Rosalind Hall-Jones

Hobby Photographer

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Rosalind dabbled in photography early on when tramping and traveling overseas – but it was simply taking pictures taken to record places and events.  Her real obsession with photography started in the 90’s whilst traveling the country working in the health sector. By giving her timeout from being a workaholic, her travel gave her amazing opportunities to  see and capture the beauty and many  moods of New Zealand.

At first the photographs  were simply taken for her to remember the wonderful tramping experiences she had being amongst such inspiring beauty. But when she took the photos to be developed and then framed, people kept telling her they were good and pushed her to show others.  And because Rosalind is passionate about New Zealand and enjoys seeing how people connect and relive their own experiences through her photographs she has done just that, showing in the Kapiti Art’s trail and Porirua Big Day Art.

Rosalind enjoys that magical  chance moment when she is in the right place at the right time; which is why she does not wait hours to get the perfect picture, does not stage pictures  and does not do any post picture processing. What you see is what was there – pure and simple.

Although she continues to focus on her beloved landscapes she has been branching out into capturing close up textures and patterns of  simple objects delighting in how light adds new beauty and perspective. And branching out to other countries where the landscapes are also amazing; South America and Antarctica.

Rosalind works out of her house at Plimmerton and can be contacted on 233 1024 or




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