Visit Plimmerton Library at Plimmerton Pavilion, 9 Sunset Parade, Plimmerton 237 7320.

Proposed Change to Hours
We are looking at shifting the Saturday opening of Plimmerton Library to Friday afternoon. There are two main reasons for this, firstly usage on Saturdays has been very low so we would like to try another time slot and secondly there are quite often conflicts with bookings for the supper room on weekends so Friday afternoon looks like a better fit for our use.
At this stage we would look at shifting to Friday afternoons in late February.
Going digital
Guy Burns from Going Digital will be at Plimmerton Library on 25th January from 1 - 4 pm to talk to anyone wanting help or information on the pending sift from analogue to digital television broadcasting.
Brian Anderson
Manager, City Libraries
Brian Anderson
Manager, City Libraries
DDI: 04 2371532 | MOB: 027 540 3302

Hours are Wednesday 1 - 4pm, and Saturday 10.30 - 12.30pm

Library news:
  • Childrens stories (and a cuppa for the grown-ups) this Saturday 29 January 11am.
  • Lisx wants to thank our wonderful community for supporting the library so well in 2010, and for making her job such fun.  Merry Xmas and a Happy 2011!
  • A note about kids books - you know those really popular series books? Well it's hard to justify pulling them from the main library (open 7 days) to live at Plimmerton for a while.  But I don't want our older kids to miss out!  So here's a deal - if you keep coming in and taking out books, I'll keep risking getting the hairy eyeball and pinching popular books for our shelves (just joking, the librarians there are REALLY great. honest!!)
  • Calling local book clubs: Porirua Library is launching a very user-friendly, interactive library resource called Sorcer.  Brian Anderson (library manager) has offered to explain its features on site - it should be of special interest to bookclubs, as it allows you to build lists and post reviews etc on books.  If you co-ordinate/belong to a bookclub in this area and would like to find out more, please contact Lisx at Plimmerton library, or email
  • Keep a look out for some small but perfectly formed changes in the library.  We are extending the childrens section and stock, and taking a hard look at some things that just seem to sit on the shelf for years!   You MIGHT even see new tablecloths, now don't get all faint on me!
  • PS.  I'm 'just saying...', that a couple of people have come into the library looking for internet cafe-type access.  We have it at the Porirua library, but I couldn't direct them to anywhere local - even though I used our wonderful Plimmerton website.  Is this an opportunity for an existing business?


Click here for information about Porirua Library
Porirua Library news and events:
  • Porirua Library - Brian Anderson, Manager, City Library, is launching the Porirua Libraries' new Sorcer product at 7pm Thurs 2 December at the main library in the Pataka building.  Members of the various book groups are invited to attend as the new product is aimed at allowing borrowers to share, discover and review items from the collection.  It's a bit like 'library meets facebook' in its approach.  So if you have a contact with a book group see if they would like to come along. Any queries contact Brian Anderson 237 1532 or mobile 027 540 3302.


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