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Hello Plimmerton/Camborne community,

The vandalism has happened over the last month (Oct-Nov 2015). The photo of the hut shows where the wall used to be, but is gone now. This leaves this side open to a steep, dangerous bank, so the children can't really use it now.

I'd like to let people know that the children of Plimmerton are using the bush reserve regularly and the 'secret' hut and the 'wobbly bridge' as we called it, are very special places to them. The hut (over 30 years old) has had a whole side ripped off, and sharp edges of corrugated iron have been left flapping, making it very unsafe for the children to use. The wooden bridge, made from logs from the bush, has been totally split down the middle by someone - every single log was smashed in half, making it totally unusable.

When we go in there, we pick up bags of rubbish each week - lots of glass, beer bottles and fizzy bottles. We spent most of our bush time last week fixing the wooden bridge and will do more again this week. If anyone wants to go in and help repair the hut and/or the bridge, it would be awesome and very much appreciated. There is only so much we can do in our time there. We are using logs found in the bush to fix the bridge, but the hut probably needs some new wood on it.

Thanks, Leo Smith.

Contact Leo Smith via attention: Karehana Reserve Hut

Last Updated: 01/12/2015 10:33pm