Plimmerton's millennium celebrations well planned and executed - story by Russell Plume

Hongoeka Bay Community, a decorated truck with children singing Maori songs accompanied by a guitar.

The idea of a millennium celebration in Plimmerton began in 1998.  The Plimmerton Residents' Association proceeded to find out how the community felt about the plan. The response was enthusiastic and an organising committee was formed.

The result of all the planning, fundraising, and hard work came to fruition New Year's weekend when the whole community gathered in a great feeling of belonging to a happy community.  At 11.15pm a large bonfire was lit on the beach.  As many as 3000 people gathered along Sunset Parade for the event.  A large millennium clock advertised brightly and unmistakably that it was still 1999 and while awaiting the big change over people enjoyed each other's company in balmy, windless weather which was perfect for the occasion.

The big moment arrived: The millennium clock ticked over to 2000, a lively version of Auld Lang Syne rang out across the bay, and fire-works lit up the sky. The celebration continued with a dawn ceremony hosted by Hongoeka Marae to welcome the first sun which was attended by over 500 people and more than 400 stayed for the community breakfast. The formalities were touching and significant no less so for the fact that the sun made a coy appearance obscured by clouds.

Plimmerton Croquet Club 1926 - members in four decades of croquet attire.

The big event of New Year's Day was the pa­rade. The well organised procession got under way at about 10.30am.  Floats representing a number of local activities were included and all were decorated appropriately in the spirit of the moment.  At its conclusion in Plimmerton everyone gathered together for a good ole' chin wag with friends and neighbours.

The celebrations concluded with the interment of a time capsule near the Pavilion Hall.

The organisers wish to express their gratitude to the many people and organisations that helped to make it such a memorable event. The Porirua City Council made a very significant contribution to the success of the event and we extend our sincere thanks to Mayor Jenny Brash and to numerous council officers for their interest and assistance.

- RUSSELL PLUME Plimmerton.

Plimmerton Residents' Assn 1922 - 1999

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