'Feathered Choirster'

Photo and text by Taffy Parry, added 26/09/2012

You would think that having 17 tuis in one tree would make it easy to get a photograph of one. Maybe I'm loosing my touch or they are teasing me as they chortle and chase each other in a fluttering game of tag amongst the yolk coloured fronds of dangling yellow cornets. Whatever, it is a great pleasure seeing them, their heads baptized with pollen, their blue black feathers shimmering and their white bow ties vibrating to their song. As you can see there are plenty of seed on the trees so anyone who would like to start growing their own and extend the forest of kowhai trees are more than welcome.


Portrait of a Tui by Taffy Parry, added 10/09/2012



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Photos by Taffy Parry, added July 2012

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