Baker Marjorie

Marjorie Baker is listed in the St Andrew’s Remembrance book; Marjorie may be from the wider Paremata, Pauatahanui and Plimmerton area.

In 1931 Marjorie Baker won, as a cadet nurse, the Waters Trophy and as a member of a team the Whitcome Cup.[i]

In December 1941[ii] an afternoon tea was given to Miss Marjorie Baker who had enlisted in the VAD (Voluntary Aid Detachment) of the Red Cross for service overseas.


Bramwell Hazel Urba

Hazel Urba Bramwell was born in Fielding in 1908. Hazel was the only daughter of Urba Ann and Watson Featherston Bramwell, Hazel had five older brothers and one younger brother. The Bramwell family lived in Fielding, the family had a store in the area. The Bramwell family also had a holiday house in Plimmerton. In 1918 Hazel Bramwell[iii] was enrolled at Plimmerton School, this may have been only for the start of the year as many ‘Holiday Children’ went to the school in January/February before returning to their homes. In 1918 two of Hazel’s older brothers were on active service in France. In 1920 Hazel’s younger brother Neville Bramwell was enrolled at Plimmerton School it is possible that the family had moved permanently to Plimmerton at this stage as Watson Featherston Bramwell died, in 1922 in Plimmerton.[iv]

In 1932 Hazel Urba Bramwell started nursing training in Palmerston North. After the outbreak of war she enlisted, in 1941, in the New Zealand Army Nursing Service of the Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force (2NZEF) Staff Nurse Bramwell’s enlistment address was her mother’s at Exeter Street, Plimmerton.



Sister Hazel Urba Bramwell

Staff Nurse, later Sister Bramwell saw service in Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and Italy before returning to New Zealand in 1944 at the end of her engagement.[v]

Hazel Urba Bramwell returned to live in Plimmerton and nursed her mother Ann until Ann’s death in 1947 then remained in Plimmerton until her marriage in 1951 to Barney Quill when the couple moved out of the district.

Hazel Urba Quill died in Auckland in 1998.

Two of Hazel’s brothers Neville Frank and Harold Joseph Bramwell also served in World War Two.

Dallaston Ivy May Ruth

Ivy May Ruth Dallaston was born in 1911 and at the age of eight moved from Ohariu  with her parents, older brother and younger sister. In 1919 Ivy Ruth and her older brother Charles Clifford Dallaston were enrolled at Plimmerton School, their father Charles William Dallaston had been appointed as the Head Teacher at the school, a position he would hold for 10 years.[vi]

At Plimmerton School Ruth Dallaston was an active tennis player and in 1922 was awarded, along with Melvin Martin, a special prize for tennis at the end of school year celebrations.[vii]

 Nurse1  Ruth Dallaston 1923

Ivy May Ruth Dallaston is listed in August 1939 in a ceremony marking the graduation of nurses in Wellington.[viii] On 1 September 1939 the Second World War started and at some stage Nurse Dallaston volunteered for active service with the New Zealand Army Nursing Service of the Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force and is listed as a returning Sister on 20 October 1945.[ix] Ivy May Ruth Dallaston would return to her father’s home in Plimmerton.

Ivy May Ruth Dallaston’s older brother Charles Clifford Dallaston also served in World War Two.


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