Amazing Wicker "To amaze with finese, expertease and mastery woven items"

Address: 18 Corlett Road
Phone:    233 9600
Mobile:   021 214 7770


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Rachel has a business called Amazing Wicker. Her work is repair, restoration and creative design focused on traditional weaving techniques,

“I enjoy three dimensional work. I use recycled elements, preserving and reworking materials gifted to us by nature,” Rachel says.

In her Amazing Wicker work she will restore heritage furniture items, and sometimes newer items, reweaving with cane, rush or sometimes seagrass.

Movie prop work producing woven items is another creative aspect to her business.

Rachel’s passion for hats is another creative business she has developed. “I create woven, fabric and felt hats using traditional millinery techniques. These are embellished with things like feathers and hand made silk flowers using millinery tools.”

Creating extra ordinary woven items for the World of Wearable Art (WOW) is another passion of Rachel’s which she has pursued with success.

“This will be my fourth year of entering WOW. In each of the previous three years I have had entries accepted and been a finalist.  I sometimes work with a creative partner on these projects and sometimes by myself.


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