ANZAC Cove 1916 - 51 Moana Road - Karehana Bay (Part one) (read part two)

There has been some mystery around the naming of the now demolished house at 51 Moana Road Karehana Bay, Plimmerton. Thanks to the Lawrence family who first built on the property, we now know why it was named ANZAC Cove – 1916.


In 1905 a large area of land in Karehana Bay was purchased by Sir George Troup from the Wellington and Manawatu Railway Company. Sir George divided the purchase into sections and sold these for seaside dwellings or as investment properties. Lot 21 (51 Moana Road) was sold in 1911 to John Nutter, a Wellington salesman who retained the property for two years before selling it to Ephe Ingham and Francis Barlow. Ephe Ingham was a travelling salesman for the Colonial Soap Company and Francis Barlow, a printer from Khandallah, Wellington. The property was again sold on 13th April 1916 by Ingham and Barlow to Henry William Lawrence a chemist from Johnsonville, Wellington.[i]




H W Lawrence & son, Gilbert Alexander Lawrence 1915

Henry William Lawrence was a distinguished and established agricultural chemist who came with his wife, two sons and a daughter, to New Zealand in 1901. Henry and Grace had another two daughters in New Zealand. Henry was initially employed by the New Zealand Government’s Agricultural Department but then went into private practice as a consulting chemist, forming the company which became H W Lawrence & Son, his younger son, Gilbert Alexander Lawrence, joining the company after WW1. Henry Lawrence built a laboratory in Johnsonville, The NZ Freezing Industries Laboratory, 1920. The builder was Archibald  McMahon from Johnsonville, who also built Somme House on Moana Road, Turville House on Motuhara Road and 12 Cluny Road, Karehana Bay, Plimmerton.

Archie McMahon built 51 Moana Road[ii] as a beach house for the Lawrence family. The house was named ANZAC Cove 1916 in commemoration of Gilbert, Henry’s son, who took part in the campaign and had been invalided back to New Zealand in February 1916. Gilbert had served in Samoa with his elder brother Henry John (Jack) Lawrence. Jack later served on the Western Front.

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51 Moana Road ‘ANZAC Cove – 1916’ - possibly late 1916.

The Lawrence family retained the property until August 1919 when it was transferred back to Francis Henry Barlow, now a Boarding House owner, of Plimmerton. The Lawrence family retained an interest in the property holding a mortgage on 51 Moana Road until 1926.


Plimmerton house ANZAC Cove 1


51 Moana Road, circa 1917, Lawrence family members, Winnie, Gilbert, Clarice and Clara

Frank Henry Barlow may have rented out the property as the Barlow family is listed as living in ‘Te Coma’ a boarding house in Plimmerton village, in 1928[iii]. Frank Barlow retained the property until 1941 when he retired to the Wairarapa and  51 Moana Road was transferred first to his only daughter Alice Lillian Knutson (nee Barlow) and then to his eldest son, Alfred Frank Barlow, in November 1943. In December 1944, 51 Moana was sold by Alfred Barlow to Arthur Charles Crawford. The property was occupied by a number of owners and tenants over the years including being offices for the Drug Addiction Agency that was using Aspel House (Moana Lodge) as a half-way house. The house at 51 Moana Road was remembered by Taffy Parry in 1990 as a ‘real warren, it was painted light green and at that stage the logo had been partially built over.[iv]


51 Moana Road ANZAC Cove 1916


ANZAC Cove 1916 was finally demolished in 1993/4.

Allan Dodson – October 2014


Somme House 1916 – see story in www.plimmerton.org.nz/history/ANZAC-stories/Somme-House


H W Lawrence & G A Lawrence 1915 – Lawrence family

51 Moana Road – Lawrence family


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