• Local historian Allan Dodson tells the story of the Webb Memorial Trophy to the Plimmerton School assembly. The Webb Memorial Cup is restored and returned to Plimmerton School - read more of the story. 



Webb Memorial Cup - story by Allan Dodson

Battered with the cup no longer fitting to the base the Webb Memorial Trophy was found in a box with other old cups and shields but for fifty years, 1921 - 1972 the Webb Memorial Cup was presented to pupils at Plimmerton School.

The Webb Memorial Trophy was original presented to Plimmerton School in 1921 in the memory of Arthur Llewellyn Webb a student teacher killed during the Battle of the Somme. See previous story, The Webb Memorial Cup.

Originally the Memorial Cup was to be presented to the student ‘who stands highest in general merit, consideration being given, not only to school work, but also to punctuality, cleanliness, good manners, sport and popularity’.

The cup later was awarded to the school dux runner up. The Memorial Cup was first awarded in 1921 and continued to be awarded through to 1972 when the Webb Memorial Cup and a number of other school trophies were no longer presented.

The history behind the cup was forgotten until recent research led to the cup being identified from others in a box. It is now being used by the school in the celebration of ANZAC Day. It is hoped to restore the Webb Memorial Trophy to its original condition.

Students from Plimmerton School who have held the trophy:

1921 Joyce Stubbs

1922 Mary Beckett

1923 Sybil Pack & Edna Young

1924 Orviss Thomson

1925 Eric Norton

1926 Molly Brady

1927 Ethne Carpenter & Edna Buckland

1928 Kenneth Pickering

1929 Jean Firth

1930 Dorothy Martin

1931 Ethel Ford

1932 Godfrey Firth

1933 Ivan Wills

1934   Rhyna Edginton

1935   Kahu Kotua

1936   Thomas Johnson

1937   Mavis MacDonald

1938   Ron Barlow & George McDermid

1939   Heather McDermid

1940   Marie Denman

1941   Betty Shallcrass

1942   Norma Shallcrass

1943   Ian Cumberworth

1944   Robert Ross

1945   Doreen Devereux

1946   Bryan Newport

1947   Claire Patching

1948   Judith Simmonds

1949   Carol Tovey

1950   Sylvia Everitt

1951   Marie Lee

1952   Ivan Bowater

1953   Barry Shaw

1954   Denise Earl

1955   John Robertson

1956   Susan Fawke

1957   Not known

1958   Not known

1959   Not known

1960   Not Known

1961   Not known

1962   Not known

1963   Penny Hughes

1964   Margaret Perry

1965   Ruth Warburton & Brenda Pearson

1966   Shirley Roberts

1967   James Matthewson

1968   Glen Rowe

1969   Chris Collins

1970   Leigh Steele

1971   John Duggan

1972   Fiona McConchie

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