Beach Carnival Hongoeka Marae

Saturday 22 February


  • Beach Carnival at Hongoeka Marae Saturday 22 February 10am-4pm

    Local fund raiser with attractions galore: traditional hangi, all day music, kapa haka performances, open mike, weaving, carving and ta moko artists at work, arts and crafts for sale, stone adze making and heaps of rides and things for kids like a giant water slide and hot rod rides.  For info call Bob Smith 021 0275 7749 

  • Last year's event: Hongoeka Marae Beach Carnival planned for first time in 40 years. It's been more than 40 years since Hongoeka Marae held a beach carnival. But the way this Saturday's event is gearing up, it will become an annual fixture again, says organiser Bob Smith. Kapi-Mana news January 29, 2013 pg 9 Read more

Hongoeka Community Plan Sept 2012

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