New Porirua reserve named after former Mayor Jenny Brash

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20 August 2015

New Porirua reserve named after former Mayor Jenny Brash

Former Porirua Mayor Jenny Brash’s service to the city is being celebrated with a new reserve in Aotea to be named after her.

The name change was approved by Porirua City Council’s Te Komiti today.

“It’s pretty exciting and I’m delighted.  Traditionally former Mayors have roads named after them, but I felt a reserve would be more appropriate because of my passion for environmental issues,” Ms Brash said.

The location of the reserve is homage to former Porirua mayors, with the new Jenny Brash Reserve on the corner of John Burke Drive (a former Porirua Mayor) and Frances Brown Avenue (the wife of former Porirua Mayor Whitford Brown).

Jenny Brash was Mayor of Porirua from 1998 to 2010, and prior to that she was a Porirua City Council Northern Ward Councillor for nine years.  Since leaving the mayoralty she has been a Porirua/Tawa councillor with the Wellington Regional Council. Her years of service for the community, both in Council and out, were honoured with a Companion of the Queens Service Order in 2010.

Te Komiti Chair Euon Murrell said he was really pleased to be able to recognise Ms Brash’s contribution to the community and the environment. “This is a really nice way for us to honour Jenny for her many years of service to Porirua,” he said.

The land for the Jenny Brash Reserve is currently owned by the developer but will be vested in the Council as a scenic reserve at the completion of Stage 12 of the Aotea Development in 2016. A site office on the reserve will be sub-divided off to allow it to remain an office for the developer. The vegetation on the reserve is rated as the most ecologically significant parcel of bush in the Aotea block and contains bush that is considered rare or scarce within Porirua City.  Native planting is proposed as ‘improvement work’ before the land is vested in Council.  A sign to officially mark the reserve has been designed and the developer has agreed to allow this to be installed ahead of Council owning the land.

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