Seal pup

Photo by Murry Cave - added 3/09/12
Fur seal juvenile, at fire station.


The following photos and text sent by Sue Rose June 2012.

This time of year (June 2012) these young seal pups have been known to come ashore to rest especially after heavy seas. Please keep a cautious watch when driving since they are also on the road. Here are photos taken 25 May and 3 June. There was one by the firestation on 25 May (dead on the rocks the next day) and one on 3rd June (seen swimming away from the beach after a few hours rest!)

More from Sue... I always remember one night we had been out to a function and dropped a friend home around Karehana Bay - as we came around the bend before Karehana there appeared to be a sack or some debris on the road.  I stopped and put my light on full and the "sack" lifted its head.   It was a small seal having a rest from a heavy sea.   I got out and shooed it off the road.   It would have been so easy to hit it - especially someone speeding and not taking enough notice or care.  I always think about that and hope that people are careful and aware of the wildlife that we are sharing Plimmerton with.

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Photo © Taffy Parry  
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