Plimmerton’s monthly newsletter ‘What’s new in Plimmerton?’

What's new in Plimmerton? is published the last week of each month with all the news about what’s happening in the next few weeks. Contributions are invited by email in the third week of each month and people with information for the community email their news to

The newsletter is emailed to more than 600 people on our database. Tommy's Real Estate did an excellent job printing the newsletter for many years and we greatly appreciate their contribution to the community. We also want to thank all our delivery people who donated their time and energy to making sure every household received the newsletter to their letterbox.

It was always our intention to reduce the printing and delivery needs and as of March 2015 we will only print 50 or so copies to be placed around the village. Be sure to let us know your current email address so that you don't miss out.

The newsletters are uploaded to Scribd. Unfortunately Internet Explorer (IE) browser does not predictably display the Scribd document so please accept our apologies. Let us know if you have any problems with this format. Please send email to Thanks.

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