Community Liaison


Project management roles for people outside the PRA executive committee.

We need people outside the committee to help with special tasks. You may have special interests or skills which can be used for the benefit of the community. You would not have to attend meetings (unless you want to) but would liaise through a committee member.

These are important projects and we need someone dedicated to each one to ensure progress. We work by building relationships with the agencies we engage with and try to be proactive and positive in all our dealings.

1. Police liaison … have monthly meeting with community constable updating him on issues and getting feedback on events impacting Plimmerton.
2. WW100 event management … work with Allan Dodson and a team to organise and coordinate events commemorating World War 1.
3. Karehana Playground development … work with Roger Johnston and the park team to project manage design and development of the play area.
4. KiwiRail liaison … build a relationship with key people about ongoing situations that need monitoring include ballast coming through the fence, shelter and security (when buses are used instead of trains), tagging removal and planting to prevent tagging, access to track area for rubbish and tag removal, access to the underpass for murals, condition of parking area/bus turning area etc.
5. Mural completion in underpass … buy materials and deliver to schools, prepare and paint frames, assemble and deliver to site when complete, liaise with Ian Barlow and KiwiRail re installation (a certain gentleman of distinction has been earmarked.)
6. Hongoeka liaison re their village plan, the possible art work (po) near the new balustrade, seating between the boating club and the marae, and other joint opportunities.
7. Boating club liaison re activities, joint opportunities, progress on redevelopment, possible removal of old table and replacement, sailing school programme etc. (Carol Coffey will do this … thanks Carol)
8. Parents of young children liaison to get parent perspective on issues via Plunket, early childhood education centres like Kindergarten, St Theresa’s and Plimmerton School.
9. Liaison with PCC re parking and road safety issues such as monitoring of illegal parking, Motuhara Road speeders, crossing near shops, enforcement of PCC rules.
10. Liaison re pollution South Beach and Taupo Stream with GWRC and PCC. Keeping this issue in the forefront and getting some answers and action.
11. Organise Big Spring Clean in November each year. Template exists for the process and good community support.
12. Organise Adopt-a-spot with liaison between residents and PCC for collection of plant waste and provision of tools, equipment and expertise. Mapping spots and determining with residents and PCC what should be done in each area. Dealing with PCC when issues need council intervention.
13. Contribute to the web site and the upcoming Green and Gold Trail through Plimmerton with a small amount of Plimmerton-relevant information in social history and natural history (we have an expert on whales and an eminent geologist so far, fabulous).

Please contact us and let us know which area appeals to you and where you can lend an hour or two each month.
You will be fully briefed by a committee member and can report in through them.
There are not enough of us to cover all these key areas but with your help we will be able to do a great job.

Last Updated: 25/06/2014 1:23am