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Puppy socialisation classes

Titahi Bay Canine Obedience Club Sundays 11am - midday have started. Bring your pup along for some socialisation and obedience training. (Meet two of Plimmerton's newest little canine people Bertie the rough coated Jack Russell and Bruno the British Cocker Spaniel...both 18 weeks and raring to go. Older now since this posting) Registration for evening obedience classes for all dogs is 6pm 25 January at the clubrooms on Ngati Toa Domain. Just $65 a term.

Dog exercise areas

Council has approved specific areas within Porirua as exercise areas where you may exercise your dogs, provided they are under continuous control at all times.  Popular and approved areas for your daily ‘walkies’ are the Camborne Walkway, Ngatitoa domain (foreshore area) and the Plimmerton domain. PCC has a list of areas approved for dog exercising.

Greater Wellington Regional Council advises people to wait for at least 48 hours after heavy rain before you or your dog go in the ocean for a dip.  River users should also keep an eye out for potentially toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria), which may be prevalent during low river flows and warm temperatures.  Blue-green algae can be fatal to dogs and livestock if eaten, and can make humans sick. More information about toxic algae, including pictures and current warnings can be found at


Dogs on Plimmerton beaches ... where and when

Murray Chilcott, PCC’s chief dog wrangler, gives us the final word on dog exercise areas in Plimmerton for summer.

Dogs are allowed on the two beaches, Plimmerton Beach and Karehana Bay, before 10am and after 7pm from 1 November through to 31 March. This allows parents to run the family dog after dropping the kids off.  Between 10am and 7pm no dogs are allowed on those two beaches.

Murray says, “All other coastal areas in Plimmerton can be used for exercising dogs off-lead all year round.  South Beach, going south from the stream half way along Plimmerton Beach to the rocks, and Ara Harakeke walkway to Paremata are dog off lead exercise areas where families can play and swim with their dogs.  Dogs must be under control at all times in all locations.  The area from the Beach Road boat ramp around to Karehana Bay is also an off-lead exercise area.  As is the coastline from Karehana Bay on around the coast.  The map spells it out.” 



(We need some clarification re the times)

Lenny tells his friends... dogs may be exercised on both Plimmerton and Karehana Bay Beach, except during the summer months starting 1 November through 31 March, then only outside the hours of 9am and 7pm.  So get your owners out of bed for an early morning beach walk before 9am or later for a sunset walk after 7pm.

For a full council list of local dog exercise areas click here

Please pick up after your dog

Please pick up after your dog and put it in the bins.  There are free bags in dispensers in Steyne Avenue, in Karehana Park and in Plimmerton domain.

If you notice that the dispensers are empty please email us at and we will let our friendly council contacts know.

Dog owners who fail to pick up after their dog can be fined.  Please notify the council on 237 5089.

Wellington SPCA.

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