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Karehana Park Upgrade Project


Karehana Park Stream Enhancement diagrams provided by Andrew Gray, Landscape Architect, PCC:
Master Plan August 2012.
August photos.
Older news including initial survey, survey results, past notices, 1st Concept Plans.
History of the Park.



Official opening of the scooter path … Sunday 22 November 11am

Plimmerton Kindergarten will be arranging fun events for kids at the park and using the event as a fund raiser for Kindy. You’ll be able to enjoy the day, watch the kids have fun and sample tasty snacks (snarlers and gourmet things in a bun, drinks, baking and treats). Everyone is invited to celebrate this momentous achievement!


Monday 28th September 2015

Thank you to all those who made Saturday's planting at Karehana Park go so smoothly. The area has been planted, mulched and three truckloads of soil moved to fill holes and prepare areas for re-grassing.
Thanks to Tim and the PCC team for their expert advice.
Photos show the start of the project with some of the 40 volunteers, some of the more mature and younger workers and then the final clean up.
The park is looking amazing and well worth a visit.
Official opening 22nd November 2015. View photos of park planting HERE.



Tuesday 15th September 2015

The end of the day and 22 cubic meters of cement have been laid. The team putting the final touches to the hill portion of the scooter path before security fencing the area. The full playground area will be available for the weekend. Please put in your diaries the 26th September 2015 for the community planting of the playground - details will follow. Thanks to the Askews and Aardvark teams for their professional services. View photos of park progress HERE.


  Aug2 Aug2015B
Posted 27 August 2015 photo and text from Roger Johnston

Karehana Park Scooter Path nearing completion...

Posted 18 July 2015 photo and text from Allan Dodson
Swing on down to Karehana Park
The larger permanent basket swing has now been installed and as you can see is enjoyed by everyone.
Next week is the start of the Scooter Path and Picnic area.
Posted 1 July 2015 photo and text provided by Allan Dodson
One small step for man - One large step for the Park
Contractors at Karehana Park installing pole steps near the slide and big baskets swing. The start of major changes.
Pavers in the park.

Karehana Park scooter path and picnic area are about to be developed (see photo below). Construction will start in July. Access restrictions will be in place when work starts … we’ll let you know. Plans for the scooter path and picnic area can be seen on and on boards in the park. Create a place for your family to share memories.  For an application form to buy a paver, email

Thanks to the 27 people who have recently purchased pavers for this final section of the park pathway.

 Progress updates coming soon

  • Big Basket is here (the small temporary basket has now been replaced by the permanent large basket)

  • Scooter path Construction underway ( Askew contractors digging up and restrictions on the playground)

  • Planting the playground I call for community support to clean up the area, remulch and plant)


Posted 23 May 2015 from Roger Johnston

The final stage of the Karehana park upgrade is about to be completed.

Now is the time to record your family name, your children, grandchildren or in memory of aloved one in Karehana Park.

Your paver will be included in the picnic area of the play ground. Along with a recent grant from Mana Community Grants Foundation, funds raised from the pavers will be used to finish the paths, seating and planting around the new play ground equipment.

This Stage is planned to be completed in 2015.

Stage  1,  2  &  3  of  the  path  and  stream  enhancements  have  been  funded  from  paver donations, a Mana Communities Grant and support from the PCC.

Tuohy Homes sponsored the Petanque Court, using timber from the old Airlie Road Rail Bridge.


Posted 23 May 2015 from Roger Johnston

The Big Basket Swing framework has been installed, allow a week for the concrete bases to harden and then the basket is planned to be installed by 29 May .....

Say it with a paver... this maybe your last chance to have a paver with your words inscribed. New Donation Form  .pdf


Soon the center basket will be installed to look like this.

Say it with a paver.

Posted 9 April 2015 photo and text by Roger Johnston

Karehana Park Playground...
The first 2 areas are now open and available to enjoy..
Note the orange fence is to restrict access and allow the grass to grow in the surrounding area..
The giant swing for the third pod (area) is due to be installed late May...
Enjoy and thanks to PCC and contractors...


Posted 1 April  2015 photo and text from Roger Johnston

Karehana Park playground upgrade is almost complete...
Unfortunately it won't be usable this Easter weekend but should be all ok for the following weekend... subject to weather..

Check the Plimmerton/Camborne facebook page for updates.


Posted 27 March 2015 photo by Roger Johnston
It is planned to fill the pods with sand and or bark next Tuesday and have some equipment active by Easter.
The giant swing in the third pod is on a boat somewhere, and is hoped to be installed in May.
We are waiting on quotes for the scooter path etc and hope to get this under way very soon.


Picnic in the Park January 2015 Photos by Roger Beckett.

If you are an iPad user click here to view the slideshow.



News posted 12 January 2015:

Picnic in the Park on Sunday 25 January 2015 - 11am - 2pm with music by Mana Blues. Come along and find out more about the playground upgrade. See the following documents for details.

Read about the upcoming playground updates. Click here.

Read about draft3. Click here.

See photos of playground equipment. Click here.

Paver Donation Form January 2015. Donation Form - Stage 4. pdf click here.


What's next:

Karehana Park Playground January 2015


Karehana Park Playground draft3

Playground Jan 2015 Draft 3


See photos of playground equipment.

Karehana Park Playground Equipment Jan 2015


Paver Donation Form January 2015. Donation Form - Stage 4. pdf click here.



News posted 29 October 2014:

What we've all been waiting for... no more wet feet to get to the playground. This photo shows the lovely completed path to the playground and the rejuvenated stream and planting. Many thanks to the community for your support in completing the stream enhancement and purchasing pavers to complete this stage of the path.


Check out the beautiful new fence.

Many thanks to those who were able to help with renewing the fence at The Karehana Park entrance on 5 July.
Post renewed and straightened, new rails.. 47 metres of fence, 400 new palings almost 2000 nails... well done.
Check out dropbox for more pictures ...of the workers...
StreamJuly2014 See the incredible enhancements to the stream.
On Saturday 12 July "Stoning The Stream".
Baffles were installed and stones were placed in and around the stream bed.

View photos of park progress HERE. 

Please let us know your feedback regarding the playground concept plan (view next or on PCC website). See the following links to PCC website for more information and the discussion regarding the playground upgrade.

PCC Website Karehana Park Playground Upgrade.

Karehana Park Playground Concept Plan Oct 2014



Older news posted September 2014:

  • Construction of the pathway between Airlie Road and placement of donated pavers.  If you have been waiting to see your paver in the ground then you are about to be thrilled.  (Obviously, the path and pavers had to go on hold until heavy trucks transporting whacking great boulders in for the stream finished their business.) 
  • Consultation with the community about playground area and surrounds. Playground ideas can be submitted by adults and children online, at meetings, on site and by post.  Meeting dates tbc soon.  There will also be a letterbox drop to all homes around the park to keep neighbours informed. 

It is a bit muddy in the park right now with all the rain but a little bit of mess at this stage is worth it (think omelettes and eggs).  Come Spring, the stream bank in the park will be a magical place for kids to play. 

 Thanks to Roger Johnston and the amazing KarehanaPark team who have done such a great job keeping the community involved in every phase of this epic project.  Major milestones have been celebrated with the now-annual Picnic in the Park, plans and photos of progress have been published on the web site, everyone in the area has been kept fully informed about each stage of the work, residents have been invited to contribute to path construction by purchasing pavers, families and businesses have been engaged in the pétanque court, landscaping and furniture sponsorship, and residents and PCC staff have been working for two years planting, building and developing the new stream.  It has been a mammoth achievement.  We welcome the parents of young kids who are now stepping up to take on the design and installation of a new playground in the park.  


Older news - message from Andrew Gray:

Congratulations on a successful planting day. It went really well with so many people popping down and contributing over the morning.

The photos are only a snapshot of the first wave of planters, as so many people drifting in and out at various  times, so it was quite hard to work out the total number that attended over the morning, but it worked out well that we always had a good number at all times. We hope to have some more photos, particularly of the families with the young boys who had brought their own little wheel barrows - really cool to see.

It was also great to see how many of the adjoining neighbours turned up and helped out.

Particular thanks needs to go to the various people who provided the morning tea - an excellent spread!

Of course big thanks to Beckee and her team who provided excellent support for the day.

Councils around NZ are getting into natural play - it was interesting to see that children had already rearranged the stones to form little weirs and riffles - you don't get more natural play than that.  So we have transformed what was considered a danger for children into a natural play space.

Sandy look here take next few rows


Karehana Stream redevelopment starts Monday 17 March 2014.

Cutting of the eastern wall of the culvert and removal of concrete starts next week. Then follows the really exciting bit... transformation by reshaping and planting the bank.

Please note: there will be vehicles and equipment at the northern end of the park during this time and some noise while cutting is in progress. Please accept our apologises for any inconvenience. Contact if you have any queries.

Thanks to everyone who made this a successful day out. See more photos dropbox.

Picnic in the Park Sunday 26 January 2014.

You are invited to a celebration picnic on Sunday 26 January from 11am to 2pm. Bring a picnic and all the gear, be ready to join in an old fashioned sports day with sack, egg and spoon, and three legged races plus a tug of war. Everyone on our mailing list will get an email reminder in mid-January. Our local musical group, Mana Blues, will rock us into the new year!

News from 5 December 2013

Seats, a table and sign are currently being installed and should be completed by the end of this week.

A digger will be starting to cut back the soil from the Karehana Park Stream next Tuesday 10 December, weather permitting.

Seed will then be sown to establish grass on the bank. The area will be fenced off during this period.

In the New Year, once the grass has established, the stream wall will be cut and removed. Steps and associated work will be carried out to enhance the stream.


posted 24 November 2013

Springing into action – November 2013

It’s all go at the park now with spring weather upon us.

In the next few weeks furniture will be installed at the Pétanque court end of the park, a picnic table and benches and two seats. This will enable you to entertain family and friends to an evening game on the court while seated in comfort enjoying the splendidly planted and maintained environs. If you would like to sponsor a seat or picnic table please send an email to

A snazzy sign for the Pétanque court acknowledging the generous assistance of Tuohy Homes will soon be installed.

Big thanks to the planters and gardeners who have made it such a picture. Mint and thyme are growing in abundance and you are invited to pick what you need.

Spotlight fish survey in Karehana stream … Friday 29 November. As part of the redevelopment of Karehana Park and the stream the time has come for a professional survey to ascertain the current state of the stream. Consultants will be carrying out a spotlight search one hour after sunset, around 9.30pm.  They will be wearing high vis vests with their company logo, ‘Wildlands’.  They will be accompanied by a PRA team member.

The ground work to enhance the stream is due to start in the next few weeks. Landscape architect, Andrew Gray from PCC has provided the community with informative diagrams describing the activity proposed for the stream. For a cross section diagram see proposed stream channel cross section. For a detailed explaination see stream enhancement detail design stream bank. And for a summary and purpose document see Bringing the stream back to life.

Pavers are still available for the path from Airlie Road to the playground. If you have agreed to sponsor a paver you will have had a personal reply and receipt from our project team. The pavers and path will be installed in the new year, once the stream ground work is complete. (Paver donation forms are on the message board at Cluny Road entrance to the park.)

If you have enjoyed the park recently we would love to post your photos here on the website. Send them along to 

News - posted 21 August 2013

Two initiatives at Karehana Park

Ecological study, volunteers are checking and recording the water levels, flow rates and general conditions of the Karehana stream as it passes through the park. This is to provide a baseline of data that is critical if more extensive studies of the stream go ahead. Planning is underway to implement a study of fish and insect life in the stream to the north of the park.

Subsoil checks, a small digger will be excavating a number of holes at the northern end of the park, this is so we can understand the makeup of the ground soil.

For more information contact either Roger or Allan at



Karehana Park Stream Enhancements plan Nov 2013


Karehana Park Stream Enhancements detail plan Nov 2013

Karehana Park Stream Enhancement  


News from January 2013  

‘allo ‘allo... picture worth a thousand words

On Sunday 27January, Tuohy Homes Petanque court was officially opened with a French-themed picnic day. 

Mayor Nick Leggett (in jandals, shorts and mayoral chain), the trilingual chair of the PRA Colin Bleasdale and Touhy Homes’ Brent Touhy welcomed the throng of merry makers.
Brilliant sunshine and competitive petanque was enjoyed by locals who picnicked in the sunshine.  Work completed to date was admired and plans for ongoing improvements were discussed (see plans below), people who have helped and contributed to date were thanked.  Thanks Karehana Park team it was a really memorable community day. (see photos on Dropbox)

News added 24 October 2012

The new Karehana Park path has become a great place for littlies to learn to ride their balance bikes, scooters etc. The gentle slope from Cluny Road helps the children gain a little momentum and if things go wrong there is some nice fresh mowed grass to soften their fall. Bring your children along to enjoy this new aspect of Karehana Park.

We hope to start the second stage of the path to Airlie Road and the pentanque court in the next couple of weeks.

We have sold over 40 pavers for stage 2 and still have some available for this section of path.

If you would like to have a paver with your family name, names of friends and loved ones included in the path please contact us as soon as possible by email to

 August 2012  - 1st of the pavers installed
 August 2012  - Pavers ready for installation


Karehana Park Master Plan Aug 2012


Work completed in August 2012: 

The 1st of the pavers were readied for installation - Thursday 30 August. 

Arbor Day Activities:

On Friday 1st June 2012 a group from Plimmerton School, Porirua City Council and local residents planted 300, mostly native, shrubs, grasses and small trees (see plant list) at the Cluny Road entrance to Karehana Park. This is the first phase of the planting and went very well. Please take a stroll down to the park and see the results. The planting area will be mulched and a maintenance program prepared. Read an initial recap of events below with a few photos. More of the story and photos to follow.


Click here for .pdf format  


More about the plants and habitats

Arbour Day Friday 1st June 2012 working bee 10.30am. For this initial planting we have been inspired by the Department of Conservation's document regarding creating habitats to attract native lizards.  Click here to see their suggestions. More about the plants to follow.

Plant List - LK300Plants



Arbour Day Planting Friday 1st June 2012

On Friday 1st June 2012 a group from Plimmerton School, Porirua City Council and local residents planted 300, mostly native, shrubs, grasses and small trees (see plant list above)  at the Cluny Road entrance to Karehana Park. This is the first phase of the planting and went very well. Please take a stroll down to the park and see the results. The planting area will be mulched and a maintenance program prepared. 

Arbour Day - Arbor Day ... can we agree on something .. will the authority on the correct spelling kindly come forward. We had a wonderful first planting. Read below for a recap of events generously provided by our fearless leader, Allan Dodson. 


Arbour Day Planting

Day in the Park
On display at the park will be some the options for redeveloping the park. See concept plan. These options look at the major priorities that came out of the recent survey. See survey results summary.
Members of PCC Parks and Reserves and PRA will be there to get feedback from the community on the options with the aim of getting a consensus from residents so that favoured options can be costed for implementation.
We are looking forward to seeing you there to get your input and to discuss how we can utilise your skills and enthusiasm in the project.
Allan, Andrew, Bill, Dave, Jinny, Kris, Roger, Sandy & Trina


Revised Concept Plans (posted to the community 28 February 2012)
Enhance stream and edge treatment
Improve entrance signage
Build 1.5m wide pathway -
develope section between
entrances then playground section
Create Petanque area 4m x 15m with crushed
limestone and timber edges.Plant small decidious
trees to reduce wind in park,create dappled shade in
summer and allow light through in winter.

Bark around and fence playground, picnic tables and trees

Proposed dogs banned from area north of bridge


Enhance plantings along fences where no gates

Proposed dogs off lead exercise area from bridge south

Remove existing fence and replace with timber bollards to allow easier access into park. ACTIONED.

Have native plant educational garden as entrance display including discrete signage


Add picnic table for park users include some low fruiting shrubs such as lemon trees, blueberries.


1st Concept Plans (changes to this plan will be posted soon)
Enhance stream and edge treatment
Improve entrance signage
2m wide pathway to improve
park access suitable for shared
use with wheelchairs, bikes and trikes
Create basketball hoop half
court with wet pour surface
to reduce noise, plant trees
to reduce wind in park,
picnic table and exercise areas

Community orchard - fruit and nut trees

Bark around and fence playground, picnic tables and trees

Community raised gardens and central open sided shelter with seating underneath

Enhance planting along fences where no gates

Replace fence at Cluny Rd with timber bollards for easier access. Native plant/medicinal garden at entrance, improve signage

How some of it started

With three major PRA projects wrapping up it was time to access the Village Plan. A Plimmerton community wide survey was conducted to help us plan for what would be next.  Karehana Park had been identified then as a community resource that needed atleast some 'sprucing up'. Around the same time, a large privately owned Macrocarpa tree that bordered the park by the playground was going to be removed which would change the character of that area. Bill Inge, PCC Park and Reserve Manager, asked the community what types of trees/planting would we like to see in place of the Macrocarpa. This communication with the community sparked some local residents to think of other ideas that might be possible for the park and began to explore these ideas with PCC.

In June/July 2011 a Karehana Park survey was delivered to the households in the area of the park. Click here to see a copy of the survey.

The responses to the questions in the survey helped us (the 'us' to date is local residents, and members of PCC and PRA) understand the current use and what the community would like to see in Karehana Park in the future. Click here for a summary of the survey results.


Past notices:

Hello from the Karehana Park Upgrade Committee (posted to the community 23 May 2012),

Karehana Park - Arbour Day Planting

On Friday 1st June there will be an Arbour Day event with over 20 Plimmerton School children planting at the Cluny Road entrace to Karehana Park. Planting will start at 10.30am, with our Mayor Nick Legget turning up at 11.30am for a short speech and welcome. If you can provide support on the day with planting or supplying snacks (muffins are good!) to the hungry planters, please come along and support this momentous event organized by your hard-working Karehana Park group.

Additional information about the 1st June working bee.

You indicated through the Karehana Park survey that you would like to be updated on progress of the project. The summer months saw things slow down a little bit, but we are now ready to implement stage one of the project, as was presented at the Open Day in November 2011. This stage consists of laying the first leg of the pathway (which will eventually link Cluny and Airlie roads), and the first planting.

In the last couple of weeks we did a mail drop of forms for donations for the upgrade work. Porirua City Council is contributing some money, but we as a community are going to need to contribute the balance in order to see through all the developments that came from consultation with users. We have devised a donation concept that allows you to 'put your name on Karehana Park' by funding a paver for the pathway for $150. You can record your family name, your children, grandchildren, a favourite pet, or in memory of a loved one, and support the pathway, native planting and eventual stream upgrade for the park. The form is attached here if you would like to support in this way. We are aiming to have the first leg of the pathway laid by the end of June, using the $6,000 that has already been donated, with the rest to be planned as funds are raised.

We are working with the Plimmerton School to coordinate an Arbour Day plant Friday 1 June 2012. This will be a native educational garden designed to attract native birds and lizards at the Cluny St entrance. Mayor Nick Leggett will be joining us and the kids from Plimmerton School at 11:30am on the Friday and community members are more than welcome to come down and help. Feel free to come down anytime from 10:30am to hear the plan for the day and work with the kids to start laying the garden out. Bring your gloves and a thermos of tea! There will be an item the Plimmerton Residents' Association’s May/June newsletter broadly outlining the Arbour Day planting for the wider Plimmerton Community.

Once this first stage is completed we will be keen to work with you all to determine the priority of the next planting stages. Much of the future planting and maintenance will be the responsibility of the community, so we are hoping that naturally a sub group of interested members will commit to leading this work.

We thank you for your patience and look forward to working closely with you as we go into these practical stages of the project. Hope to see you for the Arbour Day plant, and if not there will be plenty of other opportunities to be involved.


The Karehana Park Upgrade Committee

Previous news posted to the community 28 February 2012:

Stamp your mark on our park!

Karehana Park Interest Group has been working for several months to develop a plan to upgrade Karehana Park.  Local residents have responded to a survey and shared ideas at an open day or via our web site.  The group says a big thank you to everyone who has given time, feedback and support to shape a vision for the park.  A plan that reflects your priorities and concerns is now ready for review (drum roll) ...  click here to see revised concept plans.

The suggested upgrades will need to be implemented in stages.  Timing will depend on resources and funding available.  While Porirua City Council will continue to maintain the park (including gradual reshaping of the stream) we are going to have to roll up our sleeves as a community to fund and create the park we want.  Think working bees and morning teas – it’s the railway station refurb all over.  And there are other ways that every family and business can be part of this project.

We think that four projects are achievable this year:

1.Family Favourite Footpaths

These will be in two stages; the first from the Cluny Road to Airlie Road entrances to the park.  The second stage from Airlie Road to the playground area.  With estimated footpath total staged construction costs around $30,000, we need to think creatively.  We’re exploring community funding options and ways to work with local businesses.  And we have a fantastic opportunity for your family to stamp its mark on the park. For $150, you can buy a paver at the park entrance.  And you and your kids can name the paver as you wish – dedicate it to grandpa who loved the park, a favourite pooch who plays there or to your kids who frolic and picnic under the trees. (click here to see the donation form) Be one of the early supporters to stamp your mark in the park. Contact us today at .

We’d like to get on to this before the autumn rain (wetter than summer rain) starts.  

2. Petanque

We are looking to source material for a Petanque area for everyone to enjoy and we would like to put up a sponsors/information notice board.  A number of trades people have indicated willingness to assist with the construction of both. 

The notice board will acknowledge sponsors and explain the game of Petanque, and give information on the history of the park and other areas of interest.  

3. Planting

We are preparing a list of plants, both indigenous and exotic, that are of special significance to the area, or have medicinal or other unique properties.  We would like to work with students from Plimmerton schools to carry out the planting.  Cost permitting, the plants will have a descriptive plaque.  We have planned for two seats to be positioned in this area.  

Any suggestions and assistance will be much appreciated.  Contact us if you can help with plants and planting. 

4. Dogs

Signage will be moved from the Airlie Road entrance to clearly indicate that the northern end of the park where the playground is situated, is ‘dog free.’  You are welcome to exercise your pet pooch in the general area of the park from the open access in the southern end. 

Plimmerton Residents' Association has been delighted with community support for recent projects and looks forward to your continued support with this exciting project. 

Please contact us at if you are able to help, sponsor, donate, or have good ideas.

11 December 2011
A small but rugged team of Karehana Bay residents and PCC staff completed the installation of wooden bollards at the Cluny Road entrance to Karehana Park replacing the old fence. This opens up the park and allows access for strollers etc. A mowing strip between the bollards will be installed this month. Stay tuned for ungoing developments and notices of working bees.


Friends of Karehana Park



10 December 2011: 

We have confirmed with the Porirua City Council the first stage of redeveloping Karehana Park.
10 December 2011 9am - 1pm is the first call for assistance for the opening of the Cluny Road entrance to the park.
Work will involve:
  • Marking of all electrical and telecom cables near the entrance - this is being done by PCC in conjunction with the service providers.
  • Supply of plan and specifications for a new 'fence' this will be a mowing strip and embedded wooden bollards, similar to other areas on the water front and Plimmerton park - Porirua City Council.
  • Removal of the existing fence - Plimmerton Residents Association
  • Supply of new bollards, cement and other materials to construct new 'fence' - Porirua City Council
  • Digging out required area and setting up mowing strip and bollards and then pouring cement - Plimmerton Residents Association
  • Removal of old material and surplus dirt - Porirua City Council with assistance of Plimmerton Residents Association
At this stage we are looking for a start at 9:00am  on 10 December 2011 with a completion by 1:00 pm. In the unlikely event of unfavourable weather we will move the project to 17 December 2011.
So what can you do?
  • Digging and moving soil - spades and wheelbarrows.
  • Setting up wooden framing for cement - hammers and levels,
  • Pouring of cement - wheelbarrows and floats.
For planning purpose please let us know if you can help or turn up on the day and talk to Dave or Allan.
More details on the next projects are being confirmed with PCC and a summary of the "Day in the Park' is being finalised for distribution.
Karehana Park Team

Update: 28 September 2011

Thank you to all the residents who took the time and submitted feedback about improving the Karehana Park, and expressing your keenness to be more involved in the decisions, events, activities and details to follow. 

Just below is a summary of the survey results. Local residents in conjunction with the Plimmerton Residents Assn and the PCC will be holding an ‘Day in the Park’ in November, date to be confirmed.  Updated information will be posted here as it becomes available.

In the meantime we thank you sincerely for your passion and commitment, and we very much look forward to your further input and involvement.


Friends of Karehana Park

Survey Results Summary (pdf version or look at the report in Scribd)

Click here for a .pdf version of the Survey Summary


Survey (pdf version or look at the survey in Scribd)

Need a pdf version of the Karehana Park survey? Click here.

Please return your completed form to one of the following by the end of July:

Plimmerton Residents' Association
PO Box 57-027
Porirua 5247
The letterbox at 3 Cluny Road


Phone: Bill Inge PCC 0275 303 336

Karehana Park video

Karehana Park Survey July 2011[1]







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