This is a huge task with teams of people generating content on everything from geology and ecology to the history of whaling and settlement of this area.

Sporting, cultural and interest groups have been encouraged to be part of the website (both with a history of their group and a listing, with links,in the current What to do in Plimmerton section.) Businesses have also been offered an opportunity to list on the website and to promote their products and services.

Alistair Robb is generously funding the initial set up and development phase- and we thank him for his support.



About the technology used

Notes from the website administrator, Sandra Werner:  The software tools I'm using on this site are Silverstripe CMS 2.4.0 to manage the content, Picasa 3.6.0 to manage and display the images, and Scribd to view some of the documents. I'm happy to share anything I've learned here with others wanting to find out more.  Report problems with this site or queries to or call 233 1652.


About the links to other websites

When you click on a link to another site that site will open in the same browser window that this site is in so you will need to use your back arrow to return to the page you were just on. Since it's open in the same window if you close the other site you will also close this site. 


Aiming for a unified presentation

We hope everyone is inspired to contribute to this site and with our attempts to present the material uniformly we may need to tweak things from time to time.  Here is a list of standards that we are working with currently:


  • type family and font - Trebuchet MS 12pt
  • local telephone numbers - (04) will be left off and separated with a space ex. 233 9999 and made bold in instances where 'phone' doesn't precede it
  • mobile numbers - no parenthesis, no hyphens, just separated with spaces ex. 021 251 1925
  • use of capital letters only for proper names and beginning of sentences


We hope this site works on your browser

Refresh your screen to see the latest updates especially if things look amiss.  This site has mostly been viewed from MS Windows Internet Explorer (IE) version 8, and Mozilla Firefox version 3.6.3.  If you use a different version or browser please let us know if there are any problems. 



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