December 2013 end of year message from PRA Chair, Colin Bleasdale


A big thank you to all of the PRA committee for a successful year.


Everyone on board has made a very significant contribution to Plimmerton in one way or another.
Highlights for this year are a steady on progressing of the current major projects and other annual events we manage to get up and running each year.
The committee is, in my opinion, serving the community really well and making some in-roads towards achieving the present PRA village planning objectives.
Our main focus has been, and continues to be, the following  projects.
Many thanks to committee members, our community and a special thanks to Ian Barlow of PCC village planning who makes so many things possible. To everyone thanks for helping make these events and projects so successful and enjoyable:

  • Annual Big Spring clean, taken over by Dave Anderson, John Johnson and Dave Verrinder this year, great to see the 35 plus people who volunteered ... many filled rubbish sacks leaving a cleaner Plimmerton village.
  • Signage around our seafront, work completed in conjunction with PCC will see our new signs being erected shortly to replace the tired and shabby old wooden efforts. Design work carried out by Linda Kerkmeester.
  • Civil Defence, both the radio comms and training aspects by Dave Lowe assisted by Allan Reader. Good advice on survival kits in our newsletter by Carolyn and Colin.
  • WW100 and History, Allan works enthusiastically on this aspect both towards the 100 anniversary and with suitable website to commemorate those who were involved in this commitment that led to such a huge tragic loss of life. Alistair Robb is able to assist with much historical information.
  • www.plimmerton, Sandy works tirelessly to keep this up and running placing so much information for us all. The recent provider change over was seamless...we didn’t even notice but for all her her great work.
  • The Newsletter, where Carolyn gets all of the community stuff from, we only read it and are always surprised by such quality content and interesting items that help us all out so much.
  • Karehana Park, Roger J and the committee are doing such a fine job with the commemorative paving stones, planting, the new stream surrounds and next year the up and coming newly to be designed playground. Great committee – well done you good folk. Special thanks to Bill Inge and Andrew Gray of PCC for their assistance.
  • Green and Gold trail, work in planning is progressing ... this project is to have information posts around Plimmerton at significant points that will have links to the website etc, possible smart phone recognition facets and pamphlets available at strategic outlets in the village. It will be a terrific way to increase our awareness and appreciation of the things on our doorsteps!
  • Ara Harakeke Walkway, work is progressing here towards completion of the final stages of the link from the South beach walkway eventually through to the northern domain. Also includes some work on the windsurfer area.
  • Taupo Stream Bridge Balustrade, planning work has been taking place by a subcommittee in conjunction with kaumatua and committee from Hongoeka Marae where we all have quality and open discussions regarding designs and points of geography and history. Linda K has fused many ideas together and has completed some initial designs and these will be available in the very near future for comment on. The village planning funding allocation for this project must be used in the very, very near future!
  • Secretary Robin Jones, does a sterling job each meeting with excellent minutes that are available on the web site.
  • Pip our Correspondence man, always brings the place to a standstill with his reports on council issues!
  • Roger Beckett our Treasurer, presents the finances in a way that many organisations would be jealous of! Thanks for that Roger.
  • Meanwhile Colin the Chair just sits back and observes as all things seemingly happen!!

Our monthly meetings trot along very well and are characterised by a humorous, friendly approach with sound discussions that see us all have a good time while achieving some good project results.

Thanks also go to Tim Sheppard, Euon Murrell,
Jenny Brash for their valued input on PCC and GWRC matters that impact on us all.
A big thanks to everyone involved this year and apologies to anyone I’ve missed out....

Happy Christmas, a great new year and stay safe over the summer break......bring on the warmth, again.

Colin Bleasdale
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