The Smile of Victory



 ‘The Smile of Victory’ the Plimmerton crew of A D Barron (left) and A H Edginton winners in 1938 of the Cornwall Cup(1).

The two young men would be soon at war and because of their connections with the sea; both would join the Royal New Zealand Navy.

W/3696 Seaman Alexander Deryck Barron was lost at sea in 1940 with the sinking of HMS Neptune see previous ANZAC story The launch of the Deryck Barron.

Albert Henry Edginton was born in Levin 1919(2). By 1925 the Edginton family had moved to Plimmerton where Albert and his sister Florence started at Plimmerton School(3). Albert excelled at school, winning the Committee Cup in 1929 and was Dux of the school in 1932(4). Albert also joined the Plimmerton Boating Club where he crewed as the forward hand with his Skipper A D Barron in the defence of the Cornwall Cup. The Cornwall cup had been won for Plimmerton the previous year by the Watson Brothers (5).

In 1942 he became engaged to Noel Paulin and in the engagement notice Albert Edginton is listed as a Sub-Lieutenant in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (6).  In the Evening Post in 1940(8) there was a report of a Social Security Department dance; they were both listed as attending.  Perhaps this is where they met or where one or both of them worked.

In 1943 Albert was promoted to Lieutenant, Royal New Zealand Volunteer Navy Reserve (7) at this stage he may have been overseas on active service.

Do you have more information on Albert Henry Edginton? We would like to prepare a more detailed article on the Edginton family and their connections to Plimmerton. Read more about Lieutenant Commander A H Edginton.

Allan Dodson August 2013


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