The photographs on this site have been generously offered for display here by several people.  We thank them all - and please don't stop - these images are so important to making this a site that people will want to keep coming back to.  We hope that over the years the list of contributors will continue to grow as more people share the photos that capture their experience of Plimmerton.

Rex Bustria - Rex's photos are distributed around this site, many here in the Neighbourhood section.  See more on the Neighbourhood photo album page and on Rex's link to Flicker . You can contact Rex at or call 021 0471 456. 

Taffy Parry - See many of Taffy's photos on the home page and again scattered around these pages.  Birds are his love and we appreciate being able to share them here.

Johanna Lowe - has captured so many inspirational images of life here.  See her page and photo album and links to more info about Johanna.

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