Boating Club History

Plimmerton Boating Club with Mana Island, Opti kids, The catch

Plimmerton Boating Club History

Plimmerton Boating Club” was formed on 2nd May 1925. See more info on their website.

A general meeting held on 16th May 1925 adopted general and sailing rules.


A Club burgee was adopted of a red diamond horizontally on a white background.


Since its inception, boating activities have been centred on the Club's present day site, known originally as the Point. Access to Plimmerton in those early days from Paremata was by rail only, or a somewhat tortuous road trip of approximately 8 miles through Pauatahanui.


It was not until October 1936 when the Paremata Road Bridge opened, that Mana and Plimmerton property development accelerated. The Club had permission to erect a boatshed on part of the site and in March 1926 a  formal lease was entered into at an annual rental of one pound. Later, in 1942, the club purchased the whole of the point. The club became an incorporated body in January 1942, and then in February 1942 it purchased the whole land area at the point for two hundred & seventy five pounds.


During the Second World War many club members were away serving with the Armed Forces. With the threat of the war and seaward invasion the Army took over occupation of the Clubhouse and land and several boatsheds were required to be removed for gun pit placement and general defences. The Clubhouse and slipway had explosives planted underneath so that they could be flattened to ensure visibility for shooting defences should the enemy appear. Up to 20 Army personnel manned the Clubhouse for approximately 3 years.


In 1948 a suitable boat with engine for pick-up and general rescue work was aquired. This was launched in 1949 and named the "Deryck Barren" in commemoration of the only active member of the Club who lost his life in the Navy during the war. The Rescue Boat Shed was located close to the current shed with rails leading down to the water. The boat could be launched quickly but had to be hand-winched back up to the shed with considerable muscle power. It was powered by a single-cylinder simplex petrol inboard motor with large flywheel. During the 1970’s this boat was replaced by a Jet patrol boat and then in 1998 with the present Naiad support craft “Keith Stokes”, named after a former Life Member.


In 1990 the Clubhouse was upgraded to its present state and now as well as used by members it is available to hire for conferences, weddings and other functions.


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