PCC's Draft Parking plan for Plimmerton ... out for comment. Send comments to Since the image below may be hard to read, we are trying to get a larger image to post somewhere in the village. We will let you know when and where.

  • yellow solid lines indicate no parking
  • carparks with yellow numbers are proposed
  • carparks with blue numbers are current and will remain as such unless it has a yellow number
  • carparks without numbers are all day parks
  • existing 30 minute parks adjacent to 44 Steyne Ave are proposed to be converted to 60 minute (yellow parks)

No changes are planned for Queens Avenue or Bath Street. Long term parking is allowed where there is no proposed time limit signage.

Additional notes:

The solid yellow lines relate to keeping private driveways clear. This will cause the elimination of only one existing car park. (need to verify one or two)

Please return submissions/comments/feedback on this proposed plan by 20th April. To be discussed at the next PRA meeting Monday 23rd April.

The changes are to ensure: reasonable turn over around the shopping area, allowing a few parks for short term beach users, while still allowing a significant number of parks for all day commuters.



Parking April 2012

Last Updated: 04/04/2012 2:39pm