Motuhara residents set up sustainable vegetation group

A group of residents is networking to develop sustainable management for properties, verges and road reserve in Motuhara Road from 55 to the crest of the hill at 71 (upper Motuhara Road).  The minutes of their first meeting are here.  They plan to clear areas of rubbish and introduced weeds, plant appropriate natives with assistance from the council and to remove unstable larger trees which are a storm hazard, again with council help and an arborist.

Update from Bill Inge regarding Motuhara Road clean-up Saturday 31 May 9am-12.30pm:

A Motuharian residents community clean up of the roadside verges form No 55 to No 108 Motuhara Road.

The purpose is to clear the litter, dumped rubbish, dead & dying vegetation and any easy noxious weed removal will occur between 9.00am and approximately 12.30pm.

In attendance there will be 2 PCC Parks & Reserves team who will set up and maintain temporary traffic control and also assist with some chainsaw work as agreed on site.  They will be in control and have the responsibility of the work site. Geoff Chevis has overall responsibility for the works.

All the residents who participate in the clean up and are on the road corridor must wear an orange high visibility waistcoat.  The PCC team will bring them with them on Saturday.

The PCC team will bring 2 trucks to take the rubbish collected, rubbish bags and some basic hand tools with them. 



I will ask Shane Pihema the Council’s Streetworks Supervisor to install  a new style “no dumping sign” on the corner of 57 to try and reduce the antisocial behaviour of dumping here.  They are currently being manufactured and will be installed in the next 4 weeks.

The sign looks like this.

The weather forecast looks good.

Thank you and your team for working with Council to help clean up your road in Plimmerton.

All the best


Bill Inge
Leisure Assets & Services Contracts Manager
04 237 1458 or Ext 8458 | MOB: 0275 303 336

The bank at the start of Motuhara Road (lower Motuhara Road) was planted in June 2010 by a group of industrious volunteers with help from the residents' association and Keep Porirua Beautiful and with Porirua City Council supplying the plants.
March working bee scheduled for Saturday 8 March 2014  10am-12noon - posted 27 February 2014
Prior notice - posted 24 January 2014
We have a working bee on the first Saturday of each month for 2 hours from 10am till noon.  The next one is Feb 1st 10am - 12noon.
Come and help the hard-working team pull a few weeds. Bring gloves and sturdy shoes.  Any help greatly appreciated - the hard work put in by this small dedicated team is starting to pay off with fantastic growth this past year - but those weeds keep on coming!
Hope you can help. I am really happy with how the bank is looking. 
Thanks for all your help over the year and I look forward to seeing a few of you next week.


If you can't help this time but would like to be on the email list for future updates, please email:

Older news:
Posted 3 December 2012
Motuhara Bank working bees usually first Saturday of each month check schedule:

It's time to tidy up with some weeding. If you can spare a bit of time to help with the weeding - even if only for an hour - bring a garden fork, gloves and sturdy boots.  It's amazing how much we get done with just a few extra hands.


Upper Motuhara Road - residents set up sustainable vegetation group. Minutes of first meeting.

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