Warren Slater

Contact: Warren Slater (Pieck)

Phone: (04) 239 8397

Mobile: 022 680 5001

Address: Pukerua Bay

Email:  warren@spiderbyte.co.nz


Warren is a PC technician with over 12 years experience. He has provided a wide range of computer services to many business types, from large restaurant franchises and corporate clients to private home based users. He tries to simplify systems and take the mystery out of technology. He provides quality equipment and services at a competitive rate.

Call Warren and find out how he has already helped many of us in the community with our computer issues.

News from Warren May 2011  - Over the past couple months I've received many reports from people saying they've been called by people claiming to be phoning on behalf of Microsoft or a Microsoft affiliated company. They claim the user has a problem with their computer and they will assist in fixing the problem. What they then do is guide one into installing free software that reports bogus non-existent problems with one's PC. Depending on which variant is installed one may even be prevented from using their PC by a window that covers the entire screen and cannot be closed. To get rid of the bogus error reports, the onscreen messages guide the user into paying a service fee. This type of hoax is sometimes referred to as 'scareware'. Payment isn't even a guarantee that this malicious software will be disabled or removed either. This is a fairly new type of scam, please do not follow their advice.

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