ANZAC Cove 1916 Karehana Bay – Plimmerton

Karehana Bay has two houses that have been named to commemorate World War One battles.




'Krithia', 65 Moana Road - photo by Allan Dodson

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Somme House, 34 Moana Road: Allan Dodson November 2012

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Interestingly, there was another house at 51 Moana Road in Karehana Bay named ‘ANZAC Cove 1916.’ The house was demolished in early 1990’s but until then was a well known landmark in Karehana Bay. It is a mystery as to when and why the house was so named.

The Manawatu and Wellington Railway Company owned the land in the 1890’s and a tramway was used to remove boulders from the area for ballast on the developing main line railway. It was also proposed to have a spur line from Plimmerton Railway Station to a port to be constructed at Hongoeka. Once the boulders were all removed and the proposed port never eventuated, the Manawatu and Wellington Railway Company sold off land which was now surplus to its requirements.

A large area of land in Karehana Bay was purchased by Sir George Troup who divided it into sections for sale. Lot 21 (51 Moana Road) was sold in 1911 to John Nutter, a Wellington salesman who retained the property for two years before selling it in September 1913. The new owners were Ephe Ingham, a salesman from Invercargill, and Francis Barlow, a printer from Khandallah, Wellington.[1]

Ephe Ingham was a soap salesman and on 11 November 1913 married Mildred Kempton in Invercargill. The marriage was not a success and in August 1914, 1/673 Private Ingham listed as a single man from Auckland, sailed with the Samoa Expeditionary Force and did not return to New Zealand until 23rd of April 1915 where he was discharged from service, at his own request.[2]  Ephe Ingham indicated that he would remain in Auckland but must have had correspondence with Francis(Frank) Barlow, as on 13 April 1916 the two men took out a mortgage with a Henry William Lawrence of Johnsonville, Wellington. Presuming the mortgage was to build a house on 51 Moana Road [3] it is possible that the 1916 refers to this date and the ANZAC Cove may reflect either the impact of the Gallipoli campaign the previous year or Ephe Ingham’s need for recognition of his military service. Ephe Ingham was conscripted in May 1918, and listed as 1/673 Private Ingham, a farm hand working at Mahurangi Heads Auckland, but his estranged wife is listed as living in Brooklyn, Wellington [4].


51 Moana Road – ANZAC Cove 1916

On 19 August 1919 the mortgage on 51 Moana Road was discharged and the property was transferred to Frank Henry Barlow, Boarding-house Keeper of Plimmerton. Frank Henry Barlow may have rented out the property as the family is listed as living in ‘Te Coma’ a boarding house in Plimmerton village, in 1928 [5]. Frank Barlow retained the property until 1941 when he retired to the Wairarapa and 51 Moana Road was transferred first to his only daughter Alice Lillian Knutson (nee Barlow) and then to his eldest son, Alfred Frank Barlow, in November 1943. In December 1944,51 Moana was sold by Alfred Barlow to Arthur Charles Crawford. The property was occupied by a number of owners and tenants over the years including being offices for the Drug Addiction Agency that was using Aspel House (Moana Lodge) as a half-way house. The house at 51 Moana Road was remembered by Taffy Parry in 1990 as a ‘real warren, it was painted light green and at that stage the logo had been partially built over [5].’ ANZAC Cove 1916 was finally demolished in 1993/4 but thankfully the present owner retained at least a photo of the original logo.

The author is looking to source photos of the house in the 1970–1980’s and photos of other houses along that section of Moana Road taken during this time.

Allan Dodson – April 2014

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Krithia: Allan Dodson 2013
Somme House 1916: Allan Dodson 2013
ANZAC Cove 1916: Johan Sinke

Next month’s story will be a World War One story of 8/4059 Private Daniel Anderson Wright.

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