Caspian Tern (Find out more see Forest and Bird website)


Photo and caption by Taffy Parry - posted 23 May 2013.

The Caspian Tern which can be seen flying parallel to the shore in Plimmerton with its head bowed in search of food. On seeing a surface swimming fish it hovers and  dives down to the surface, which I seem to observe with its wings half open unlike the Gannet which dives steeply striking head first into the sea. Last figures I was able to find indicated a total population of some 3500 birds throughout NZ. We are truly fortunate to see these farely rare birds as we walk along our foreshores both in Plimmerton and the inner harbours.



Photo by Murry Cave - added 4/09/12
Caspian tern in flight above the rocks at fire station.
 White Fronted Tern  
Photo by Murry Cave - added 8/09/12
White fronted tern in flight above the rocks at fire station.
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