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Neighbourhood Support Newsletter

Neighbourhood Support Newsletter .pdf crime stats for February 2014 posted 27 March 2014.
Photograph taken of rubbish dumped on Airlie Road sometime around 30 October - 1 November 2013.
The rubbish included several bags of carpet, a gold blind and several short thick plank lengths etc.


November 2012 news from our community constable, Jonathan Westrupp: (posted 28 November 2012)
  • A boat was stolen from the Plimmerton industrial area last weekend.  Please report any vehicles or people hanging around where they shouldn’t be. 
  • Pukerua bay has had a spate of house burglaries ... by someone on foot when people are away from home. Again, we are asked to promptly report anyone wandering about where they don’t belong. 
  • Jonathan says, “We are always interested in any illicit drug information whether it’s someone handing out drugs at parties or growing cannabis”. 
  • Tagging and vandalism continue to be a problem around the area, though prompt action by locals means that many of you never see the scrawls and broken fence palings etc The toilets at Plimmerton domain have been vandalised several times and community constable Jonathan Westrupp says that replacing broken and stolen commercial grade fixtures is costing ratepayers thousands.

  • STOP PRESS this past Saturday night (24 November 2012) one of the toilets on the beach at the entrance to Plimmerton was completely destroyed by someone wielding a brick (5th incident!).  Anyone who heard or saw anyone in that area should contact the Police urgently. 


October 2012 news from our community constable, Jonathan Westrupp: (posted 25 October 2012)
  • Thefts from houses, vandalism and vehicle theft at night in northern Plimmerton have spiked in recent weeks.  Has somebody new moved into the area? Please keep a watch over your streets for suspicious behaviour.
  • A car was broken into at Pukerua Bay over the weekend.  Offenders wait for people to park their cars and head off for a walk, knowing this gives them time to break into the car and steal whatever is there. 

The police would like more 111 calls reporting suspicious behaviour.  Information regarding vehicle and registration number and descriptions of people behaving suspiciously. For example offenders may:

  • walk down the street looking into parked cars and trying doors ... they look for unlocked cars and target the coin tray for starters. 
  • approach houses looking for easy items to steal ... if confronted they make up an excuse about finding a lost dog or finding an address. 
  • convert a room in their house to grow cannabis using indoor plant growing lighting.  They may be selling to people visiting the address. 
  • target copper and sell it to scrap metal dealers ... copper spouting and hot water cylinders in particular. 

Please report all suspicious behaviour to Crimestoppers website  www.crimestoppers-nz.org

The website is anonymous, and Constable Jonathan Westrupp assures us that the information is investigated.

Big Mac Slabs Furniture has recently refurbished a great deal of the furniture on the waterfront due to vandalism.
If you see people engraving the furniture - say something to them! It is NOT OK!
If you have a camera - take their picture and send it to us!
Residents and businesses of the community worked hard to get this furniture to make our town better and it is sad to see it being spoiled by a few people with no respect.

(posted 25 October 2012)

Can anyone identify these suspects for a burglary to Plimmerton Railway Station, Saturday afternoon / evening 20 October 2012?

If you have any information please contact Constable Jonathan Westrupp:


Constable Jonathan Westrupp
Mana Community Constable

Porirua Community Base
Hartham Place South
PO Box 50027, Porirua
Phone: (04) 4390606 Fax: (04) 237 2139
Email: jonathan.westrupp@police.govt.nz

To update you, an 18 year old male from Kapiti was arrested today (27 November 2012?) and has been charged with Burglary. This is in relation a door at Macks Track at Plimmerton Train Station being kicked in on 20 October 2012 and ice creams stolen.


Thank-you to the member of the public who provided a name to Police.

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