Plimmerton neighbourhood information

Welcome to Plimmerton's neighbourhood section. If you are new to Plimmerton or need a handy reference of local information, here are some things that might be useful to know.

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Shopping or looking for a local business - find it in our business pages.

Scenes of Summer 2013 at Karehana Bay - Photos by John Chipper


See our business directory Accommodation page for a complete list.

There are several different styles of accommodations to choose from.  You can select from a list that includes a backpackers, a motel with individual units, or bed and breakfast.  Take the time to select the right place for you. 


 “Troubled by someone’s drinking......Al-Anon can help”. We hold open meetings in the library at Plimmerton School at 9am every Saturday morning phone 389 2103. There are meetings also at Porirua and Tawa.

Please see the Al-Anon website for more helpful information.



Enjoy some art and culture at one of these art galleries or museums, or you can even try drawing or painting with the Mana Arts Society:

  • Mana Arts Society located at Plimmerton Domain, State Highway 1, Plimmerton. Contact John on 232 8193.
  • Bay Gallery located at 4 School Road, Plimmerton. Call Daphne on 233 9776.
  • Emerging Light Gallery located at 15b Steyne Avenue (Remax building). Contact Michael Bennington 027 463 7678 or email
  • Pataka Museum of Arts and Cultures is dedicated to celebrating NZ heritage and specialises in showcasing Maori, Pacific Island, New Zealand, Asian and international contemporary art and culture. Located at corner Parumoana and Norrie Streets, Porirua. Opening hours Monday – Saturday 10am – 4.30pm and Sunday 11am – 4.30pm. Call for more details on 237 1511.
  • The Richard Young Gallery located at Bay Gallery, 4 School Road, Plimmerton. Contact Richard 021 0845 7322.
  • Visit our Artist pages.
Before heading out to enjoy the water please check metservice weather and be prepared.

With the weather warming up, it's nearly time for a dip at your favourite beach or river swimming hole. 

Update posted 5 December 2013

Water quality warnings for Plimmerton Beach

Signage is about to be placed around the Taupo Stream area on Plimmerton beach to ask parents to keep children away from the stream outlet as high coliform counts make the area unsafe.

Investigations are ongoing to locate and then remediate the source of this pollution.

Jenny Brash from Greater wellington Regional Council advises, “Many of our streams go through built up areas and swamps on their way to our beaches. These can become polluted on their way by farm animals, birds, stormwater and other waste. Both GWRC and PCC monitor these streams and beach outlets regularly and information about water quality is on both council’s websites.

Do take care when swimming at our beaches particularly 2-3 days after rain. Please keep children away from stream outlets which are likely to be polluted. Reminder signs will be placed around these areas.

Plimmerton Residents’ Association will be inviting Greater Wellington Regional Council and PCC specialists to one of the first meetings in 2014 to ensure that this situation is being resolved.


Posted 5 December - Cr Tim Sheppard reminds us about storm drains

Why be concerned about storm water pollution prevention?
Storm water that flows off buildings, walkways and streets into storm drains ultimately flows to our streams, rivers and ocean. Unlike water that goes to the sanitary sewer system (most indoor drains), storm water is not treated or filtered before it is discharged to the ocean. Polluted runoff can have harmful effects on wildlife and the recreational uses of streams, creeks and beaches. Beaches often have to be closed due to contamination. It is important to keep storm water runoff clean.

What types of pollutants contaminate storm water runoff?
Some common contaminates include: motor oil, pesticides, pet waste, paint, household chemicals, trash and construction debris. Rainwater comes in contact with these contaminates and washes them into the storm drain system. In addition, improper disposal of substances into the storm drain system, such as food waste, paint waste, construction material, oil, antifreeze and landscaping chemicals also cause contamination of storm water runoff.

What can be done to prevent storm water pollution?

  • Don’t dump waste into storm water drains or areas that drain to storm drains
  • Maintain good housekeeping, dispose of waste properly in trash cans or dumpsters
  • Collect and properly dispose of wash water to the sanitary sewer or landscaped areas, not to storm drains
  • When cleaning outside areas dry sweep or vacuum instead of washing down to storm drains
  • Clean up spills quickly and properly, never hose spills to the gutter
  • Maintain trash and dumpster areas to prevent materials from being washed into storm drains
  • Maintain chemical storage areas, chemicals stored outside should be covered and have secondary containment
  • Maintain spill clean-up kits in all chemical storage areas
  • Perform vehicle maintenance only in approved areas
  • Maintain vehicles and other equipment in order to prevent fluid leaks

In summary, only clean rainwater (with the exception of some permitted discharges) can be discharged to a storm drain. All work, construction, cleaning and other activities conducted outdoors must be carried out in a way that prevents wastewater and contamination such as trash, debris, dirt, construction materials and hazardous materials from entering storm drain systems.

 But if there's been a downpour, Greater Wellington Regional Council advises people to wait for at least 48 hours after heavy rain before taking a dip.

"It pays to be careful for the first two days after heavy rain as the rainfall can wash contaminants from agricultural and urban areas into our waterways and coasts," Greater Wellington Environmental Monitoring and Investigations Manager Ted Taylor.

During the bathing season (from mid November to the end of March) Greater Wellington, local councils and Regional Public Health, work together to monitor water quality at 21 river and 74 beach sites across the Wellington region.

Results are posted on Greater Wellington's website, using a traffic light system.  The health risk is determined from the number of bacteria found in water samples. A green light is for go and means the health risk is low.

River users should also keep an eye out for potentially toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria), which may be prevalent during low river flows and warm temperatures. Blue green algae can be fatal to dogs and livestock if eaten, and can make humans sick. Algal cover is assessed weekly during summer at 21 popular river spots throughout the region.

Greater Wellington's Environmental Monitoring and Investigations Team, in association with Regional Public Health and local councils, uses a two-tiered warning sign system to advise river users of the risk from toxic algae.

A medium risk sign means users can still swim or walk their dogs but should keep an eye out for algal mats. A high risk sign means people should avoid contact recreation and dog walking in that part of the river.

The warning system is based on river bed coverage and algal mat exposure and follows the interim NZ Guidelines for Cyanobacteria in Recreational Fresh Waters.

More information about toxic algae, including pictures and current warnings, can be found at If you see any exposed or easily accessible algal mats, contact Greater Wellington, (04) 384 5708 or your local council's environmental health officer.

Matt Velde, Senior Communications Adviser
Greater Wellington Regional Council
142 Wakefield St
PO Box 11646
Manners St
Wellington 6142
T: 04 830 4270
M: 027 246 7691


Enjoy your time at the beach.  

All beaches in Plimmerton are alcohol-free zones and infringements should be reported to the police.  See also dog exercise areas, for restricted summer hours for dogs on our beaches.  

Boats and jet skis 


You must keep a good lookout at all times. It is
your responsibility to stay alert for other boats,
swimmers, dive boats, kayaks, hazards and
obstacles. Keep focused on the water ahead,
especially at speed. Listen as well as look.
All boats must travel at a safe speed, taking into account the amount of boat traffic in the area, weather conditions and when visibility is affected by glare. Specifically, you must not exceed a speed of 5 knots (a fast walking speed) if you are:
  • Within 200m of the shore
  • Within 200m of a boat displaying a diver’s tag
  • Within 50m of any other boat
  • Within 50m of a person swimming
  • On a power boat if any person has any part of their body outside the rails or edge of the deck.

The buoys at Karehana Bay and Plimmerton beaches mark the 200m line. If you see people breaking the law, call the Harbour Radio on 388 5470 with time, place and craft details.

Find a public boat launching facility.

For information about boating follow these links:

Plimmerton Boating Club

Plimmerton Rotary Club

Paremata Boating Club



Plimmerton is one of the best wavespots for windsurfers in Wellington.   Check out Wellington Windsurfing Association for more information about Plimmerton and other popular windsurfing spots around Wellington. 


Mid-winter dip

Plimmerton Kindy holds an annual mid-winter dip around June on the beach area closest to the Boating Club (Karehana Bay).  Hot drink and food stalls are set up along the beach on the day to help you warm up on the inside after taking the freezing cold dip.  So why not give it a go sometime if you’re feeling brave enough.



  • Bellyful a lifesaver - again. Story in Kapi-Mana News 22 April 2014 pg 13. Read story here.

Bellyful a lifesaver - again. Story in Kapi-Mana News 22 April 2014 pg 13.

Porirua Bellyful has cooked its 3000th meal.

The meal recipient, Stephney Johnston, said Bellyful was a lifesaver after the recent birth of her daughter.

She had a caesarean section four weeks ago.

Her husband was given the task of looking after her, the new baby and their 5 year old son.

“You go from being fully functional to coming out and not being able to do a lot,” she said.

“It’s meant the world to us.”

Johnston said they had no family around, so the meals made a big difference.

Bellyful Porirua branch coordinator Rebecca Morahan said reaching the milestone was exciting for the volunteer organisation.

“It’s fantastic. It’s a real chance to take stock and realise how much volunteer work has been done,” she said.

The Porirua branch was started In 2011 and now has 25 volunteers.

It delivers 20 to 30 meals a month to families with a newborn or serious illness.

See our business directory Cafe and restaurants page for a complete list.

There are many cafes and restaurants to choose from in the area.  A short drive or walk down Steyne Avenue and around to Ulric Street will reveal fish & chip shops, cafes, pizza, Indian, Chinese, and Polish food.  Also, Mana Esplanade has good local pub food, pizza, cafes and takeaway shops.  

Please do the right thing for our cats and our precious wildlife and our community.  Birds and reptiles in our gardens and bush don't stand a chance against hunting moggies.

DOC has some excellent ideas to help us make our cats conservation friendly.

For a start: desex all cats (see link for services), feed them regularly so they don't hunt for food, put them in a cattery when you go away, feed cats before birds' active time at dusk and early morning, keep them inside at night, fit them with collars and bells to warn birds, put bird baths and feeders out of cat-reach.

Find out more about your pet cat - visit these links:

Wellington SPCA

control your animal

If you have a cat visiting your garden that you think may be abandoned please let us know email  We will help locate the owner and or take the cat to the local vet for information.

SPCA desexing van returns to Porirua

The caravan will be on-site until mid-February. Make a booking by calling 389 8044.


There are two cemeteries in the local area:

  • Whenua Tapu Cemetery – Airlie Road, Pukerua Bay
  • Porirua Cemetery – Kenepuru Drive, Porirua

See Early Childhood Education which includes Playcentres, Kindergartens and Porse.

See also Plunket.

If you are a church-goer, here is a selection of churches to choose from in the area:

  • Beachside Church - located at 6 Ulric Street (the old Salvation Army Church building). Services start 10am Sunday mornings, with full children's programme. See Also great facility for hire. If you are a community group in need of a small or large meeting space (seating up to 100 people), please contact Keryn Martin 021 155 9013 or email
  • St Theresa’s Catholic Parish – 210 St Andrews Road, Plimmerton. See for details.
  • North Porirua Baptist Church - 20 Steyne Ave, Plimmerton. See for details.
  • St Barnabas or Plimmerton Presbyterian Parish – 106a Mana Esplanade, Mana. See for details.
  • St Andrew’s Anglican Church - 11 Steyne Avenue, Plimmerton. New 3rd Sunday of the month intergenerational service starting 20 February 2011. See for details.
  • St Alban's Anglican Church – State Highway 58, Pauatahanui Village. See for details. 
  • St Mark's Anglican Church - Rawhiti Road, Pukerua Bay. See for details.
  • St Philip's Anglican Church - The Crescent, Paremata. See for details.

Project management roles for people outside the PRA executive committee.

We need people outside the committee to help with special tasks. You may have special interests or skills which can be used for the benefit of the community. You would not have to attend meetings (unless you want to) but would liaise through a committee member.

These are important projects and we need someone dedicated to each one to ensure progress. We work by building relationships with the agencies we engage with and try to be proactive and positive in all our dealings.

1. Police liaison … have monthly meeting with community constable updating him on issues and getting feedback on events impacting Plimmerton.
2. WW100 event management … work with Allan Dodson and a team to organise and coordinate events commemorating World War 1.
3. Karehana Playground development … work with Roger Johnston and the park team to project manage design and development of the play area.
4. KiwiRail liaison … build a relationship with key people about ongoing situations that need monitoring include ballast coming through the fence, shelter and security (when buses are used instead of trains), tagging removal and planting to prevent tagging, access to track area for rubbish and tag removal, access to the underpass for murals, condition of parking area/bus turning area etc.
5. Mural completion in underpass … buy materials and deliver to schools, prepare and paint frames, assemble and deliver to site when complete, liaise with Ian Barlow and KiwiRail re installation (a certain gentleman of distinction has been earmarked.)
6. Hongoeka liaison re their village plan, the possible art work (po) near the new balustrade, seating between the boating club and the marae, and other joint opportunities.
7. Boating club liaison re activities, joint opportunities, progress on redevelopment, possible removal of old table and replacement, sailing school programme etc. (Carol Coffey will do this … thanks Carol)
8. Parents of young children liaison to get parent perspective on issues via Plunket, early childhood education centres like Kindergarten, St Theresa’s and Plimmerton School.
9. Liaison with PCC re parking and road safety issues such as monitoring of illegal parking, Motuhara Road speeders, crossing near shops, enforcement of PCC rules.
10. Liaison re pollution South Beach and Taupo Stream with GWRC and PCC. Keeping this issue in the forefront and getting some answers and action.
11. Organise Big Spring Clean in November each year. Template exists for the process and good community support.
12. Organise Adopt-a-spot with liaison between residents and PCC for collection of plant waste and provision of tools, equipment and expertise. Mapping spots and determining with residents and PCC what should be done in each area. Dealing with PCC when issues need council intervention.
13. Contribute to the web site and the upcoming Green and Gold Trail through Plimmerton with a small amount of Plimmerton-relevant information in social history and natural history (we have an expert on whales and an eminent geologist so far, fabulous).

Please contact us and let us know which area appeals to you and where you can lend an hour or two each month.
You will be fully briefed by a committee member and can report in through them.
There are not enough of us to cover all these key areas but with your help we will be able to do a great job.


For home composting solutions please email Leanne Pelabon at

Read more about Mana Recovery.

Click here for a .pdf

Promotion_Plimmerton Organic Waste Recycling

Porirua City Council - Draft Annual Plan Summary 2014/15

Porirua City Draft Annual Plan 2014-15 - Summary


You can find out the latest rates information by searching a property address on the Porirua City Council rates page on their website.

Reporting a problem to the Council

The Porirua City Council operates a Contact Centre which provides a professional and friendly first point of phone contact for council services which include issues or questions regarding any of the following:

  • potholes
  • street lights
  • vegetation clearing
  • graffiti
  • damaged or missing items
  • blocked or leaking water pipes
  • rubbish or recycling issues


You can request information about rates, building inspections, animal control, hall bookings and Gear Homestead bookings.

PCC documents:

Call the Contact Centre on 237 5089 24 hours, seven days a week or email your enquires to 


Network Utilities PCC draft plan 

See local Counselling services in our business pages.

Keep your family and property safe.

Safer Communities Together

NZ Police on Facebook

NZ Police on Youtube

Police Newsletter July 2015

Police Newsletter Feb 2015

Neighbourhood Support Newsletter January 2015

Neighbourhood Support Newsletter December 2014

Police Blotter Aug 2014


Neighbourhood Support Newsletter

Neighbourhood Support Newsletter .pdf crime stats for February 2014 posted 27 March 2014.
Photograph taken of rubbish dumped on Airlie Road sometime around 30 October - 1 November 2013.
The rubbish included several bags of carpet, a gold blind and several short thick plank lengths etc.


November 2012 news from our community constable, Jonathan Westrupp: (posted 28 November 2012)
  • A boat was stolen from the Plimmerton industrial area last weekend.  Please report any vehicles or people hanging around where they shouldn’t be. 
  • Pukerua bay has had a spate of house burglaries ... by someone on foot when people are away from home. Again, we are asked to promptly report anyone wandering about where they don’t belong. 
  • Jonathan says, “We are always interested in any illicit drug information whether it’s someone handing out drugs at parties or growing cannabis”. 
  • Tagging and vandalism continue to be a problem around the area, though prompt action by locals means that many of you never see the scrawls and broken fence palings etc The toilets at Plimmerton domain have been vandalised several times and community constable Jonathan Westrupp says that replacing broken and stolen commercial grade fixtures is costing ratepayers thousands.

  • STOP PRESS this past Saturday night (24 November 2012) one of the toilets on the beach at the entrance to Plimmerton was completely destroyed by someone wielding a brick (5th incident!).  Anyone who heard or saw anyone in that area should contact the Police urgently. 


October 2012 news from our community constable, Jonathan Westrupp: (posted 25 October 2012)
  • Thefts from houses, vandalism and vehicle theft at night in northern Plimmerton have spiked in recent weeks.  Has somebody new moved into the area? Please keep a watch over your streets for suspicious behaviour.
  • A car was broken into at Pukerua Bay over the weekend.  Offenders wait for people to park their cars and head off for a walk, knowing this gives them time to break into the car and steal whatever is there. 

The police would like more 111 calls reporting suspicious behaviour.  Information regarding vehicle and registration number and descriptions of people behaving suspiciously. For example offenders may:

  • walk down the street looking into parked cars and trying doors ... they look for unlocked cars and target the coin tray for starters. 
  • approach houses looking for easy items to steal ... if confronted they make up an excuse about finding a lost dog or finding an address. 
  • convert a room in their house to grow cannabis using indoor plant growing lighting.  They may be selling to people visiting the address. 
  • target copper and sell it to scrap metal dealers ... copper spouting and hot water cylinders in particular. 

Please report all suspicious behaviour to Crimestoppers website

The website is anonymous, and Constable Jonathan Westrupp assures us that the information is investigated.

Big Mac Slabs Furniture has recently refurbished a great deal of the furniture on the waterfront due to vandalism.
If you see people engraving the furniture - say something to them! It is NOT OK!
If you have a camera - take their picture and send it to us!
Residents and businesses of the community worked hard to get this furniture to make our town better and it is sad to see it being spoiled by a few people with no respect.

(posted 25 October 2012)

Can anyone identify these suspects for a burglary to Plimmerton Railway Station, Saturday afternoon / evening 20 October 2012?

If you have any information please contact Constable Jonathan Westrupp:


Constable Jonathan Westrupp
Mana Community Constable

Porirua Community Base
Hartham Place South
PO Box 50027, Porirua
Phone: (04) 4390606 Fax: (04) 237 2139

To update you, an 18 year old male from Kapiti was arrested today (27 November 2012?) and has been charged with Burglary. This is in relation a door at Macks Track at Plimmerton Train Station being kicked in on 20 October 2012 and ice creams stolen.


Thank-you to the member of the public who provided a name to Police.


List your dance venues and classes (include photos) in our 'What to do in Plimmerton'  Performance groups  section. Try out one of these dance studios to get your body moving:

  • Plimmerton School of Dance – see Performance groups.
  • Tracey Odell School of Modern Dance - Porirua, 232 5840
  • The Studio - George Nicholls, Titahi Bay, 970 1895 or 027 440 3755
  • Extreme Dance Performance Centre - Porirua, 237 5662
  • Hayley Johnson Academy Of Dancing - 209 Main Road, Tawa, 232 3144‎
  • Polimia Poulopoulos Dance Academy - 55 Herewini St, Titahi Bay, 233 6568
  • Springhill Academy of Dance - 91 Muri Rd, Pukerua Bay, Wellington
    Phone: 04 239 9916
  • Zone Dance Academy - 11 Mohuia Crescent, Elsdon, 235 9398‎
  • Zumba – classes held in Whitby and Porirua.  Check out their website Zumba to search on these locations for more specific venue, time and contact information.
  • Sequence / New Vogue Social Ballroom Dancing for beginners. Every Thursday evening 7.45-9pm at the Papakowhai School Hall, call Sue 233 0344
  • Ceroc Dance of Kapiti-Hutt

There are quite a few to choose from in the area so take your pick:

  • See Community Dental Health in the Hutt for "Dental Bus" Brandon School
  • A.G. Simpson – 105 Pope Street, Camborne, 233 8092‎
  • Paremata Dental Surgery – 98 Mana Esplanade, Mana, 233 0747
  • Mana Dental Surgery – 78 Mana Esplanade, Mana, 233 8829‎
  • Papakowhai School Dental Clinic – Spey Place, Papakowhai, 233 9426‎
  • Discovery School Dental Clinic – 75 Spinnaker Drive, Whitby, 234 7104
  • Postgate School Dental Clinic – Staithes Drive, Whitby, 235 6542‎


Their website:

Department of Conservation Kapiti Wellington newsletter July 2013

For information regarding dog owner responsibilities, including registration click here.

Find local dog services in the business section - click here.

Puppy socialisation classes

Titahi Bay Canine Obedience Club Sundays 11am - midday have started. Bring your pup along for some socialisation and obedience training. (Meet two of Plimmerton's newest little canine people Bertie the rough coated Jack Russell and Bruno the British Cocker Spaniel...both 18 weeks and raring to go. Older now since this posting) Registration for evening obedience classes for all dogs is 6pm 25 January at the clubrooms on Ngati Toa Domain. Just $65 a term.

Dog exercise areas

Council has approved specific areas within Porirua as exercise areas where you may exercise your dogs, provided they are under continuous control at all times.  Popular and approved areas for your daily ‘walkies’ are the Camborne Walkway, Ngatitoa domain (foreshore area) and the Plimmerton domain. PCC has a list of areas approved for dog exercising.

Greater Wellington Regional Council advises people to wait for at least 48 hours after heavy rain before you or your dog go in the ocean for a dip.  River users should also keep an eye out for potentially toxic blue-green algae (cyanobacteria), which may be prevalent during low river flows and warm temperatures.  Blue-green algae can be fatal to dogs and livestock if eaten, and can make humans sick. More information about toxic algae, including pictures and current warnings can be found at


Dogs on Plimmerton beaches ... where and when

Murray Chilcott, PCC’s chief dog wrangler, gives us the final word on dog exercise areas in Plimmerton for summer.

Dogs are allowed on the two beaches, Plimmerton Beach and Karehana Bay, before 10am and after 7pm from 1 November through to 31 March. This allows parents to run the family dog after dropping the kids off.  Between 10am and 7pm no dogs are allowed on those two beaches.

Murray says, “All other coastal areas in Plimmerton can be used for exercising dogs off-lead all year round.  South Beach, going south from the stream half way along Plimmerton Beach to the rocks, and Ara Harakeke walkway to Paremata are dog off lead exercise areas where families can play and swim with their dogs.  Dogs must be under control at all times in all locations.  The area from the Beach Road boat ramp around to Karehana Bay is also an off-lead exercise area.  As is the coastline from Karehana Bay on around the coast.  The map spells it out.” 



(We need some clarification re the times)

Lenny tells his friends... dogs may be exercised on both Plimmerton and Karehana Bay Beach, except during the summer months starting 1 November through 31 March, then only outside the hours of 9am and 7pm.  So get your owners out of bed for an early morning beach walk before 9am or later for a sunset walk after 7pm.

For a full council list of local dog exercise areas click here

Please pick up after your dog

Please pick up after your dog and put it in the bins.  There are free bags in dispensers in Steyne Avenue, in Karehana Park and in Plimmerton domain.

If you notice that the dispensers are empty please email us at and we will let our friendly council contacts know.

Dog owners who fail to pick up after their dog can be fined.  Please notify the council on 237 5089.

Wellington SPCA.

Playcentres, Kindergartens and Porse see also Things for Kids to do page.

  • Paremata Playcentre – Ngatitoa Domain, Mana, 233 9633
  • Mana Early Learning Centre – 30 Marina View, Mana, 233 1233
  • Plimmerton Kindergarten – Beach Road, 233 1027 Kindy's Mid-Winter Dip 2014. 
  • Plimmerton Playgroup - venue change - starting Friday 24th August - St Andrews Church Hall, 11 Steyne Avenue 9.15 - 11.15am. A fun playtime for pre-schoolers run by local parent volunteers every Friday morning during term time 9.15 - 11.15am. $3 per family, which covers morning tea for all children and their adult caregivers, and even includes freshly brewed coffee! Call Rebecca 233 6446.
  • Sand Dunes Early Learning Centre - 5 Northpoint Street, Plimmerton, 233 8839
  • PORSE Mana S1 - 15 Marina View, Mana, 233 0494


Playgroups that meet every week during term time
Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun


Noah's Ark Cafe & Craft every Tues 9.15am - 11.15am at St Andrews




Plimmerton playgroup every Fri 9.15 - 11.15am



Noah’s Ark Cafe & Craft - Every Tuesday @ the Parish Centre 9.15am -11.15am. Tiny tots & toddler group with stories, song & craft; a chance for the littlies to be entertained & an opportunity for parents & care givers to catch up over a cuppa! No bookings necessary. Every Tuesday during term time! Koha donation. For further information please call 233 9781.



Plimmerton Playgroup. Change of venue - now at St Andrews Church Hall (formerly at Plimmerton Pavilion), 11 Steyne Avenue starting Friday 24th August 9.315 - 11.15am

For more information contact Melis on 027 661 1256

  More information click here - Elder Family Matters.


For emergencies of crime happening now or has just happened call 111.

For non-emergencies of crime that has happened in the past and doesn’t require a quick police response, call 233 9780 or visit your local police station:

Community Constable, Shoreline Plaza, 105 Mana Esplanade


For children in an emergency - NZ Police has developed an interactive website for kids (5-10yr olds) to teach them what to do if they have to call 111 and ask police for help:


More information regarding recent crime and updates from Constable Jonathan Westrupp.

To report any traffic incidents, call *555 using your cell phone.  If you see any speeding or dangerous drivers you can report it to the police using their Online Community Roadwatch Report police road service.  Our local police guarantee they will follow up all reported incidents.


Defibrillators can be life savers in the community

Story from Whitby Newsbrief December 2013 pg 17.

Each year more than 1000 New Zealanders will suffer a heart attack outside of hospital. Many of these people have no prior symptoms and get no warning, and less than 5-8 per cent will survive if they don't receive immediate treatment. Dialling 111 and performing CPR is not always enough to prevent death, however use of a defibrillator can increase the chance of survival by up to 40 per cent.

An automated external defibrillator (AED) is designed to be easy to operate, with automated 'talking' instructions to help the user. They can be purchased through St John, who also supply the training.

Rotary Club of Plimmerton has raised funds for defibrillators in a number of locations - at Plimmerton on the wall outside The Big Salami; at Pauatahanui, on the Lighthouse theatre wall, and in Pukerua Bay on the wall outside the public toilets. Other units are available at Whitby New World, Pataka reception, and Mana Medical Centre, on the Esplanade.

Plimmerton Residents' Association chairman Colin Bleasdale said that the AED, valued at more than $2500, was a much needed resource. See the link above for a demonstration of how to use a defibrillator. Or a call to 111 in the event of an emergency will elicit simple instructions from the operator.

Whilst the Rotary Club provide the equipment and the lock box, there is a requirement that the unit is owned by the community, as in Pauatahanui. There it is in a locked box (with a key pad) on the wall by the Lighthouse Theatre. If needed, the code can be obtained from emergency services.

The Rotary Club of Plimmerton have provided several units, but other units are available at Whitireia, in the Porirua CBD, and in Judgeford, Pauatahanui and Titahi Bay golf clubs.

An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a type of life saving equipment used to treat sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). It delivers a short, powerful electric shock to the heart, helping the heart to regain its natural rhythm. It is easy to operate, and emergency services will give step by step instructions over the phone if an emergency arises and there is no trained person available.


Locations of defibrillators: Watch video demonstration.

  • Coming soon The Big Salami will house a defibrillator see another video to learn what to do -
  • Plimmerton Croquet Club (corner of Plimmerton Drive and Ulric Street) has a defibrillator.
  • If you know the locations of others please let us know and we'll add them here.

Home burglery factsheet.


Fire Brigade 

See Fire Brigade page


See our Civil defence section for information about large scale emergency responses.


There are many environmental community groups in Porirua City, find out what they do, and how to contact them and other relevant details by visiting PCC website environmental groups.

Or go directly to websites of several listed here:

  • An ama-zinc solution - Facilities Officer Mark Bathurst (Plimmerton) takes to the fence - The Zealandia Blog

See our business directory for a list of people in the area available for financial services.  Financial services.


Preparing your financial survival kit. Story from Whitby Newsbrief, October 2013 pg 14.  Financial Adviser Richard Myers writes exclusively for residents in Whitby, Pauatahanui, Camborne, Plimmerton, Mana and Paremata...

Natural disasters are unpredictable and in many cases can be life changing. The recent shakes have got us all talking about and actively putting our survival plans in place. And while our main emphasis is on preparing for the immediate survival of our families, for example meeting points, food and water, we shouldn't overlook our financial needs and possible financial issues we might face as soon as we've established that our loved ones in Whitby and beyond are okay.

Be prepared for the fact that banks could be disrupted, limiting access to cash. Government assistance, insurance, and other financial relief may not return you to the financial position you currently enjoy. Ultimately, you'll remain responsible for all your debts and other financial obligations, and as soon as disaster hits, you'll start to feel the pressure. However, it won't hurt as much if you are prepared.

Consider the following tips to help manage your financial situation:

  • Make copies of important records and documents and keep them in a secure place, preferably away from your home. Things like credit card numbers, insurance policies, financial records, tax records, loan and mortgage documents, deeds and titles, wills and trusts, prescriptions and medical records, emergency contact lists.
  • Some experts suggest using technology, such as digital images to record your financial profile. Combine these images with the documents above, scan them, and store them online e.g. using 'Cloud Space' (online data backup accessible anywhere in the world) or a USB Flash Drive which you could use to store your data and then give to family or friends out of town for safe keeping.
  • Compile and maintain a one-page financial contacts list. This list should include the phone numbers of companies you may need to contact, as well as your account numbers.
  • Maintain a fireproof and waterproof lockable box or container with important recent financial documents you can quickly grab should you have to flee. Keep some cash in here as well.
  • Ensure you have access to cash. Carry your EFTPOS and credit card with you at all times. Build an emergency balance in your cheque or savings account that you can tap into if a crisis hits.
  • Review in depth your house and contents insurance policy. Make sure you understand every clause in your insurance policies and understand the likely outcomes if you need to submit a claim.

Have spare keys cut and stored.

Most importantly - do it today and stay safe.








The Plimmerton Volunteer Fire Brigade is located on Sunset Parade in Plimmerton.  The brigade was established in 1934 and provides first response fire and rescue services to the communities of Plimmerton, Pukerua Bay, Camborne, and Mana, and also attends incidents throughout the Arapawa region as required. Their website is

To contact us by phone, ring Senior Station Officer Dave Anderson at (04) 233 1659, or email


Latest news - posted 27 June 2013

The Fire Brigade has had a very busy time lately due to the recent storm on 20 June 2013. Twenty nine calls in 36 hours! The calls ranged from aerodynamic trampolines, felled trees, windows blown in/out, conservatory roofs, and probably the most serious events - power lines down causing mayhem and extreme danger. The Fire Brigade wants to thank those kind people who came to the station with homemade pies, muffins, cakes, coffee and many thank-you cards. This is really appreciated. We also attended to an oven fire and a washing machine fire during the storm.


Getting into the spirit of Christmas are, from left, Snr Firefighter Johnny Johnson, Rotarian Wendy Betteridge, Station Officer Tony Sutorius and Snr Station Officer Dave Anderson of the Plimmerton Volunteer Fire Brigade who will be combing Whitby and around the inlet "tooting for tucker". Photo by Derek Paterson. Whitby Newsbrief, December 2012 pg 18.



Older news: (posted 26 October 2012) 

The Brigade has had an eventful month. We attended a truck on fire at the SH1 weighstation recently in the early hours of the morning. The blaze was extinguished quickly but crews from Plimmerton and Porirua worked for an hour turning over the contents of the load. We also attended a four car accident at Pukerua Bay that furry barely did not result in any injuries.

Three Brigade members travelled to the City of Minoh near Osaka, Japan and were hosted by the Minoh Fire Brigade as part of a good will visit. A highlight of the trip was being taught how to tie their own rope harnesses before abseiling down a tower - a knot not to get wrong!


Older news from September 2012:

The Brigade is pleased to report that the proceeds from the Promenades Day are being used to fit out our logistics support van with a safety cage and customised equipment racks. The fit out will be complete this month and will help us to safely carry more gear.

The clocks change this month so it's time to also change and check smoke alarm batteries. We recommend a smoke alarm on each sleeping room and common spaces away from cooking and other fumes.


Carl Mills
Chief Fire Officer


An important reminder from our Fire Brigade: "Insurance companies require you to have your chimney cleaned every twelve months. Bird nests and/or soot can build up in your chimney and can create a very costly exercise for you...and us."

The Plimmerton Fire Brigade has membership vacancies for willing members of the community living in the Plimmerton, Cambourne and Mana areas. We are particularly wanting to hear from local people who can be trained to respond as firefighters during weekdays. Please email for more info or visit the fire station any Wednesday from 7.15pm.

New van on the road. "We have taken delivery of our new support vehicle thanks to all those who helped us fund raise especially Mana Lions, and you good people out there. Pub Charity, Lion Foundation and the Mana Community Grants Foundation... Thanks for your generosity to us." This will assist with training and logistics support.

There are some fantastic garden centres and florists in our local area. Try one of these:

  • Leacroft Nursery – open 9am – 5pm daily, 169 Paekakariki Hill Road, (1.5km North of Pauatahanui Village) 237 9880
  • Plimmerton Palmers Gardenworld – open 7 days from 8.30am, State Highway One, Plimmerton, 233 8902. There is also a Living HQ furniture store right next door.
  • Placemakers Porirua - Titahi Bay Road, Porirua, 237 9189
  • Sunny Lady Organic Gardens & Gorgeous Things - 30 Annan Grove, Papakowhai, 233 6690
  • PowerGro Products - 6 Raiha Street, Elsdon, Porirua City, 237 7280

Porirua City Council (PCC) is taking action against tagging and graffiti. They want to prevent tagging, paint it out rapidly when it occurs and encourage pride in our community to own and manage this issue.

See latest initiative to combat graffiti and help Plimmerton win an exciting mural mosaic. See Xoe Hall's murals.

Here's what you can do to help:

  • Inform your children that tagging is a crime and that they and their parents will be prosecuted.
  • Report graffiti vandalism whenever you find it in Plimmerton, whether it is on private or public property. Call council's customer service centre  237 5089 or email with 'graffiti' in the subject line.  Please provide the nearest address and description of the graffiti.
  • Volunteer yourself, business or community group to assist with graffiti initiatives.  Please contact the graffiti management coordinator on 237 5089.
  • Become a graffiti guardian as part of the 'Adopt a Street Project'. This is something practical that you can do in areas you pass through every day while taking the dog for a walk, heading to or from work, or taking the children to school.  Sign up and report all graffiti as soon as possible so it can be removed within 24 hours.

For more information about graffiti vandalism and tagging, what to do if you see taggers in action, and suggestions for ways to prevent graffiti check out PCC's website for tagging.

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Read  more harbour news from the Greater Wellington Regional Council's website  here.




Story from Kapi-Mana News 26 August 2014 pg 7. New group to care for our harbour. Read on-line.

The new Porirua Harbour and Catchment Joint Committee and other stakeholders went on a tour last week, to learn more about the issues facing Te Awarua o Porirua Harbour.

The committee has been set up to oversee implementation of the Porirua Harbour and Catchment Strategy and Action Plan.

The committee has the authority to ask for reports on aspects of harbour and catchment issues, strategy implementation and activities. It has yet to decide how often it meets, but all meetings will be publicised and open to the public.

The Joint Committee, chaired by PCC Councillor Bronwyn Kropp, is made up of 5 representatives from Porirua City Council, Ngati Toa Rangitira, Wellington City Council and Greater Wellington Regional Council.  Each member will report back to its respective Council or Runanga.

The first meeting (of the group was 26 August 2014). The main items on the agenda were the annual report on how the Harbour Strategy is being implemented, and highlights from the past year which include:

  • Completion of a draft Porirua Stream Mouth Enhancement Plan and a catchment-wide Sediment Reduction Plan;
  • Continued major upgrades of sewer networks;
  • Several initiatives to better inform and engage the community in contributing to a healthier harbour;
  • Ngati Toa Rangatira completed the first full fish survey of Porirua Harbour, while GOPI recorded a good increase in cockle numbers in its latest 3-yearlysurvey of the Pauatahanui Inlet.



Story from Kapi-Mana News 18 February 2014 pg 2 - by Kris Dando

Harbour health a concern

Rubbish on the decline, but still a blight

Photo by Fairfax: Looking down - Porirua Harbour's health has been the subject of extensive policy work, discussions and strategy meetings in the past few years.


The large amount of rubbish entering Porirua Harbour remains a concern, but the overall health is on the rise, according to a newly released 'scorecard'.

Wellington Regional Council recently completed a mapping and inter-tidal survey of the harbour as part of an action plan to improve its overall health.

The plan is part of a project adopted by Porirua and Wellington City councils, the regional council and Ngati Toa, with help from 10 other agencies.

One of them is the Porirua Harbour and Catchment Trust. Its chairman, Grant Baker, said its own state-of-the-harbour scorecard revealed several positives.

The trust's review panel looked at agency action, sedimentation, recreational usage, ecological health and waste.

"There is a perception from the regular harbour users that it is improving, giving it an overall 4/5 mark," Mr Baker said. "They say the water quality has improved and they rate their on-water experience as good.

"The feeling is that things are starting to happen, which is great."

What was not good was the rubbish, such as tyres, road cones and shopping trolleys, that are still coming from the Porirua Stream.

"It's an ongoing issue. In 2009, there were over 400 items taken out of the Onepoto Arm and in the last two years the trust and Keep Porirua Beautiful have done a clean-up there in November.

"In November we took out 172 large items, 132 of which were tyres. It's down from 260 items in 2012, but it's still too much."

The Porirua Harbour and Catchment Trust gave the agency action - help from organisations that said they would provide funding towards the harbour's health - a 3/5 mark.

Sedimentation it rated 5/5 in the Pauatahanui Inlet and 3/5 in Onepoto. Mr Baker said an increase of soft mud in the harbour, from three hectares to 20 hectares in five years, was a concern.

Further work on reducing the inflows and achieving the action plan target of 1mm per year was needed, Mr Baker said.

The scorecard's water quality marks varied.

The trust ranked the quality at Paremata Bridge 4/5, Plimmerton Beach, Karehana Bay and the water ski club on the Inlet 3/5, and 2/5 at the rowing club at Onepoto.

The Porirua Stream's health at Wall Place received a rating of 3/5, but 4/5 at Horokiri and Pauatahanui streams.

Mr Baker said the regional council's testing regime, and making the results readily available, was appreciated.

"The data is very important and it allows us to cherry pick a lot.

"What we're doing with the scorecard is setting a benchmark that we'll use every year from now on. With the work starting on Transmission Gully, we can track what effect that will have, too."

Mr Baker said the trust would do a scorecard every February.

Ngati Toa kaumatua Taku Parai said close scrutiny of the harbour by the regional council could only be good.

"Looss of significant habitat in the harbour is a problem that has affected Ngati Toa for many generations. Having access to the information provided by these surveys is empowering for iwi and the whole community to work together for positive change," he said.

Porirua Mayor Nick Leggett said stormwater and sewer upgrades, community education and the development of an estuary restoration and catchment vegetation framework were among the projects Porirua City Council was committed to.

There was a tighter earthworks policy and an erosion control plan coming, Mr Leggett said.

For the Porirua Harbour and Catchment Trust's full scorecard, go the


PoriruaHarbourOct2013a PoriruaHarbourOct2013b


Porirua Harbour update May 2013



Read the brochure 'Sharing information for safer quality care' Capital and Coast District Health Board


Compass Health Letter June 2013

The Parish of Pauatahanui sells firewood. Contact Peter 233 6062 or John 233 9462 for enquiries, or look in the Yellow Pages under firewood for a variety of companies to choose from.


Beach Carnival Hongoeka Marae

Saturday 22 February


  • Beach Carnival at Hongoeka Marae Saturday 22 February 10am-4pm

    Local fund raiser with attractions galore: traditional hangi, all day music, kapa haka performances, open mike, weaving, carving and ta moko artists at work, arts and crafts for sale, stone adze making and heaps of rides and things for kids like a giant water slide and hot rod rides.  For info call Bob Smith 021 0275 7749 

  • Last year's event: Hongoeka Marae Beach Carnival planned for first time in 40 years. It's been more than 40 years since Hongoeka Marae held a beach carnival. But the way this Saturday's event is gearing up, it will become an annual fixture again, says organiser Bob Smith. Kapi-Mana news January 29, 2013 pg 9 Read more

Hongoeka Community Plan Sept 2012

Plimmerton Kindergarten

Follow them on Facebook

Mid-Winter Dip 2014

Send your photos to I'm happy to add them to this album.
Pint-sized pirates ply Plimmerton plunge - by Andrea O'Neil Dominion Post
Lily-livered are ye? Plimmerton Kindergarten pupils Conrad Jones, Bronson Martin and Flynn Croasdale, all 4, challenge the community to take an icy plunge at the kindy’s fundraising Midwinter Dip this month.

Mid winter madness: Crowds brave the chilly waters of Karehana Bay for the annual mid winter dip. Photo: Ross Giblin

Chilly challenge for midwinter dippers story by Rhiannon McConnell Kapi-Mana News 24 June 2014, pg 1.

Record numbers braved southerly winds for the Plimmerton Kindergarten midwinter dip on Sunday.

Co-organiser Megan Krishnan said the target of $10,000 was exceeded - enough to finally finish the kindergarten's outdoor space, which will include an area of astroturf.

Krishnan said $40,000 had been raised over the past four years.

All up the work was expected to cost the kindergarten $48,000. Work on the outdoor space will start next month. "It has been a long road to get there, but we are really thrilled," she said.

She said about 450 people turned up and 130 actually dipped. "It was pretty cold with that southerly. It had a bit of a bite to it."

Porirua Mayor Nick Leggett and Mana MP Kris Faafoi were among the dippers. One of the more memorable costumes was two people dressed as a camel. "Apparently it was quite difficult to dip," Krishnan said. And of course, there was no shortage of frozen princesses.

It's kinda cold raising cash for kindy

Outdoor area for Plimmerton kindy in sight


Midwinter swimmers taking a bracing dip at Plimmerton's Karehana Bay have helped to raise $10,000 towards construction of a new outdoor area for the beachside township's kindergarten.

Co-organiser Megan Krishnan said $40,000 had been raised for the kindy's outdoor area over the past four years, and yesterday's invigorating fundraiser had put the icing on the cake.

All up, the work was expected to cost the kindy up to $48,000, she said.

"We are expecting work to get under way in July. There's excavation work to be done, new astro-turfing to be laid, new climbing equipment, swings and fences, and some exciting retaining work to be done."

Porirua Mayor Nick Leggett and Mana MP Kris Faafoi were among the 130 hardy midwinter bathers.

The swimmers were dressed in fancy dress gear, conventional togs and wetsuits as they braved the cool, southerly breeze.

The $10,000 raised yesterday came mainly from pre-arranged raffle buyers and donors.

About 350 people also ventured down to the seaside to watch the young and the brave water rats dunk, duck and dip.

One group of young people appeared totally immune to the chilly waters.

After 30 minutes an announcement went out on the public address system asking them to leave the water - as their parents wanted to go home.

- The Dominion Post




Everyone is welcome at La Leche League Mana - pregnant women and mothers, their babies and toddlers, whanau, and support people.

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month (except in the school holidays)

at the Plimmerton Pavilion Supper Room

9.45am till 11.45 or so.

See more helpful information on their website.

La Leche League Mana Wednesday 8 May 10-11.30am at the Plimmerton Pavilion Supper Room

Meet other breastfeeding mothers to talk about everything from starting breastfeeding to weaning and more.

Call it a class... call it a coffee morning... it's a little bit of both!

For more information or breastfeeding help, call our accredited leaders:

Janet: 04 233 1815

Lorraine: 04 233 6513

Neroli: 04 234 6651

or contact:

he tautoko, he manawa, he matauranga

support, encouragement, information

Meetings are free with koha to cover costs at the supper room at Plimmerton Pavilion.

Look out for our green and white flag flying.






Visit Plimmerton Library at Plimmerton Pavilion, 9 Sunset Parade, Plimmerton 237 7320.

Proposed Change to Hours
We are looking at shifting the Saturday opening of Plimmerton Library to Friday afternoon. There are two main reasons for this, firstly usage on Saturdays has been very low so we would like to try another time slot and secondly there are quite often conflicts with bookings for the supper room on weekends so Friday afternoon looks like a better fit for our use.
At this stage we would look at shifting to Friday afternoons in late February.
Going digital
Guy Burns from Going Digital will be at Plimmerton Library on 25th January from 1 - 4 pm to talk to anyone wanting help or information on the pending sift from analogue to digital television broadcasting.
Brian Anderson
Manager, City Libraries
Brian Anderson
Manager, City Libraries
DDI: 04 2371532 | MOB: 027 540 3302

Hours are Wednesday 1 - 4pm, and Saturday 10.30 - 12.30pm

Library news:
  • Childrens stories (and a cuppa for the grown-ups) this Saturday 29 January 11am.
  • Lisx wants to thank our wonderful community for supporting the library so well in 2010, and for making her job such fun.  Merry Xmas and a Happy 2011!
  • A note about kids books - you know those really popular series books? Well it's hard to justify pulling them from the main library (open 7 days) to live at Plimmerton for a while.  But I don't want our older kids to miss out!  So here's a deal - if you keep coming in and taking out books, I'll keep risking getting the hairy eyeball and pinching popular books for our shelves (just joking, the librarians there are REALLY great. honest!!)
  • Calling local book clubs: Porirua Library is launching a very user-friendly, interactive library resource called Sorcer.  Brian Anderson (library manager) has offered to explain its features on site - it should be of special interest to bookclubs, as it allows you to build lists and post reviews etc on books.  If you co-ordinate/belong to a bookclub in this area and would like to find out more, please contact Lisx at Plimmerton library, or email
  • Keep a look out for some small but perfectly formed changes in the library.  We are extending the childrens section and stock, and taking a hard look at some things that just seem to sit on the shelf for years!   You MIGHT even see new tablecloths, now don't get all faint on me!
  • PS.  I'm 'just saying...', that a couple of people have come into the library looking for internet cafe-type access.  We have it at the Porirua library, but I couldn't direct them to anywhere local - even though I used our wonderful Plimmerton website.  Is this an opportunity for an existing business?


Click here for information about Porirua Library
Porirua Library news and events:
  • Porirua Library - Brian Anderson, Manager, City Library, is launching the Porirua Libraries' new Sorcer product at 7pm Thurs 2 December at the main library in the Pataka building.  Members of the various book groups are invited to attend as the new product is aimed at allowing borrowers to share, discover and review items from the collection.  It's a bit like 'library meets facebook' in its approach.  So if you have a contact with a book group see if they would like to come along. Any queries contact Brian Anderson 237 1532 or mobile 027 540 3302.


If it's a child's item that has been lost or found - see also Plimmerton School 'Lost and Found' page.


Found: (posted Tuesday 18 February 2014)   A car remote was found next to a letterbox on Grays Rd on Saturday afternoon (14/2/2014). Ph 0212069867 to collect. 


Found: (posted Monday 11 November 2013)

Found – black cameo earring on the Camborne walkway recently.  Phone Helen 2331160 if you have the matching pair.


Lost: (posted 15 October 2013)

My son lost an ipod yesterday, 14 October 2013. He thinks it was lost between the Plimmerton Station and 25 Gordon Road Plimmerton. Please contact Justine Laurenson 021 203 1260 or 233 6112.


Found: (posted July 2013)

A canary has been hanging around 57 Cluny Rd for the past two days. It has a blue tag on its leg and is fairly tame. We have fed it some seeds but apparently they can't survive in the wild. We hope it belongs to someone locally.

If you know the owner please send email to


Found: (posted 7 August 2013)

A pair of very small gumboots and a pair of equally small and colourful socks on the beach north of the boat club.

Phone 233 9626


Lost: (posted 9 August 2013)

Keys (panda key ring) somewhere on Cluny or Moana Road










Mana Island Sailing Adventures provides a unique skippered sailing experience in the comfort and safety of an 11 m steel yacht.  The yacht “Paikea” operates out of Mana Marina. Parking in the Marina is readily available and free.  The yacht makes no scheduled sailings, so bookings are essential. All booking inquiries should be directed to or by phone 021 030 6545 or 478 6549.

These are the local medical centres and pharmacies in the area:

  • Plimmerton Medical Centre (for general practice) – 10 Steyne Avenue, 233 8015
  • Anwyl Specialist Medical Centre (for specialist consultations) - 107A Mana Esplanade, Mana, 233 8584
  • Mana Medical Centre (for general practice) – 107 Mana Esplanade, Mana, 233 8019
  • Porirua After Hours Medical Centre - 6 Hartham Place, South Porirua, 237 6777
  • Mana Pharmacy – 107 Mana Esplanade, Mana
  • Kenepuru Hospital (24hr accident and medical centre) Raiha St, Porirua, 385 5999

See local Counselling services on our business pages.

Try the Lighthouse Pauatahanui for cosy and comfortable movie viewing with a glass of wine, located at 3 Paekakariki Hill Road, Pauatahanui.  Book to see a movie from their website


Or you can head off to Reading Cinema in North City Shopping Mall, Porirua. Check their website for the movies that are showing now

Pataka Museum of Arts & Clutures

Corner Parumoana & Norrie Streets
Porirua City
Ph 237 1511
Opening Hours:
Mon to Sat 10am - 4:30pm
Sunday 11am - 4:30pm

A museum and art gallery only 15 minutes north of Wellington, PATAKA is dedicated to celebrating our heritage & specialises in showcasing Maori, Pacific Island, New Zealand, Asian and international contemporary art & culture. PATAKA has five main galleries with over 14 major exhibitions annually. Enjoy a coffee at the cafe while relaxing beside our Japanese garden. Be inspired, stimulate your creativity or let us tempt you with a gift from our shop.

PATAKA was voted Best Museum (first equal with Museum of Wellington City & Sea) in Capital Times' Best of Wellington 2007 Survey.

See exhibitions on now.

Neighbourhood Support provides you with the opportunity to make a real difference in your community.  The group works closely with the police and other organisations in your community. If you wish to join the group or volunteer your time to help out you can call one of these coordinators:

For Mana - Cheryl Hood 233 9780 or 233 9548

For Whitby – John Earley 234 7174

Read Neighbourhood Support Newsletters from Snr Constable Simon Bygate.

Visit for the official neighbourhood support website for the Porirua policing area.

You can also visit the main Neighbourhood Support NZ website which provides support for all neighbourhood and rural support groups throughout New Zealand.

Neighbours Day Weekend - 24 and 25 March 2012

This event is being celebrated nationally to encourage people to get to know their neighbours.
The Christchurch earthquake experience showed that neighbourhoods where people knew each other well fared much better in the aftermath of that disaster. This would be a great weekend to have a street party or neighbourhood get together at your place and start doing some civil defence planning. PCC has some suggestions in the links below.
Neighbours Day Aotearoa is taking place again this year on March 24 and 25.  It's a nationwide movement encouraging communities to come together and neighbours to get to know one another.
There are a range of resources available at  and I've attached a few documents that might inspire some of your residents to organise a neighbourhood event.

PCC's Draft Parking plan for Plimmerton ... out for comment. Send comments to Since the image below may be hard to read, we are trying to get a larger image to post somewhere in the village. We will let you know when and where.

  • yellow solid lines indicate no parking
  • carparks with yellow numbers are proposed
  • carparks with blue numbers are current and will remain as such unless it has a yellow number
  • carparks without numbers are all day parks
  • existing 30 minute parks adjacent to 44 Steyne Ave are proposed to be converted to 60 minute (yellow parks)

No changes are planned for Queens Avenue or Bath Street. Long term parking is allowed where there is no proposed time limit signage.

Additional notes:

The solid yellow lines relate to keeping private driveways clear. This will cause the elimination of only one existing car park. (need to verify one or two)

Please return submissions/comments/feedback on this proposed plan by 20th April. To be discussed at the next PRA meeting Monday 23rd April.

The changes are to ensure: reasonable turn over around the shopping area, allowing a few parks for short term beach users, while still allowing a significant number of parks for all day commuters.



Parking April 2012

The photographs on this site have been generously offered for display here by several people.  We thank them all - and please don't stop - these images are so important to making this a site that people will want to keep coming back to.  We hope that over the years the list of contributors will continue to grow as more people share the photos that capture their experience of Plimmerton.

Rex Bustria - Rex's photos are distributed around this site, many here in the Neighbourhood section.  See more on the Neighbourhood photo album page and on Rex's link to Flicker . You can contact Rex at or call 021 0471 456. 

Taffy Parry - See many of Taffy's photos on the home page and again scattered around these pages.  Birds are his love and we appreciate being able to share them here.

Johanna Lowe - has captured so many inspirational images of life here.  See her page and photo album and links to more info about Johanna.

See Early Childhood Education which includes Playcentres, Kindergartens and Porse.

Victory Park located outside pavilion library

We have two parks with children’s play equipment in Plimmerton (aside from the schools):

  • Karehana Park - with entrances from Airlie Road and Cluny Road
  • Victory Park - with entrances from Sunset Parade and Beach Road next to the Plimmerton Pavilion Hall, along and across the road from the fire station

A list of all playgrounds in Porirua city is available on the council website section playgrounds.

This hall can be booked for various events. Please call the council 237 5089 to make a booking.



Plunket clinics in Porirua.



Plunket in the Neighbourhood (PIN group) Mondays 10.00am to 11.30am Paremata Plunket Drop-in Coffee Group for parents with babies. Free. Morning tea provided.

Plimmerton Plunket rooms, Steyne Ave, Plimmerton or

Whitby upstairs @ Anchor Church, James Cook Drive, Whitby (week about during school terms)

Contact Jess for more information or to confirm where we'll be this week - email:

or look out for us on Facebook

Any queries contact Melanie email:

See also Plunket Toy Library website

  Plunket Playground Survey


Please take the quick five question survey regarding the Plunket playground.

The survey will run until 31 July 2014.

Any contact information gathered here will only be used by Plunket to communicate information requested regarding playground working bees or requests for more information regarding the hiring of Plunket facilities.

Thank you for your help.

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world's leading questionnaire tool.


Plunket schedule

 Paremata Plunket Coffee Group 10.00am - 11.30am

Plimmerton Plunket rooms, Steyne Ave, Plimmerton:

Whitby upstairs @ Anchor Church, James Cook Drive, Whitby (week about):

See Emergencies

See New Zealand Post website for general postshop information.

Information about the other services available at Mana postshop will be included here soon.

Mana PostShop:

99 Mana Esplanade
Mana 5026
Customer service  0800 501 501



Monday - Friday  8.30am - 5.00pm
Saturday and Sunday closed

There are public toilets behind the Plimmerton Pavilion and next to the Boating Club in Karehana Bay.

The local train stations are at Plimmerton, Mana, Paremata and Porirua.  All these stations have convenient parking by the station.  Timetables can be found on posters at every station or visit Tranz Metro where you can subscribe to a service to notify you of delays.
Plan your trip with information from this site metlink or call the Metlink Information Line for travel information  0800 801 700.  





Plimmerton Red Cross (read history) would like to thank the volunteer drivers who delivered Meals on Wheels to residents in Papakowhai, Paremata, Whitby and Plimmerton throughout the past year.
This service provides a daily visit and hot lunch prepared by Kenepuru Hospital Kitchen to those who are not able to cook for themselves.
The volunteers give a couple of hours a month to help others, and their service is greatly appreciated.
New drivers are always welcome.   Please phone 233 1197.

Red Cross news from January 2011

In January on the "best day of summer", Plimmerton Red Cross and our Emmerson House physically disabled friends and carers, enjoyed a great day together at a picnic-style lunch catered by the Plimmerton Red Cross and held at the Plimmerton Boating Club. To be outside on such a beautiful day in their wheelchairs enjoying the sun and sea, and even a close inshore yacht capsize and rescue, change made for a good day, plus of course the ever keen locals trying their luck to land a fish from the boat club jetty. Many thanks to the Plimmerton Boating Club for providing the facilities for this annual lunch, it is very much appreciated.

Of course, if you live in Plimmerton you will want to be an active supporter of the Plimmerton Residents' Association click here for details.  Here is a list of our neighbouring residents' associations. 

  • Cannons Creek Residents' Association: contact Aporo Joyce at or  232 5786
  • Friends of Aotea: email contact as  or visit their website
  • Hongoeka Community:contact Hongoeka Marae Committee - Bob Smith 021 102 7577
  • Paremata Residents' Association: new website here contact secretary, Judi Doornbos at
  • Pauatahanui Residents' Association: contact email  website
  • Plimmerton Residents' Association: read about us or contact, please add our website link on your publications
  • Pukerua Bay Residents' Association: contact or visit their website
  • Ranui Bay Residents' Association (RRA): contact secretary and RRA village coordinator, Lepeti Tea at
  • Titahi Bay Residents' Association: contact chairman, Graeme Ebbett at or email secretary at
  • Whitby Residents' Association: contact or visit their website



In Plimmerton we currently have weekly collection of rubbish and re-cycling on Fridays. Both must be out for collection by 8am.


Rubbish must be in an official black plastic Porirua City Council (PCC) rubbish bag. Rubbish bags and replacement recycling crates can be purchased from the Porirua City Council building located in Cobham Court, Porirua, or bags can also be bought from local supermarkets or dairies.

Trash Palace is the recycling centre in Porirua where you can drop off and buy second hand household goods and learn about sustainable living in one of the recycling education programmes or community projects at the Trash Palace Education Centre.

Wheelie bins are also collected weekly and are available from private organisations. PCC does not provide a wheelie bin service.

Look up Rubbish Bin Hire in the yellow pages for several companies that hire out a variety of wheelie bins and skip bins. You can also try Bookabin Online Skip Bin Hire

Check out PCC’s website for details on what you can recycle, how to present these items for collection and rules about what can and cannot go into rubbish bags and recycling.

For more information about rubbish collections go to

For more information about recycling collections go to

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The Salvation Army Family Store is celebrating 20 years in Plimmerton. Birthday week is 18-22 July. Daily prizes and other treats. The shop will be closed on Saturday 23 July so that the staff can celebrate too! Thank you to all our supporters over the years. Please remember us next time you clean out your wardrobe! We're always looking for good quality clothing and bric-a-brac. Just a reminder that we are unable to accept electrical goods or furniture. If you have large items for collection, please phone Porirua 238-2375.


The following is a list of the local Plunket, early education facilities and schools in the Plimmerton and immediate surrounding areas:


  • Plimmerton Plunket - 9 Steyne Avenue, 233 8288
  • Whitby Plunket – Whitby Mall, 234 8907

Find the Plunket nearest you.

See Early Childhood Education contains all Playcentres, Kindergartens and Porse 

Primary Schools

  • Plimmerton School – School Road, Plimmerton, 233 8677 see newslettersand general information
  • St Theresa’s School – James Street, Plimmerton, 233 8093
  • Pukerua Bay School - Rawhiti Road
  • Discovery School – Pullen Lane, Whitby, 234 7103
  • Adventure School – Longitude Place, Whitby, 234 7220
  • Papakowhai School – Spey Place, Papakowhai, 233 8321
  • Postgate School – Staithes Drive North, Whitby, 235 9358
  • Paremata School – Paremata Crescent, Paremata, 233 1339
  • Pauatahanui School - 12 Paekakariki Hill Road, Pauatahanui, 234 7659 website  


The Ministry of Education’s website lists all schools and early education facilities in Porirua City

Plimmerton has several social clubs where you can join to meet up with other like-minded people with similar interests:

There are a number of sports clubs to choose from depending what takes your fancy.  See What to do in Plimmerton section.

  • Plimmerton Tennis Club – contact info currently being updated.
  • Plimmerton Bowling Club – try out the family-friendly twilight bowling in the summer months, or there’s indoor bowls in the winter months. The club can also be hired for party events. Contact Rachel Wybourne Curtin 233 9600 or
  • Croquet Club – for newcomers to Plimmerton, and to croquet, you can contact Tony Watts 233 1920 or Carolyn Rait 233 7422.
  • Plimmerton Boating Club – for membership enquiries call 233 1592.
  • Judgeford Golf Club – located at 328 SH58 Pauatahanui, Porirua. Golf Shop and Clubhouse  235 7633 or email  The clubhouse may be hired for private functions, weddings, parties or meetings by contacting the secretary.
  • Mana Archery Club – do you enjoy having safe fun with bows and arrows?  Then why not join this archery club.  For new members and coaching enquiries email
  • Urban Athletes Plimmerton - five week boot camp. Check facebook for schedule.

Mana Little Theatre is Plimmerton's long-standing amateur theatrical group. It leases premises at the back of the Plimmerton Pavilion.


Porirua Little Theatre is located at Whitehouse Road, Titahi Bay, 236 6503.


Tawa Community Theatre is an incorporated society which has been active in the area since 1953.  It’s located on Main Road, Tawa.  Contact Ross Pedder at for more information.  For bookings call 232 3711 (24 hr answerphone)


Kapiti Playhouse is a non-profit incorporated society and one of the leading theatre groups on the Kapiti Coast. Founded in 1948, we are in our 63rd year! During that time we have produced at least three or four major productions each year in our own theatre in Ruahine Street, Paraparaumu. We also hire out our theatre and equipment to other like groups and schools.



Local vets here in Plimmerton and surrounding areas are:

  • Vet Smart (or Central Coast Veterinary Clinic) - 1 Grays Road, 233 1331 Mon - Fri 8am - 7pm and Saturday 9am - 12.30pm
  • Rappaw Veterinary Care Paremata - 15 Paremata Crescent, Paremata, 233 8059.  Open weekdays 7.30am - 7pm and weekends 9am - 12pm 
  • Rappaw Veterinary Care Titahi Bay - 28 Whitehouse Road, Titahi Bay, 236 8715
  • Rappaw Veterinary Care Tawa - 224 Main Road, Tawa, 232 8382
  • After Hours Vet Clinic - 5 McCormack Pl, Ngauranga, 473 7545
  • Pet Angels – a vet visiting service to take your pets to a local vet when you don’t have the time to do so, 0800 PET ANGELS

The Village Planning Project - PCC update



Story by Eleanor Cater appeared in Kapi-Mana News, 13 August 2013, pg 15 - link to Kapi-Mana.

Some of the volunteer opportunities mentioned in her article:



Here are a few groups and organisations that always appreciate volunteers able to help: (If you know of other groups that should be listed here, please let us know - send an email to

Plimmerton Volunteer Fire Brigade

Plimmerton Red Cross

Porirua Community Guardians

Mana Zonta


PORIRUA COMMUNITY GUARDIANS are looking for part-time volunteers. We are an organisation devoted to making Porirua and its Villages safe! Volunteers can commit as little as half a day a week or any amount of time in between. We have a presence at numerous city wide events such as Relay for Life, Festival of the Elements and Carols by the Sea. Guardians have a distinctive uniform which is recognised throughout the wider Porirua City.
For more details look us up at or check us out on FACEBOOK.
If you would like to know more contact  or
Terry Ryan
Porirua Community Guardians
Pember House
Hagley St
04 238 2510

Walking and Cycling

Ara Harakeke Pathway

This pathway is an easy challenge for the family on a morning or afternoon's walk or cycle.

At the Plimmerton domain to Airlie Road section, the gradient is flat and the pathway is sealed. Public toilets are located at Plimmerton domain and Whenua Tapu Cemetery. It takes about 40 minutes one way to travel the 3.3 kilometres. This pathway is ideal for walkers and cyclists, and families with prams. The pathway travels besides the nationally important wetland, Taupo Swamp. The shared pathway for cyclists and walkers has become a favourite for parents wanting a safe route away from cars for children learning to ride bikes.  Dogs are permitted but must be on leads.

From Airlie Road to the Pukerua Bay shops, the gradient is a gentle incline, getting steeper near end. It takes about 30 minutes each way for the 2.34 kilometres. This section of the pathway travels through regenerating native vegetation, away from SH1. Treat yourself to an ice cream or drink at the shops in Pukerua Bay before heading back.

Camborne Walkway

The Camborne Walkway is a sheltered, quiet, flat walkway right next to the Pauatahanui Inlet. It has a flat gravelly surface and is ideal for walkers and cyclists, and while suitable for mountain buggies, is not suitable for wheelchairs or mobility scooters.

It takes about 45 minutes each way for the 1.5 kilometres, and there are public toilets situated at the north end in the Grays Road car park area. You can enter the walkway from the car park off Pascoe Avenue on Mana Esplanade at Paremata, or Grays Road. The walkway is sheltered from the northerly winds, and the whole family will enjoy the challenge of an easy walk in the fresh air.

The walkway is very picturesque looking east over the Pauatahanui Inlet and towards Whitby, and is a great place to have your camera ready to photograph the sights of the inlet, including the occasional stingray basking in the water, and sunrise/sunset shots are a favourite. The boatsheds at the Paremata end add their rustic character to the walkway experience.

Find out more about Porirua city’s Walking and Cycling Tracks

Wairaka Walkway - Pukerua Bay - Plimmerton see wonderwalkers.

Explore the real Cannons Creek  - Belmont Regional Park (Cannon's Creek entrance).  Guided tour Saturday 29 January 9.30am FREE.  Bring the kids to have fun in the creek and bush while guides (Friends of Maara Roa) show the history of human impact.  Enjoy the new nature walk together.  Booking essential 04 830 4041

In the news:

  Story and photos from Kapi-Mana News 8 July 2014 pg 39.  
  Story from Whitby Newsbrief August 2014 pg 11.  
WaterMainRenewalKM2013 PCC first to use pipe renewal technology. Whitby Newsbrief, October 2013 pg 13.

Porirua City Council is the first council in New Zealand to use a state-of-the-art structural lining system to upgrade the city's aging pipes. The process involves relining old mains pipes with an internal structural liner that results in a high quality structural pipe inside the older pipe.

Much of the infrastructure was laid 60 years ago when Porirua was a little town.

"It's very different today and we need to think outside the square if we're to renew our infrastructure at reasonable cost and without too much disruption to residents and motorists," said Mayor Nick Leggett. "By using this technology our council can do a lot more, for less money, more quickly and with fewer disruptions and in the end we have a high quality renewed water infrastructure."

The council has been renewing the original water main that was laid in the 1950's from Arawhata Street on the eastern side of SH1 to Kenepuru Drive on the western side. The water main goes underneath SH1, the railway lines, the stop banks and the Porirua Stream. It comes out onto Kenepuru Drive where it helps feed the western side of the city.

"The internal relining of pipes has been used extensively throughout Europe and North America as one of the most acceptable and economical forms of water main renewals," said PCC Water and Drainage Engineer Desmond Scrimgeour.

"The conventional methods of 'dig and lay' are fast becoming redundant. There are ever increasing costs and long delays associated with the consents processes, cutting up of roads and carriageways, locating or possibly hitting other utilities, traffic and site management, and general disruption of services due to the time it takes to complete such projects," he said.

The benefits of internally relining old mains with a structural liner include savings in costs of up to 40 per cent cheaper than traditional methods; minimal requirements and costs associated with resource consents; no traffic management and disruption; less excavation; better use of existing infrastructure rather than having "abandoned" pipes; fewer disruptions to residents and commuters during work period; shorter work time; easier access; increased pressure and flow capacity; corrosion resistant, and no future maintenance required.

Visit the Camborne Weather Website


Zoo fun

Here's something different for the kids. Join the quest to find the Golden Gibbon at Wellington Zoo. Pick up a free Zooventure journal at the zoo. Make three trips before 30 April and go in the draw to win great prizes.