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The Wish List

Wish List

Progress to date... in the past three months (May, June, July 2011) PRA has taken action in several of these areas, with our partners.

  • business ideas... these are not our domain but see the list of ideas below. We will be interested to talk with entrepreneurial persons keen to tackle any of these business suggestions.
  • civil defence... a group is being set up to develop a plan for Plimmerton. People who have expressed interest in being part of that planning team should contact Street groups are being set up to include all Plimmerton residents. Again, people willing to host a meeting or organise a group should contact PRA.
  • community action... these ideas include involving teenagers more in community life and events.
  • disability access to toilets in particular will be addressed when Plimmerton is due for replacement or refurbishment of facilities.
  • domain... see ideas below. The domain currently is heavily used for winter sport especially with other facilities tied up with the Rugby World Cup.
  • entrance to Plimmerton... this is a major focus for PRA and PCC this year and next. Currently we are working with the other agencies involved in the redesign of this area to make it more functional, safer and more visible.
  • event...this is again an initiative that PRA would support if it were well organised and properly planned. It has to be a community initiative. Many people feel that, with our mid winter swim, fantastic school fairs, Christmas events and so on that we really have some special event already. Others are keen to see something with an arts and crafts focus. It’s up to you!
  • general...we all agree that the focus is the shoreline and sea and we don’t need unnecessary embellishment. Seats, picnic tables and the promenade - which help us to enjoy those special features while blending so well into the environment- got a big tick from the community.
  • Karehana Park...a planning group is working on a plan to develop and improve the facilities offered by this park. We thank residents who have stepped up to be involved. See progress so far.
  • Kiwi Rail...the huge list of items to be addressed with Kiwi Rail is being tackled by Ian Barlow PCC’s village planning manager with support from PRA executive members. This process involves several projects including extension of the Ara Harakeke walkway, the new entrance as well as facilities and services.
  • marine protection...many of you expressed concern about the people who plunder our coastline and how this can be managed. We suggest at this stage that you are active in reporting people breaking the rules and if you are interested in taking this further contact us at and we will put you in touch with others who may be able to progress things.
  • NZ Transport Agency...we have representatives involved in all hearings involving this agency and how what it does impacts on us here.
  • PCC anti-tagging...there is widespread support for anti-tagging initiatives.  Thanks to the people who go out at all hours to remove this pollution off our walls and fences.
  • PCC/community...there are many good ideas here and lots of ways that you as residents can be involved in your community.  These ideas are being discussed and some will come to light over time … especially if you volunteer to be the champion who makes it happen.
  • PCC maintenance, parks and reserves...we thank the manager of Parks and Reserves for the programme of maintenance that has addressed many of the issues raised.  Victory Park by the pavilion has been revamped with tree pruning, water blasting, repairs to play equipment, new bins, and replanting.  It looks much more inviting and open.  Other repair concerns have been addressed and others are under discussion.
  • Security...there is some apprehension about what some have interpreted as surveillance. This is not what was meant by those who put forward the idea. It is not economically feasible or necessary to have monitored security. The suggestion from several residents was to have number plates recorded from vehicles leaving Plimmerton at night. If required by the Police after a crime is committed the tape can be checked, otherwise it would be erased. (After the recent break in and robbery at the station, organised series of break ins in Gordon Road and other locations, vandalism to cafes and shops, serious tagging and other anti social property damage … and the recent attempted break ins by “workmen”, etc. it has been suggested that this simple measure would help the Police to track known offenders and stolen vehicles.
  • summer raft...a group of people have expressed interest and one person has offered to be project champion . The PRA will facilitate a meeting with this group in July/August.
  • traffic...a the key concern is road safety and traffic management.  We will be devoting a lot of resource to this in the immediate future.  Issues includes everything from disabled parking spaces, apprehending speeding drivers, illegal parking, and unsafe crossings.
  • wall/pavement...this subject is under ongoing discussion but immediate repairs to the wall have been made this month and the path has been re sealed and is now safe and easy to negotiate.


We will update progress again later in the year.

Please remember that the PRA represents you and your interests in a volunteer capacity. Most of us have busy day jobs and other community involvement. Our role is to work with the agencies providing us with services and to see that improvements and maintenance carried out are what the community wants. If you have a passionate interest in seeing anything here come to fruition you are invited to attend a PRA meeting (last Monday of every month, 7.30pm, at the fire station) and talk to us. If it’s something we can support we will be right behind you. Please let us know so we can include you on the agenda


Where to from here?  Your Top Three and priorities

This spreadsheet shows how various projects rated overall and details the top three issues.

Your main concerns as expressed in the Top Three are as follows:

  • entrance to Plimmerton upgrade with improvements in roading, rail barriers, safety, signage and windsurfer parking.
  • traffic management and road safety including a safe crossing for school and kindy kids by the shops, better parking management, disability parks, enforcement of inconsiderate parking, speeding drivers especially down Motuhara Road and around the fire station corner into Sunset, traffic calming in Airlie and Cluny, methods to catch speeding and dangerous drivers etc
  • Kiwi Rail related things like keeping our new station clean, providing bins, shelter and toilets on the station, keeping the fence in good order, continuing the fence to provide some acoustic relief for residents, provision of shelter and seating in the domain where passengers bumped off trains have to wait, repair and sealing of the parking area in the domain churned up by their buses, land issues resolved to complete the Ara Hara Keke walkway etc
  • erosion protection, disability access, the Beach Road shops parking area eyesore, Karehana Park redevelopment, the seawall, anti tagging, an annual event and other suggestions were of high interest.
  • regular clean ups of the beach and area are thought well worth while and the PRA will lend full support to anyone willing to be the organiser for annual or twice yearly clean ups. All equipment and supplies are provided by PCC and local businesses have supported such events generously in the past. Hands up please!


Survey Results Spreadsheet


Survive-it kit for survey winners



Mike and Karen Pennington with William (one) and Lovisa (four) receiving their survival kit from Survive-It director, Rod Hall (right)  

The Pennington family are the lucky winners of a $500 Survive-it kit for their response to the recent residents’ survey Plimmerton … into the future.  Survive-it produces survival kits ranging from backpacks for individuals to full size cabinets for corporates.  Director Rod Hall says, “The Christchurch quakes have given people the message that they must be ready to take responsibility for themselves and their families if a disaster occurs.”

The prize was particularly apt as many residents expressed interest in civil defence being revitalised in the Plimmerton area. Plimmerton Residents’ Association chairman Colin Bleasdale says, “We are planning a meeting soon with interested residents and groups in the community to get this happening.  Plimmerton could be cut off in any disaster and we must be self sufficient.  People of all ages need to know what to do when an emergency happens.  If you are interested in being involved email us at”

Survey results: What's on people’s minds - 

Early indications from your responses are that, in addition to civil defence systems, repair and strengthening of the seawall, streamlining and upgrading the entrance to Plimmerton, completion of rail fencing for visual and acoustic reasons, erosion protection, toilet upgrades and improved disability access, more sealed parking for rail commuters, improved traffic and parking control, support for PCC’s anti tagging programme and a revamp of Karehana Park are all on people’s minds.  “It will take us a while now to process the results and then we will be talking to the other agencies we have to work with to make all, or any, of those things happen,” says Carolyn Williams of the association.  “People have also given us creative ideas from their wish lists.  Like a raft off Karehana Bay in summer for swimmers and hire of water sports equipment.  We will share these with the community and hopefully this process will spark some of these projects to get off the ground.”

Have your say on Plimmerton's future ...

Thank you for your help. Please leave your completed forms in the letterbox at any of the following addresses:

22 Beach Road, 22A Steyne Ave, 35 Gordon Road, 32 Moana Road, 33 Cluny Road.

Or mail to PO Box 57027 Porirua City 5247.

Survey available in .pdf format click here.

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