Spring alert for green invaders!


You’re pretty unlikely to get genuine aliens invading your property this spring, but pest plants are sneakily trying to take over!

Spot the invaders

  If you’ve got native bush or scrub on your place, especially if it’s part of a bigger block or reserve, check the “frontier” between garden / driveway / lawn and the bush.  Can you find any of the plants in the links below?



On your property, you’ll probably spot some of these ornamental plants that are bad news if they get into native bush – they suppress natives and mean fewer birds for everyone to enjoy.  

Spring into action!

So you’ve found some invasive plants? It’s not the end of the world - spring’s a perfect opportunity to control them. Try the tips below.

Right now most weeds are growing, flowering and forming their seeds, but not yet dispersing them.  Get in quick to whip them out before the seeds start scattering – especially nasties that grow best from seed, like old man’s beard and Australian wattle.

If you really love some of the invasive ornamentals, create a buffer between them and the rest of your property and maintain it so they don’t spread. Spring’s also a great time to swap out invasive plants for non-invasive equivalents.


Help is at hand


Daylight Saving and better weather make spring a perfect time to get together with the neighbours, and weed-busting working bees are a great excuse. 

What goes around comes around – in Plimmerton, weed-busting work is coming back around as professional networking hookups, bottles of wine, deck furniture, live music performances, homemade marmalade, cake, and good relations with the neighbours!

Keen to start and organise some weed-busting with the neighbourhood?  Email plimmertonra@gmail.com  Let us know and we can put a note on the PRA website.

Last Updated: 29/10/2014 2:01am