Plimmerton artist Xoe Hall has completed another stunning
mural under the Steyne Avenue bridge.
Mural celebrates Sol Weinstein (by David Weinstein posted 20 April 2013)

Plimmerton artist Xoe Hall has completed another stunning mural under the Steyne Avenue bridge. The mural is an homage to and features a large stylised drawing of Sol Weinstein, former Plimmerton personality and man about town (also man about women) who recently passed away aged 83 late last year. Xoe had a special connection with Sol, and was one of many dozens of local lasses who Sol proposed marriage to. Alas, they all declined politely. Sol is missed by all who knew and loved him (and who didn't?) but Xoe has captured his essence in the mural in which Sol is wearing his everpresent watchcap and sporting bushy eyebrows, snapping his fingers while digging some great jazz trumpet and keys (that wouldn't be Kevin Clark blowing the horn would it Xoe?). Have a peek under the Steyne Avenue bridge. Thanks Xoe. It means a lot to me. - David Weinstein

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Water world: Xoe Hall's mural under Steyne Ave takes its theme from the water surrounding it, which Ms Hall got to know intimately while painting in early June 2012.

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My show "The Pop Rebellion" is just around the corner! Would love to see you there!
What : The Pop Rebellion - Xoe Hall's 2012 Exhibition
When : 6th @ 6pm - 24th Dec
Where : 152 Vivian St, WGTN
Manky Chops is proud to present Xoe Hall's latest solo exhibition "The Pop Rebellion"
In this outré exhibition Xoe brings you her latest series of bad ass, big eyed, femme fatales painted on large canvas.  Xoe will also be showcasing a collection of one-off customized jackets under her label Mortal Gods, as well as tattoo flash, glitter works, Tee's and the Mortal Gods and Dinosaurtoast photo shoot collaboration!
The Pop Rebellion is proudly supported by Dinosaurtoast, Venus Star, Mortal Gods, Manky Chops, Radio Active, Tiger beer and Coney Wines
Xoe invites you to tap into your alter ego when choosing your outfit for the opening event.
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