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 Lissy has been shortlisted for the Chris Parkin Drawing Award. We asked her to share a little bit about the award and her entry in the upcoming exhibition.



 2013 is the first year the Parkin Drawing Prize has been offered in New Zealand, asking entrants to 'seek to capture the spirit of invention, risk and discovery fundamental to drawing and making art'.

The award brief had very few restrictions and as there were no examples of previous winners the scope seemed limitless.

I heard about the Parkin Drawing Award through a friend about one month prior to the entry closing date, however I started the work with only two weeks to go and managed to complete it just in time! I created a new work that was inspired by a technique of 'drawing on glass', I discovered while studying my Masters of Fine Arts in Dunedin a few years ago.
My submission, Axonometric Chair Frame, uses one continuous spool of white thread and lots of clear sellotape to outline a technical drawing of a chair frame onto an old recycled glass window.
LissyAxonometric Chair Frame

Initially I constructed a technical drawing of my Nanny's old wooden chair using graphite and masking tape and used this as a template to create the string lines for the final work - an intensive and very time consuming process!

From a distance the work looks like a delicate etching on glass and on closer inspection sharp shadows are thrown back onto the wall to create a crisp drawing of the chair.

The winner of The Parkin Drawing Award 2013 will be officially announced on Friday July 26 at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts in Wellington and will coincide with a public exhibition showcasing all finalists’ works. Read more about the award.


 Currently I am working towards another art competition (The NZ Painting and Printmaking Award) which is due in October, and also continue to work on drawings and paintings from my studio here in Plimmerton. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in viewing work or you can check out my website at

Name: Elisabeth Vullings


Business Phone: (027) 3210851 or (04) 2339729


Lissy's bio:

My family (Mother, Father, 2 brothers and 1 sister) emigrated to New Zealand from the Netherlands in 1981. I was born in 1982 and we grew up in a small rural community called Puketurua, in the South Waikato. My parents are both very creative and they are both hoarders. My Mother of indoor stuff, my Father of outdoor stuff. Naturally, I am a hoarder of both. My studio is full of old things. Papers, objects, fabrics and recycled building materials which bear the traces and markings of their former lives. I am always peering into skip bins and eyeing up building sites….just in case! When I get an idea for a site-specific art project I start collecting materials directly from the site and surrounding area. This includes building materials as well as anything related to the subject I am researching. e.g plant cuttings. I then use my collections to build my ‘canvas’. The paints I use are left over acrylic house paints found in local dump shops or handed down by friends and family.

My studio practice explores the boundaries between architecture, archaeology and art. I develop small investigations using methods fundamental to each separate discipline. This includes fieldwork and excavation; technical drafting, notation and painting; and archival research. I begin each artwork with a found object, building or site. Often recycled materials are collected from the sites and combined with the mounting investigations to create the actual structure of each piece. I do not plan an outcome in advance, thus the direction of my work is never certain, continuously evolving as new paths are discovered. This results in many layers of information, textures and details which come to rest somewhere between the real and the imaginary.

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