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My journey, the creative force of my life, is now focused on painting, watercolour, oil on canvas, and pen and charcoal sketches. I carry a camera, pen & journal with me, always ready to record the moment.  My personal challenge, as always, is to learn how to capture the pure magic of light on water, reflections, colours of our world, for all to share and cherish!

The painting depicted below titled 'Magical Moments' won 1st Prize Kapiti Coast Division Rotary Art Show Labour Weekend.

I am learning to introduce figures into my work. The inspiration for this was watching two small boys learning how to surf the "wavelets" at Titahi Bay last summer.  Several small sketches and photos evolved to become a series of watercolours, called 'The Beach Boys'.

The oil on canvas, "Surf's Up"  was the first in a totaly new direction, for me.  Living in Ivey bay is a constant source of joy and inspiration, with the ever changing estuary.
My deep desire to draw and paint started early.  A gift I had created for a favourite Aunt was returned to me decades later.  Nursery rhyme, Mary, Mary, watering her flowers, in coloured pencil.  By my early teen years, my desire and focus was to develop my talent, and train for a fine arts degree. Circumstances did not allow this and although I did continue to paint, life, marriage, children, and a return to city life led me into managing, and eventualy owning my own business.  This allowed my other creative love of designing and creating beautiful clothes with fabric and yarn to be expressed.  Always sharing this with other women.
My painting style has evolved, from my early years of watercolours, to oil with a brush, moving into a stronger style, involving oil with pallete knife, then a return to waterclours.
As I continue to seek balance, my future is a journey into the unknown. I am self taught with a few brief periods of tuition joining the Mana Arts Society, is a very valuable experience, gifting support, friendship,and teaching of basic skills, though at heart I remain a solo artist, and when challenged  I need solitude, and music, therefore I mainly work from home.
Mana Arts Spring and Autumn
Kapiti Rotary Arts Show 2009, 2010
Pataka July 2010
Rotary Art Show Paraparumu 2009

 My work is on view at Bay Gallery and Palmers Garden World.
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