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 Six local artists - Jason King, John Fisher, Richard Young & Robyn Hall, Ellen & Alan Hodgetts - oil, acrylic, pastel paintings, pencil drawings, photography.

The Bay Gallery


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Spiky art: Plimmerton artist Gay Kerr, right, sits with her sculpture, Hester, inspired by a book written by Plimmerton's Daphne Brennan.

Photo: Talia Carlisle read story below.

Bay Gallery Plimmerton - 4 School Road Plimmerton is open saturdays and sundays 10-4pm. Come and see works from four local artists - Richard Young Photography, paintings and drawings by Jason King, John Fisher and Robyn Hall. The gallery is supervised by the artists and you can come and see us painting and drawing on site.


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Artists wishing to display work or hold their own exhibition are welcome.

The Bay Gallery is open Saturdays and Sundays 10am - 4pm other times by request call 233 9776.

The Bay Gallery is pleased to announce the Richard Young Gallery that will share the space at The Bay Gallery. For further information contact 04 233 9776.


 Hester the hedgehog immortalised - Kapi-Mana News 16 July 2013 pg 18 Story by Talia Carlisle.

 A hedgehog has inspired a book and exhibition by Plimmerton artist Daphne Brennan.

 Hester the Hedgehog was written and illustrated by Brennan in 2002, but not published until this year.

Brennan completed 29 watercolour paintings for the book, inspired by a hedgehog that fell into her swimming pool.

 "I come off a farm and I like the animals and birds and things like that," she said.

 "Hedghogs are prickly, so they get left alone and I felt sorry for them, really."

 "I thought these poor little things. They get around like little pussy cats, but can't get cuddled. The cat would get all sorts of treatment and the hedgehogs get none, and so that's where the story developed."

 The project was too expensive to print at the time, and the paintings were filed and forgotten about, she said.

 Her friend and fellow Plimmerton artist Gay Kerr rediscovered the paintings earlier this year and encouraged Brennan to print them.

 She has also created sculptures of the book's characters, Hester, Henry the cat and Mary Matelle, who rescues Hester and Henry from a swimming pool.

 Brennan, formerly a dental nurse, grew up with a love of art, but never pursued it as a career because it was not regarded as an acceptable job at the time.

 It was not until she had children that she started to take art more seriously and attended life-drawing classes at Wellington Tech, now the Wellington Community Education Centre.

 She now runs The Bay Gallery in School Rd, open Saturdays from 1pm till 4pm, or by request.

 Brennan has plans for another book, but has not started working on it yet.

 "It'll be something that deals with nature again," she said.


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