight hours ahead, Plimmerton Croquet Club is reaching out to students at all the Colleges in the Porirua area.

Croquet NZ organises the annual National Secondary School Golf Croquet Tournament. In 2013 the tournament will be held in Palmerston North at the end of March.

Each Croquet region can enter two doubles teams to contest this event. Plimmerton Club’s goal is to see four students (two teams) from the greater Porirua area as their College’s, and the Wellington region’s, representatives at next year’s Nationals.

There are six Colleges within our area and Plimmerton is offering an opportunity for 32 students (16 teams) to participate in its coaching programme. As well as coaching in all aspects of Golf Croquet the club will run development tournaments. At the end of the programme the four top place-getting teams will make up our area’s representatives to the regional play-off against players from Kapiti, Hutt and Wellington.

The Club will provide all playing equipment. Students will need flat-soled shoes (sneakers are fine).

During September Club Captain, Tom Berryman, is inviting local Colleges to enter one, or more, two player teams to the coaching programme. Students who want to take part should contact their College sports coordinator for the full details; or may contact him directly.

Berryman says he’s also keen to involve students who live in the Porirua area but go to outside Colleges.

Students can contact him on 04 236 8877 or e-mail


Previous news:

May 2012 Updates:

Plimmerton Croquet Club wound up the 2011 year with a change at the top and the presentation of a raft of awards and trophies to club members. Pat Wilson (of Whitby) stood down as President and she was succeeded to the Presidential chair by Wayne Gair of Titahi Bay.

As well as administrative duties Wayne also, regularly, walks 7K behind a lawn mower to keep the four club lawns in tip top order.

Christine de Roo (Whitby) is the newly elected Vice Captain (Association).

Once again Plimmerton’s Graeme Fisher scooped an impressive handful of Club Association Croquet awards – winner of the Arthur Ross handicap singles; runner-up in the championship singles Div 2; winner of the championship doubles Div 1 with Wendy Betteridge (Cambourne); and winner of the handicap doubles with Chris Cambourn (Whitby).

The winter season at Plimmerton has begun with Association play on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 10am; Golf Croquet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1pm and Sundays at 10am. New members and visitors are always welcome. Remember to bring flat shoes!

Photo: Graeme Fisher (Plimmerton) receives one of his awards from Patron John Burke


  Sun Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat



  Assoc. Golf Assoc.
1pm Golf



Golf Assoc. & Golf
  Assoc. & Golf
* 16-24 indicates a handicap level of 'starting' to 'Reasonable'
** Minus-16 are the experts (anyone with a minus handicap is far too good!)

Are you considering a Christmas event or party event with a difference? Then have a Have-a-Go event at Plimmerton Croquet Club where you and your guests will have fun playing the fun game of Golf Croquet. Contact our Have-a-Go Fund Raiser, Carolyn Rait phone 234 7422 or by email for further details and to book your event.

Plimmerton Croquet Club has had a place in Plimmerton since 1926, initially as a women’s club on one small lawn above the bowling green at the foot of Grays Road. 

Since 1994 and through a partnership with the Porirua City Council, the club has expanded, with both men and women members, on a four-lawn complex beside Ulric Street, just north from Plimmerton roundabout on SH1.

Croquet has been described as billiards on a tennis court, demanding similar skills of eye and hand co-ordination, and strategic thinking. In essence the player aims to progress two balls twice around the six hoops to achieve  a peg out in the centre of the lawn. The game is a satisfying blend of personal challenge, strategic thinking, and physical exercise.

Post-2001, membership drives each year, with regular Have a Go Days to allow newcomers to come to terms with mallet, hoops and balls, have maintained a current membership above 80. Coaching is available to all newcomers to the game.

The new century has also seen the introduction alongside traditional Association Croquet of the newer Golf Croquet, the equivalent of 20/20 cricket for speeded up interaction and movement and fellowship about the lawns.

In the summer season, late August to early May, play is scheduled for Association Croquet Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, sessions commencing at 9.30 am and 1pm , and for Golf Croquet Wednesday and Sunday from 1pm and Fridays from 9.30am. The lawns permit play to continue through the winter, Association Croquet on Tuesday 10am, Thursday 1pm and Saturday 10am, and for Golf Croquet on Tuesdays 1pm, Thursdays 10am and Sundays 10am. Members participate in Kapiti and Wellington competitions, with Plimmerton often the venue, a tribute to the standard of the facilities.

Plimmerton players enjoy success at local, at New Zealand and, in the case of Phillip Drew who started croquet in Plimmerton at age seven, at international levels. Prospective members can be assured of a warm welcome into a club renowned in Wellington croquet circles for its hospitality and fellowship, with lawns well-maintained by club volunteers and a spacious and well-equipped clubhouse.

The cost of $30 for a six week introductory course of coaching is deducted from the new member’s first annual subscription.


Updated 29 November:
A full complement of 32 players, from seven clubs across the Wellington Croquet Association district, took part on Saturday 20 November in the Plimmerton Club’s annual Croquet Ole Tournament.
The club has a reputation for great hospitality and excellent playing conditions.  The chosen title for the day suggested light-hearted fun and fellowship, and that was certainly the case.  Players changed partners for each of the doubles matches of the six rounds of play. 
Prizes presented at the end of the day by club President Pat Wilson went to -
Best Score C Grade Player - Jenny Cullen, Plimmerton; B Grade Player - Maureen Reid, Kelburn; A Grade - Cathy Light, Waimarie/Khandallah;
Best scores overall - Winner, Kelvin Watson, Plimmerton; Runner-Up, Tom Berryman, Plimmerton.
Awards were also made for the outstanding events of the day, shots of brilliance - or just plain luck.  Those selected were - 
Pam Sutherland, Plimmerton; Sue White,Plimmerton; Jenny Latimer, Kelburn; Jan Watkins, Plimmerton; and Ken Ford of Plimmerton.


The club is opening the gates for a second Have A Go Day on Monday 24 January (Anniversary Day) commencing at 1pm.  The Plimmerton community is cordially invited to call.  The lawns are off Ulric Street just north of Palmers.
As in October, the invitation day will be followed by three coaching lessons, and attendance at three club days for those wishing to explore further, before any commitment to the club membership is required.  
The club’s next major district-wide invitation event is the John Burke Sponsored Tournament, featuring Association Croquet, and scheduled for February 12. Once again anyone in Plimmerton wishing to call and view our game of skills and strategy will be most welcome.
Ken Rae Publicity Officer
Plimmerton Croquet Club
4a Paua Place Camborne PORIRUA 5026


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