Photo and text by Taffy Parry

Posted 8 February 2013.

"Say cheese and start the day with a smile."


Photo and text by Taffy Parry.

Added 9 December 2012.

Guess who called in for an Xmas drink?

Photo and text by Taffy Parry.

Added 20 August 2012.

The Kaka has been a regular but lonely visitor to my home for the past six years or more and I have enjoyed his company sometimes for upwards of three and four weeks at a time and then he would disappear. Imagine my surprise and delight when he appeared squawking and chatting away, something he would not usually do, with his girl friend. He was obviously very proud and the little pecks they shared were very loving. So there we are Plimmertonians keep a look out for your new neighbours and a quiet eye on the cats.

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Photo and text from Taffy Parry, July 2012

Plimmerton residents might like to  keep an eye out for this Kaka. It is unbanded and has been a constant visitor to my garden. I first saw it in 1994 (I assume it's the same one) in the rural area of Airlie Rd. Just wondering if other residents have sighted him and where? Another interesting natural note is that the kowhai is in full flower about 2 months early....
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