Little Shag also known as little black cormorant

Photo and text by Taffy Parry - posted 8 June 2013
A flock of about 50 birds has been seen following schools of fish in the shallows around Plimmerton and Paremata.

One person had seen them being ambushed by seagulls literally taking the silver fish they had caught from their beaks. Keep your eyes open for this feeding frenzy!

Photo by Murry Cave - added 3/09/12
Little shag on the rocks just before Cluny Road.

Pied Shag

Photo by Murry Cave - added 3/09/12
Pied shag adult just west of houses on seaward side of parade.
Photo by Murry Cave - added 3/09/12
Pied shag juvenile plumage on the rocks at fire station.


other names for the pied shag: Karuhiruhi, Phalacrocorax P. varius, Pied cormorant, yellow-faced cormorant.

what they eat: its diet includes benthic fish sometimes called groundfish and are denser than water, so they can rest on the sea floor.

Common site this time of year to see several birds standing on the rocks along the shore.


    date: June 2010

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