Little Blue Penguin


In Plimmerton, in Plimmerton,
The little penguins play,
And one dead albatross was found
At Karehana Bay.

In Plimmerton, in Plimmerton,
The seabirds haunt the cave,
And often in the summertime
The penguins ride the wave.

In Plimmerton, in Plimmerton,
The penguins live, they say,
But one dead albatross they found
At Karehana Bay.

Dennis Glover, 1964


Comment from Brian McKeon 65d Steyne Avenue
added 25 January 2013

I should like to have reports about sightings (or notable lack of sightings or sounds) of Little Blue Penguins in the past few months.

Some years ago a group of local women planted native shrubs and installed Penguin nesting boxes on the banks of the Taupo Stream adjacent to the rail and road bridges encouraged by evidence of bird activity in that area. About three years ago birds come up the Taupo Stream, spurning the boxes but settling under other structures. Since then, not a sound or sight.

Has there been a decline in the general population of the Penguin?

Please send responses to to be posted here.


Just to let you know I saw a blue penguin a week ago (28 Jan 2013) while I was kayaking out to Mana Island about 2km off the coast.

Kind regards,

Koen De Ridder



Just advising that we saw a penguin come ashore between the rocks opposite 23 Moana Road, just south of the parking area last night (11 February 2013) about 9:30pm. Not sure if it was a Little Blue or not, but it looked like the photo on the website.


Kris Gough




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