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Text and Photos by Taffy Parry

I started noticing them in Airlie Rd valley about 1992. Over the years I counted eight once but the population seems to be around three to four. Unfortunately,  I know of three that have met their death by flying into windows.

During the mating season you will see them chasing one another around or sitting next to one another on thin branches pushing the one on the outside nearer and nearer the end until it falls off to fly away . They also enjoy swooping down into the valleys and pulling up hard almost into a stall before gliding off again.


I find that they are quite easy to approach and do not take fright easily and as they are quite large one can enjoy the results of a good camera.


other name: wood pigeon

photo of: three wood pigeons in an old paulownia tree (60 Cluny Rd)                     

what they eat: fruit/drupes 

vegetation nearby: several Kohekohe trees on the street filled with drupes and other trees beginning to flower

It's mid June and they are swooping through the trees often seen perching together on nearby branches.

photo by Sandy Werner, May 2010

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