Parapara tree

Photos and story by Sandra Werner - posted 16 May 2013.

The Parapara tree also called the bird-catching tree - Pisonia brunoniana.

When I read about the Parapara tree a few months ago in Nicola Toki's blog, I never thought that I would have such a tree in my garden - lo and behold I do. I brushed up against it last week and had several small oblong shaped ripe sticky black fruits (that contain the seed) firmly embedded in the fabric of my trousers. Upon closer inspection of the tree I noticed bees, spiders, mosquitoes stuck in either dead or dying. I went back to Nicola's article and realized what it was and promptly removed the troublesome sticky fruit.

Read about it on Nicola Toki's blog site - In Our Nature





The discovery inspired a little poem and a drawing below.

Trousers and attention caught
What is this tree that has me?
I am not its first today
Mime the spiders and the bees
All too stuck to break away
All too stuck to flee
Its name and game revealed and thwarted
The Parapara fruits extorted
With a swift chop to its chin
The Piwakawaka and Ruru win
A close eye sits on the rest
For who can tell what purpose left
In leaves, trunk and branches.




An unfortunate bee is seen here, lured in by the ripe sticky fruit, becomes a lure itself for our insect loving birds. 


Trousers and attention caught

What is this tree that has me?

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