Story from Whitby Newsbrief February 2014  

Flashback... a1939 photo of Sunset Parade wall under construction

"It may not be pretty but it's still safe" - that's the assurance from Porirua City Council engineering specialists as the Sunset Parade sea wall at Plimmerton deteriorates... and is 'patch repaired'.

The sea wall, completed in 1941, is now breaking up in places. The area on the seaward side of the wall has been repaired by the council during the past year, but the wall visible from Sunset Parade, developed several holes with exposed reinforcing, as it begins to suffer wear and tear. No further funds are available in the current budget year but for the 2014-15 year, funding is available for the next stage of repairs.

An experiment of repairs to the wall with 'concrete patching' has proved successful, and may provide a lower cost solution for the coming budget year, according to General Manager, Asset Management and Operations Peter Bailey. The construction of the Sunset Parade seawall was started in 1938 and completed in 1941. It was constructed of cement and local rock by G.K. Shaw Ltd under contract to the Hutt County Council as relief work. The wall was built with one concrete mixer, and a few labourers working under supervision of Guy Shaw.
 Storm damage today  
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